BlackRock, the biggest asset manager in the world, has $10 trillion in assets at its fingertips.

There are only two countries in the world with larger GDP’s than BlackRock – America and China.

Unlike the US or China, however, BlackRock seems to have a ‘free hand’ when it comes to imposing its political agenda on countries worldwide.

And make no mistake, BlackRock has a HUGE political agenda.

At last year’s COP26 conference, it played a leading role in the new alliance of private banking and finance institutions that promised to overhaul “the global financial system” and “accelerate the global transition to a net zero economy”.

Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, is a major player in the Alliance, along with David Schwimmer, CEO of the London Stock Exchange and Nili Gilbert, Chair of the Investment Committee of the David Rockefeller Fund.

As part of the GFANZ alliance, BlackRock has taken to engaging in political activism and meddling in national policies, in order to connect the “enormous private capital committed to net zero” with individual “country projects”.

It is hardly surprising therefore that BlackRock recently decided to parachute 1 billion dollars into Australia to facilitate the rollout of battery storage assets crucial for achieving Labor’s target of 80 percent renewable energy by 2030.

My question is, however, what did the Australian government have to promise BlackRock in return for its largesse?

My guess is that everything from subsidies and tax breaks to new legislation and policy commitments would have been ‘on the table’ during negotiations.

You only have to read the recently leaked US military documents to see how global banks like BlackRock are viewed as key “financial weapons” for advancing the interests of the “global governance system”.

What makes all this even more alarming, is that it seems nobody, anywhere, is scrutinising the influence that global entities like BlackRock now exert over national governments behind the scenes.

Australia’s intelligence agencies will bang on for hours about “foreign interference” threats from China and Russia, while completely ignoring the much bigger “foreign interference” risk posed by global financial institutions like BlackRock.

A full inquiry is needed into this $130 trillion banking “alliance” and its members who, like BlackRock, are creating new systems of “global governance” by forcing countries into establishing environments “friendly” to their ideological agenda.

An agenda, incidentally, operating completely outside the democratic process and hidden from public scrutiny by the rules of “commercial in confidence” secrecy.


Queensland’s first Quarantine Camp, Wellcamp, opened last month.

The 1000 bed compound is owned by the billionaire Wagner family, who constructed it alongside their giant air terminal outside Toowoomba.

All we’ve been told is that the Wagners built and own the facility, and the government will be leasing it from them on a ‘year-by-ear’ basis.

That’s it – the rest is all ‘commercial-in-confidence’.

The Audit office has asked for more information on the facility’s costs and leasing arrangements, but whether the public will be privy to any of the details is doubtful.

One thing the Government has let slip, is that it paid $48.8 million of taxpayers’ monies, towards the construction cost.

Seems a lot for something the State won’t own – and may only use a year!

According to John Wagner, the government did it “to reduce their rent”.

Really? Makes you wonder how much the rent is, if it takes a $48 million investment just to “reduce” it a bit.

Wellcamp is unfortunately, not the only prison camp being built to “keep us safe”.

There’s also Pinkenba, constructed on the 30-hectare site of an old Army Base, behind Brisbane Airport.

Conveniently, it is just a ‘hop, skip and a jump’ from the new Port facility being built by its billionaire owners – the Wagner Family again.

The Wagners’ new port will be perfect for bringing people in by boat and transiting them on to the new 1000 bed Camp – a mere 2-minutes away?

Even so, it is hard to imagine any “international traveller”, vaccinated or unvaccinated, being willing to stay in either of these two camps – much less PAY for the privilege.

The government is euphemistically calling them “hubs”, and their units, “quarantine dongas”.

Makes them sound kind of ‘fun’, tropical even, but they are neither.

All the rooms are completely sealed off, with double-glazed unbreakable windows, and mysterious pipes going every which way.

The walls, floor and ceiling, are infested with strange high-tech gizmos, the purpose of which is unclear.

And tucked away in the roof of each unit’s entrance, is a set of steel roller-doors, which can be rolled down and locked from the outside.

These are not quarantine ‘dongas’.

They are prison cells.

At least Canada, which is building similar camps, has the decency to be half-way honest about their purpose.

Officials in Quebec City stated last year that Canada’s camps would be used to isolate those who were “uncooperative”.

Here in Queensland, it’s becoming less a question of WHETHER the government will try and lock people up for defying their rules and mandates, but WHEN.

The committee has accepted and published 65 submissions which are available to read under the ‘View Submissions’ tab on the inquiry webpage.

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