Ever wondered why agriculture is slammed by governments while private jets, mega-yachts and space rockets are never mentioned?

Or why no-one demonises big emitters like the pharmaceutical industry, or the US military, whose emissions dwarf those of entire nations like Denmark and Portugal?

It’s called ‘Double Standards’ and the Green agenda is littered with them.

Take, for example, ‘Smart Oceans’ and the ‘Internet of Underwater Things” (IoUT).

For two decades, governments, NGOs, researchers, big tech, climate scientists and the military have been building a vast underwater ‘smart grid’, made up of subsea sensor networks, sonar wi-fi, GPS, Li-Fi, lasers, acoustic modems, remotely charged underwater drones and magnetic induction – aimed at strip-mining data from the world’s oceans.

Huge grid installations, resembling HAARP arrays, are positioned on the ocean floor transmitting horizontally and vertically to satellites which communicate with computer monitoring systems all over the world.

These new underwater modems are producing frequencies as powerful as 202 decibels, equivalent to 139 decibels on land. For comparison, noise levels above 85 decibels are regarded as harmful to humans while heavy rock concerts are around 120 decibels.

All done in the name of climate change, sea-level monitoring, pollution control, water treatment, species tracking, weather surveillance, wave science, coral reef harvesting, tectonic plate monitoring, navigation, rare earth mining and military communications.

This year’s Oceanology International Conference featured hundreds of thousands of tiny autonomous underwater drones working together like a Hive to carry out underwater surveillance activity.

The goal is to flood every corner of the world’s oceans with multiple configurations of sonar-delivered data and 5G enabled devices engaged in non-stop surveillance activities.

According to Dr Hyun-Cheol Song of Korea’s Electronic Materials Research Centre, who spoke at last year’s COP26:

“There is no-one counting the devastating impacts that will take place once the smart ocean is fully installed and operating.”

“Marine organisms are highly electrosensitive” she said.

“They use naturally occurring magnetic fields to navigate, orientate and sense prey, mates and predators”.  Magnetising their environment with 5G, wi-fi and sonar is clearly going to have an enormously destructive impact on them.

Then there are the studies showing how extremely low frequency and low intensity magnetic fields have adverse impacts on the water itself.

In particular low intensity magnetic fields were found to significantly reduce the oxygen and co2 levels in the water to “below the limit required to satisfy the needs of successful fish production as per ANZECC 2000”.

Could this be what’s really behind the problem of ‘oxygen depletion’ in our oceans?

Who knows?

UNESCO, WEF, WWF, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are all silent on the issue.

Like I said, double standards…

The effect of electromagnetic field on water and fish Clarias Garpienus, Zagazig, Egypt

SMART Subsea Cables for Observing the Ocean and Earth



I am yet to hear a single member of Australia’s mainstream corporate media, speak out in defence of Julian Assange, or his rights as a citizen and journalist.

Many prefer to discredit and demean him in the public’s mind at every opportunity.

One reason for this is because Julian Assange is, and always was, an ‘outsider’.

And ‘outsiders’ are the ‘enemy du jour’ of Australia’s increasingly authoritarian establishment class.

Not only are ‘outsiders’ difficult to control, many simply refuse to go along with the ‘ruling consensus’ on any given topic.

Even worse, most display an unhealthy obsession with ‘uncovering the truth’ and debating the issues.

The Australian media wants none of that.

They would far rather protect their own ‘insider’ role as purveyors OF the ‘consensus’, than stand up for an outsider like Assange, who dedicated his life to EXPOSING its lies and corruptions.

Someone, incidentally, who produced more breaking major stories than ALL Australia’s journalists combined.

At the end of the day, unless you are ONE OF THEM, human rights and press freedom just don’t apply.

Which begs the question – by what right do these media ‘gatekeepers’, and their government-corporate overlords, get to decide who is and isn’t a journalist?

EVERY citizen has the right to call themselves a ‘journalist’ once they take on the role of reporting vital facts and information that is in the ‘public interest’.

It should NOT be an honour bestowed on you by a select group of ‘insiders’, who like to pose as a highly credentialed ‘priesthood’ class within the establishment power structure.

That is NOT how a free and open democracy is supposed to work.

The same goes for those within Australia’s two major parties, who have been just as silent on Assange’s plight – bar one or two notable exceptions, like One Nation’s George Christensen.

Today it is the members of One Nation and all the other minor parties and independents, who make up this country’s last group of true ‘political outsiders’.

That’s why the establishment classes hate us so much and why they have joined forces to make sure we are all sidelined and silenced in this election.

None have dedicated themselves to making sure this happens, than the very same hostile media establishment who have for years ignored the persecution of Australia’s ultimate outsider – Julian Assange.

Stephen Andrew statement on the mystery of overflowing emergency departments

There were a lot of blank looks on Monday, when I asked Director-General John Wakefield a couple of questions about Queensland’s overflowing Emergency departments.
What I wanted to know was:
Even from my office in Sarina, I could feel the disapproval emanating down the telephone line at me in response. I thought it was a reasonable enough question, particularly as the DG had just given an Opening Statement giving figures that had showed a big jump in the number of people presenting at Queensland’s Emergency Departments and requiring critical care.
According to Dr Wakefield, there was a 15.4% increase in Public Emergency presentations in 2021– despite a population growth of less than 2% – and an “11.2% increase in patients requiring resuscitation or critical care – so the more severe end of Emergency Care”.
Clearly therefore, SOMETHING must be going on out in the community to cause such huge numbers of people to turn up at Emergency.
And yet no-one in the government or our public health office seems the least bit curious about finding out ‘why’.
Aside from referring me on to the TGA website, all the DG or Deputy DG would say, was that any impact on the public hospital system was “negligible”.
This seemed their main concern – making sure I got the message that the increase in numbers had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the reports I was hearing about people presenting complaining of adverse reactions to the vaccine – END OF STORY.
I also noticed that neither of them offered up any information, data, statistics or evidence to substantiate their denials.
Seems it must be all just some huge coincidence or imponderable mystery.
We heard the same from Premier McGowan in WA when he confessed to being mystified as to why WA’s Hospitals were overflowing:
Surely hospitals keep detailed records on all their patients: including what symptoms they have, what tests are run, what doctors are diagnosing them with, what age group they are.
All of which would tell you pretty quickly, I imagine, what the problem might be.
Or do they already know …
I’ll let you decide.

Stephen Andrew statement on weaponised language

Merriam-Webster, the world’s most used dictionary, is at it again, redefining our words and language to better fit the globalist narrative.
The dictionary, is no longer published in “book” form and is purely an “online database” which as CEO Rodney Powell has commented, allows for words and their “fluid meanings” to “evolve over time”.
Recently, Merriam-Webster has changed its definition for the term “anti-vaxxer” .
The new definition now includes, not just people who oppose vaccines, but anyone who is against vaccine mandates and passports as well.
The definition on Merriam-Webster’s website is:
It’s not clear when the company made the change, but many online bloggers only noticed it last week, for the first time.
Merriam-Webster also changed its definition of “racism” last year, to include “systemic oppression” of one racial group by another.
This revision was made at the request of BLM, to prevent anyone being able to claim they weren’t racist because they didn’t consider themselves to be racially superior to another race (the old definition).
Merriam-Webster also changed the definition of “vaccine” in January, making it more ‘user-friendly’ to the new mRNA-gene therapy shots.
The term “anti-vaxxer” is a relatively new word, having first entered the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2009, when the globalists had their first go at vaccinating the whole world during the H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’ pandemic.
‘Anti-vaxxer’ is now a form of ‘hate speech’ which is used widely by Australian politicians and corporate media to demonise and discredit anyone who chooses not to receive the mRNA vaccines.
Now those same hatemongers will be justified in using the same slur against anyone who is opposed to vaccine-mandates and passports, regardless of their vaccination status.
Incredible isn’t it?
To paraphrase George Orwell:
“Every record is being destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture is being repainted, every statue and street building is being renamed, every date altered.”
“And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. NOTHING EXISTS EXCEPT AN ENDLESS PRESENT IN WHICH THE PARTY IS ALWAYS RIGHT.”
No wonder they are doing everything in their power to get rid of hard copy books and put everything online!

Stephen Andrew statement on hidden connections of power elites

Many people, like me, are starting to wake up to the fact that things are not what they seem in Australia. For years now, we have all been fed the line that Australia is a democratic ‘meritocracy’ where those who reach the top, do so as a product of their own gifts, talent, intelligence or hard work – none of which is even remotely true.
Most people operating at the top of Australia’s elite circle of power are part of a far more nepotistic and insidious system altogether – one where hard work and talent matters much less than who are connected to, or even who your father, mother, or sibling was, or who you are married to. Take Boris Johnson in the UK, whose father, Stanley Johnson, was an influential Conservative Party politician and later, a member of the European Parliament, European Commission and World Bank. Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was of course the famous Prime Minister of Canada, whose two administrations bridged the 1960, 1970s and 1980s. Jacinda Ardern is the daughter of Ross Ardern, a NZ High Commissioner to Cook Islands and more recently, Administrator of Tokelau. His brother, Ian, is Head of the Mormon Church in New Zealand and Pacific region.
Scott Morrison’s Great Aunt was Mary Gilmore, who once founded a utopian socialist colony in Paraguay with the socialist William Lane.
Morrison’s older brother, Alan, serves as Chair of AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Committee on Paramedicine and Chair of the government’s Health Services Working Group. Then there is Jane Halton, who Morrison appointed as head of the government’s National Covid-19 Co-ordination Commission. Jane is the daughter of Charles Halton, a British Military Scientist brought to Australia in 1973 by Gough Whitlam to overhaul the country’s transport system, and who served as Secretary of Defence and Secretary of the Department of Communications under Hawke and Keating. Daughter Jane is now the CHAIR OF CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), set up and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum in 2015. Jane was part of Event 201, a pandemic exercise organised and funded by John Hopkins, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations and the World Economic Forum in October 2019. Jane’s husband is Trevor Sutton, Deputy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Chair of the Governing Council of Statistics for the Asian and Pacific region. Trevor heads the Statistical Business Transformation Group which received a $256 million investment program to radically transform how ABS collects, processes and disseminates information, data and statistics.
In 2016, ABS data collection and survey systems were awarded to Accenture, a partner of ID2020 and GAVI. Trevor is a Member of the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation of which Jane Halton is also a Board Member, and which receives funding from the Gates Foundation and WHO. Trevor Sutton’s brother is Dr Brett Sutton. Dr Sutton is the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, who advises Dan Andrews Government on public health and pandemic response measures. Interestingly, Jane Halton also has a brother, Philip Halton, who is Deputy Commissioner of QBCC, Queensland’s building and construction regulator.
These are just a few examples but there are many more – some are well-known, while others are tightly guarded secrets.

Stephen Andrew statement on The Curious Case of Peter Costello

The role that ‘conflicts of interest’ can play in government decision-making is rarely discussed and increasingly difficult to detect. It usually involves cozy, mutually beneficial ‘quid pro quo’ relationships between high-level bureaucrats, politicians, foundations, media and wealthy vested interests in the corporate sector.
Today, those ‘wealthy vested interests’ are just as likely to be a giant medical or biotech company, or members of the highly ‘corporatised’ university sector that gobbles up billions in research monies each year, while making trillions in profits from intellectual property rights. All are financially intertwined with Big Tech, Big Data, Big Government and Big Media – all of which make up Australia’s ‘Bio Industrial Complex’.
Here is just one example illustrating the many conflicts of interest and concentration of power amongst Australia’s government/corporate/media elites. Peter Costello was the Treasurer under John Howard for many years. Today he is the Chair of the Commonwealth Government’s largest financial asset – the Commonwealth Government’s Future Fund.
The Fund has around $246 billion invested in various global companies. Its top investments include all the ‘Big Pharma’ names, like CSL, Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and Merck. It holds shares of $1.064 billion in CSL, $270.4 million in Roche, $246 million in Johnson and Johnson, $188 million in Pfizer, $153 million in Novartis and over $144 million in Merck.
The Fund also invests heavily in ‘Big Tech’ with shares of $700 million in Apple, $656 million in Microsoft, $606 million in Tencent, $494 million in Alphabet (Google) and $308 million in Facebook.
Interestingly, Mr Costello is also the current Chair of another wealthy and powerful organisation in Australia, the giant media monopoly, Nine Entertainment Holdings. In addition to the Channel Nine multi-channel network, NEH owns Stan, Wide World of Sports and many of Australia’s best-known news outlets, including Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, Brisbane Times, WA Today and the Australian Financial Review. It owns a string of radio stations across the country and a stable of Lifestyle magazines covering everything from food to financial advice.
So, basically, we have two enormously powerful organisations within Australia, one with connections to the government’s billion-dollar investments in Big Pharma and Big Tech, and the other, a giant monopoly provider of Australia’s news and information. All seemingly under the influence and control of one person, ex-Treasurer, Peter Costello.
I am not saying that one hand could be influencing the other here – just pointing out how tightly controlled Australia is at the top, and how riddled with ‘conflict of interest’ issues, which someone really needs to get to the bottom of – and soon.

Stephen Andrew statement on Australia’s critical infrastructure assets

As I mentioned in an earlier Post, the Federal Parliament has launched an inquiry into the “extent of common ownership of Australia’s publicly listed companies” amongst a small group of institutional investors, headed by BlackRock and Vanguard. The new Inquiry will be looking into a small group of investors who control and effectively own nearly all of Australia’s biggest companies.
In the process of doing so, I hope the Committee will also look into the ownership of Australia’s unlisted infrastructure assets, many of which are tightly held by a handful of hugely powerful and wealthy foreign consortiums and private equity trusts. They are making billions out of our assets, all whilst paying no tax and enjoying highly beneficial terms from agreements with government, all of which are ‘commercial in confidence’ and therefore hidden from the public.
The potential for anti-competitive pricing and collusion around such a tiny number of global investment and super trusts owning huge stakes in our state and national assets, is almost never mentioned by our leaders and mainstream media, let alone investigated. I am talking about infrastructure like our airports, ports, electricity grids, toll roads, bridges, rail networks and tunnels.
Earlier this year, the head of ASIO delivered an address on potential threats to Australian national security, with the majority of time taken up talking about the threat of ‘domestic’ right wing groups’ and ‘online’ extremism. Not once, did Australia’s top security chief mention the potential danger of having a significant amount of the country’s critical infrastructure assets under the control and management of a tiny group of privately owned, shadowy global ‘consortiums’.
This massive concentration of Australia’s key national assets and infrastructure in just a few, largely foreign, hands, seems a bigger security concern right now, than ‘online extremism’ – especially with all this talk by the World Economic Forum of a coming Cyber Attack.
The government tells us it wants Australians to submit identification before being allowed to use social media – Well, how about it show some consistency for a change and set up a 10 point identification system requiring these private consortiums who own all our key national assets and infrastructure, to disclose exactly who their majority shareholders and ‘ultimate beneficiaries’ are?

Stephen Andrew asks ‘who owns Australia?’

Ever wondered why all Australia’s major companies seem to do and say exactly the same thing? From adopting the same policies on everything, from climate change to ‘Covid’, to spouting the same ‘woke’ mantras, the uncanny synchronicity between them all is starting to defy all known laws of probability.
To properly understand the phenomenon, however, you need to know exactly who is calling the shots at each of these companies – who their ‘real owners’ are, in other words. To begin with, you can pretty much forget the CEO, Board members or even the Founder of a particular company. While these people may be the ‘public face’, responsible for the day to day running of a company, they are not actually the ones ‘in charge’. The real ‘power’ behind a company, ultimately rests with its ‘majority shareholders’.
They are the ones who control all the big, important decisions a company makes, from who sits on the Board to what investments the company makes. It is a power derived largely from the ability of ‘majority shareholders’, either singly or in partnership with each other, to outvote everyone else at the regular shareholder meetings. A quick search on Yahoo Finance shows that the same tiny handful of global entities are listed as ‘majority shareholders’ of virtually all Australia’s major companies, across every sector of the economy.
Suddenly the idea that we live in a ‘free enterprise’ system, with open and competitive financial markets, starts to look very much like a sham.
Former ALP Shadow Treasurer, Andrew Leigh, recently published his research findings, showing all Australia’s top companies are ‘owned and controlled’ by the same handful of global mega-trusts and super funds. Even more alarming, ‘common ownership’ in Australia can actually be narrowed down even further, to JUST THREE GLOBAL ENTITIES – BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.
These three foreign-owned mega-corporations, own controlling shares, in all of Australia’s big corporate players, as well as all their main rivals as well. They are ‘majority shareholders’ for both Qantas Airways AND Virgin, Woolworths AND Coles, News Corporation AND Nine Entertainment Holdings – so what appears to be ‘competition’ and ‘choice’, is actually, anything but.
They also own controlling stakes in Transurban Group, Telstra, CSL, Wesfarmers, Sonic Healthcare, the Big Four Banks, insurers QBE and Suncorp – to name just a few.
All three are tightly interlinked, with BlackRock and State Street, both owning ‘majority’ holdings in each other.
But the biggest ‘majority shareholder’ of BOTH, turns out to be VANGUARD!
So who owns Vanguard? No-one knows.
As one of those shadowy private trust-type companies, it is exempt from all disclosure laws.
Its ‘owners’ or ‘ultimate beneficiaries’ are completely hidden – from both the public AND governments!
The Federal Government has set up a Committee to look into the issue of “common ownership and capital concentration in Australia”, with some experts saying it could be a problem.
‘Ya think’??!!

Stephen Andrew statement on “How safe are face masks?”

I have just learnt that most of the face masks, PCR Test swabs and hospital respirators, have black graphene nanoparticles embedded in them.
Health Canada, Canada’s federal health agency, apparently sent out an urgent ‘recall notice’ in March, warning Canadians to “stop purchasing and using face masks containing nanoform graphene” – a novel nanoparticle.
The agency advised it had carried out a “preliminary assessment of available research” and found that “inhaled graphene particles had potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals,”, so could pose a “health risk” to humans.
French authorities issued their own urgent statement in June, ‘recalling’ all “face masks made using graphene or biomass graphene”.
Both countries directed “distributors, importers, and manufacturers to stop the sale of affected products immediately.”
Interestingly some Spanish scientists last month, analysed a batch of vaccines, and reported they were chockfull of “graphene oxide”. (see links below)
Graphene is apparently highly conductive and used in manufacturing paper-thin batteries, flexible smartphones, and microprocessors that operate at speeds once thought impossible.
It is a far from benign material if inhaled, however.
According to one researcher, breathing it in in large quantities can “create inflammation in the lungs, resulting in chronic injury, bacterial infections and the formation of calcified granulomatous”.
“It can also create a variety of immunodeficiency reactions and conditions like Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis”.
The Graphene Council (who even knew there was one) quickly issued a rebuttal, reassuring everyone that the billion dollar nanomaterial was definitely “safe and beneficial”.
As proof, it said that “Graphene materials” have been approved for sale in both Australia and Canada”.
News to me, but a quick check online revealed the Council was 100% correct!
All of which begs a number of questions:
1. What safety studies/research did the TGA rely on when it approved its widespread use in face masks, PCR test swabs and hospital respirators?
2. Where is the ‘informed consent’ given millions of users, like me, are unaware of the hidden ‘medical treatment’ their masks contain? and
3. Will the government accept ‘liability’ if it turns out graphene IS IN FACT dangerous for people’s cells/lungs?
Health Canada, meanwhile, was forced to lift their ‘recall’ notice.
It was a fairly terse statement, however, and finished defiantly with:
“At this time, no additional graphene masks are permitted for sale in Canada.”
“The department requires companies that wish to sell graphene masks in the country to FIRST PROVIDE EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATING THE SAFETY” and that “while graphene is reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties, the department DID NOT FIND EVIDENCE that it provides any added antimicrobial or antiviral protection in these masks”.
Maybe it’s time we all started making our own masks …

Stephen Andrew statement on State of Emergency powers

Well as most of you probably already know, the Public Health Extension of Emergency Powers Bill was passed by the Queensland Parliament today. With the passing of the Bill, the Chief Health Officer’s extraordinary state of emergency powers under the Public Health Act, have been extended another 8 months to 30 April 2022. These are the powers that are being used to close businesses, churches, theatres and restaurants – issue mask mandates, border closures, mandatory QR sign-in, travel bans, strict social distancing rules and other measures.
Under the original Act, these powers were strictly time-limited and set to expire after only 14 days. By 30 April 2022, they will have been in place for more than 2 years, with no guarantee they won’t be extended again after that.
In fact, judging by some of the statements made today by the Health Minister, I would say the chances of another extension past 30 April 2022 are pretty high. The continuation of these laws is such a radical departure from our liberal and democratic traditions that I feel strongly that an urgent Inquiry or Review needs to be carried out, particularly in relation to all the legal, constitutional and human rights implications which have never been properly addressed.
Amendments to the Bill, which were supported by the LNP and all the Crossbench members, including myself, were tossed out and the Bill passed with the support of the LNP, although no actual vote was counted.
Knowing that many businesses and industries will close and Queensland’s mental health crisis worsen, with the passing of this Bill, is gut-wrenching. Members were all only given a few short minutes to say anything because the Government made drastic cuts to the time available for debate on the Bill.
I am posting a link to the comments I made on the Bill today during the short debate – see below for link.
It is a sad day, however – especially for all the small businesses and their workers who will suffer income and job losses as a result of this long extension of the Government’s power to force shutdowns at the drop of a hat – While allowing large wealthy retailers and sporting arenas to stay open as normal.
My thoughts are with all of them tonight.