‘Thugocracy’ – The Real Face of Global Governance


The leak of 100,000+ WhatsApp messages between the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and his circle of advisors, has given ordinary people a unique insight into what went on behind the closed doors of government in 2020.

And it ain’t pretty.

Hancock and his circle are revealed as ‘mad monks’ on enforcing total compliance with the government’s restrictions and lockdowns.

Even Johnson, and Chancellor Sunak, are viewed as suspect in their eyes.

Another ‘hate’ figure is Sweden, the only European country to not enforce total lockdowns on its people.

At one point, Hancock snaps: “I am so sick of the “fu*king Sweden argument”.

“Supply three or four bullet points on why Sweden is wrong” he barks at aides, who presumably scurry off to do his bidding.

Another exchange involves Jeremy Farrar, a member of the government’s scientific advisory body, Sage.

Farrar had earned Hancock’s enmity by publicly questioning one of the government’s decisions in 2020.

Hancock calls for Farrar to be sacked, saying:

“We need a Jeremy Farrar handling strategy.  He is totally offside, a complete loudmouth, has little respect amongst the serious scientists.  Did he approach us before doing Ridge (a Sky News Program)?  He needs to be either inside the tent and onside, or outside and commentating.  He adds no value internally”.

Hancock’s words are telling.

Firstly, he queries whether Farrar “approached us” – ie asked for the government’s permission – before appearing on Sky News.

Secondly, he makes clear that scientists must be ‘either inside or outside the tent’.

The government’s policies are exposed as having nothing to do with ‘the Science’ and everything to do with ‘ingrouping’ and ‘outgrouping’.

Those who failed to play along, must be cast out and cancelled.

There used to be a word for this type of government – ‘thugocracy’.

Of course, on this occasion, Hancock had bitten off more than he could chew, in going after Farrar.

Sir Jeremy Farrar is not just anyone.

For starters, he’s a director of the world’s second richest Foundation, the Welcome Trust, and was recently appointed Chief Scientist to the World Health Organisation.

In 2017, he co- founded CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, with his friend Bill Gates.  He is also a long-time Agenda Contributor of the World Economic Forum and good friend of Klaus Schwab.

He is, in short, a very powerful man.

If anyone was going to be ‘cancelled’, it would be Farrar who did the cancelling.

Poor old Hancock didn’t stand a chance.

The leak of these messages is pure gold.

They deserve to be shared as widely as possible, particularly with the more trusting souls among us.

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After 30 Years of lows and highs concerning water, the Mt Morgan Gold Town Community strikes it rich with the $40.4 million pledge from the current Government to commit to building a Pipeline and reservoir from Gracemere to Mt Morgan’s No.7 Dam.


I am yet to hear a single member of Australia’s mainstream corporate media, speak out in defence of Julian Assange, or his rights as a citizen and journalist.

Many prefer to discredit and demean him in the public’s mind at every opportunity.

One reason for this is because Julian Assange is, and always was, an ‘outsider’.

And ‘outsiders’ are the ‘enemy du jour’ of Australia’s increasingly authoritarian establishment class.

Not only are ‘outsiders’ difficult to control, many simply refuse to go along with the ‘ruling consensus’ on any given topic.

Even worse, most display an unhealthy obsession with ‘uncovering the truth’ and debating the issues.

The Australian media wants none of that.

They would far rather protect their own ‘insider’ role as purveyors OF the ‘consensus’, than stand up for an outsider like Assange, who dedicated his life to EXPOSING its lies and corruptions.

Someone, incidentally, who produced more breaking major stories than ALL Australia’s journalists combined.

At the end of the day, unless you are ONE OF THEM, human rights and press freedom just don’t apply.

Which begs the question – by what right do these media ‘gatekeepers’, and their government-corporate overlords, get to decide who is and isn’t a journalist?

EVERY citizen has the right to call themselves a ‘journalist’ once they take on the role of reporting vital facts and information that is in the ‘public interest’.

It should NOT be an honour bestowed on you by a select group of ‘insiders’, who like to pose as a highly credentialed ‘priesthood’ class within the establishment power structure.

That is NOT how a free and open democracy is supposed to work.

The same goes for those within Australia’s two major parties, who have been just as silent on Assange’s plight – bar one or two notable exceptions, like One Nation’s George Christensen.

Today it is the members of One Nation and all the other minor parties and independents, who make up this country’s last group of true ‘political outsiders’.

That’s why the establishment classes hate us so much and why they have joined forces to make sure we are all sidelined and silenced in this election.

None have dedicated themselves to making sure this happens, than the very same hostile media establishment who have for years ignored the persecution of Australia’s ultimate outsider – Julian Assange.


Social media images are showing an unprecedented traffic jam in the East China Sea as thousands of cargo ships have been brought to a standstill outside the port of Shanghai.

Ships can be seen standing all the way out to the open sea, several kilometres away.

Shanghai is one of China’s largest manufacturing centres and home to the largest container port in the world, with a major airport serving inbound and outbound air cargo.

Today, its factories and warehouses are closed, the roads are empty and the city’s port and airport have come to a complete halt.

It’s not just Shanghai either.

In Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, tens of thousands of factories are either shut down or operating at reduced capacity.

Kunshan — a big production centre for electronics— is closed until late April. Part of Taicang, another manufacturing area in Jiangsu province, is also closed.

Volkswagen and Toyota shut down their manufacturing plants in Tianjin last week due to a lack of parts.

Manufacturing hubs in Vietnam and Cambodia are also running out of vital Chinese-made components for their manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical companies in India, who source 70% of their active ingredients from China, say they are running out of supplies.

Within 60 days, stock everywhere is going to run down and it won’t be replaced – not for some time.

Australia is probably one of the most China-dependent countries in the world.

Everything from our cars, agricultural machinery, iPhones, computers, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, comes from China.

It provides 90% of our fertilisers, 100% of our manganese, 86% of our semi-conductor imports, 82% of porcelain toilets/basins, 75% of lighting, 72% of generators and 69% of computers.

The list is virtually endless …

Australia makes virtually NOTHING – nothing useful anyway, and definitely not at scale.

We lost our whole industrial commons to China decades ago, and with it went our collective R&D and our engineering/manufacturing capabilities.

We lost suppliers, skilled trades, and all the product/process design and engineering know-how built up over generations.

Instead, we became a ‘service’ economy.  ‘Services’ tied to the biggest and longest-running housing bubble in history.  All fuelled by debt.

Today, we are a net importer of processed fruit and vegetables.  A net importer of seafood and a net importer of steel.

That’s right.  We export iron ore and coal to China for processing into steel, then import it back for our construction industry.

Go figure.

It all happened under the watch of three key Prime Ministers – Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard

Bob Hawke is dead, but Keating and Howard are very much alive.

I’d say BOTH of them have a lot of explaining to do.


The Federal Government has outdone itself with the new “Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill 2021.

The Bill removes every inbuilt protection around privacy and free speech, contained in the original Act.

If passed, the new laws will force social media companies to unveil the identity of anonymous users when presented with a court order to do so.

This means social media companies like Facebook and Twitter will be compelled to collect and verify the “identity and relevant contact details” of all their Australian users, and disclose them to authorities when required.

And so will their much less connected or wealthy competitors in the independent and alternative media platforms, like Parler, Gab, Rumble and Telegram!

Another change will be the new requirement for foreign social media companies with more than 250,000 Australian users, to establish an Australia-based ‘entity’ or subsidiary; placing them under the direct control of our power-hungry government, and its ‘enforcement’ agents.

While Facebook, Google and Twitter may be happy to police its platforms on behalf of the Australian government, it is questionable whether independent platforms like Telegram and Gab, will be.

Telegram in particular, has built a loyal following worldwide for upholding the principle of free speech and protecting its users’ identity in the face of enormous pressure from elites everywhere.

As usual, the pretence for this latest intrusion on the rights and liberties of Australians, is that it is all being done for OUR benefit – as if we are children.

The PM waxed lyrical on the need to introduce these laws, to “keep our online world safe”, for “kids and families” to protect them from the “horrific abuse and harassment and stalking online”.

The hypocrisy is nauseating, especially given the Bill has nothing to do with ‘trolling’ – whatever that actually means – or online bullying.

Even the AG Department’s Defamation Taskforce secretary said that the term “anti-trolling” might be a tad misleading, given the bill’s contents are “about defamation”, NOT trolling, and “it is not intended to address broader types of online harm”.

The right to remain anonymous is fundamental to the right to free speech and to hold dissenting opinions.

It applies every bit as much in the digital world as it does in the physical one.

As the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis said: “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority.”

Anonymity protects the vulnerable citizen from reprisals by government, industry and individuals; reprisals that can take the form of job loss, financial penalty, legal harassment and even physical injury and danger to family.

Unfortunately, the right to remain anonymous has been under steady attack in Australia for two decades now.

This attack has turned into an absolute barrage since February 2020.


Sir Zelman Cowen was regarded as one of Australia’s foremost experts on constitutional law.
He was also Australia’s Governor General from 1977 to 1982 and the long-time mentor of our Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, who was groomed for the Prime Ministership from a young age.
In 1969, Sir Zelman delivered a series of lectures in which he argued for the right of all individuals to be “let alone”.
“Unlike democratic society, totalitarian organisation claim secrecy for the regime, and full surveillance over the lives of groups and individuals.”
“I reject this utterly.”
“A man without privacy, is a man without dignity.”
A free society “…protects an individual’s solitude, his intimacy in various groups of his own choosing, his anonymity, his ability to be lost, without identification, in a crowd, his reserve, his shutting himself off from unwanted intrusion”.
In his final lecture, Cowen warned that:
“The invaders of privacy are a massing army: they come from government and officialdom, from commerce and industry and from the mass media…”
“Intrusions into privacy have become so intertwined with the pursuit of ‘objectives’ that it is increasingly viewed as essential in our society…ESPECIALLY EFFICIENCY, and each intrusion has been accepted as reasonable, or useful”.
“Intrusions into privacy have become so intertwined with the pursuit of ‘objectives’ that it is increasingly viewed as essential in our society…ESPECIALLY EFFICIENCY, and each intrusion has been accepted as reasonable, or useful”.
“The fear that Big Brother is watching and listening threatens the freedom of the individual no less than prison bars do”.
“The development of wiretapping procedures, of devices for eavesdropping and bugging, the growth of information gathering systems which allow vast masses of information to be collected in centralised and easily accessible locations is intolerable”.
“The computer with its insatiable appetite for information, its image of infallibility, its inability to forget anything that has been put into it, may become the heart of a surveillance system that will turn society into a transparent world in which our homes, our finances, our associations, our mental and physical conditions are laid bare”.
“A developing horror is telemetry, which has led to the creation of “radio pills” that, if swallowed unknowingly, turn the victim into a human transmitter and he can be tracked wherever he goes”.
“Bureaucratic zeal and THE PURSUIT OF EFFICIENCY” Cowen said, “have blinded men, to the need to preserve the basic dignities and freedoms of their fellows”.
(The great man must be turning in his grave to see his own protégé actively pushing a centralised National Digital Identity and programmable Digital Currency which will end Australians’ claim to privacy and the ‘right to be left alone’ permanently).


The Freedom Convoy in Canada has captured the imagination and sympathy of the whole world.

Inspired by seeing such an effective, peaceful and joyful resistance by ordinary hard-working Canadians after two years of government tyranny, people around the world have pledged an astonishing $10 million in small donations to the Canadian truckers through a GoFundMe page.

The decision by the platform’s billionaire owners, to seize those monies and ‘redirect’ them to causes the page’s donors never intended them for, will surely go down as one of the most despicable acts ever committed by Big Tech:

“Given how this situation has evolved …we will work with organizers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities chosen by the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers and VERIFIED BY GOFUNDME.”

This from a platform that waved through any number of donations to ‘unlawful’ leftwing causes, including the violent BLM-supporting felons who assaulted police officers in 2020.

It is a sick joke but hardly a surprise, given GoFundMe is a paid up member of Big Tech, and enjoys many close ties to the World Economic Forum and other globalist bodies.

I seriously doubt GoFundMe will survive this extraordinary betrayal of its users base.

That they went ahead and did it anyway, says a lot about just how panicked our global overlords and their political puppets are becoming.

They are seeing the power of the people grow daily and I think some of them are starting to look genuinely afraid.

They should be afraid.

Canada’s Freedom Convoy just provided the spark that will light up the whole world.

No amount of corporate theft, political propaganda or globalist lies, will extinguish it now.

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