The ESG Global Protection Racket


ESGs act in the same way China’s social credit system does – just at the corporate level.

The whole system is little more than a mechanism for injecting a ‘collectivist’ political ideology into every company’s policy and investment decisions.

A weapon that Global Finance is using to enforce total conformity on businesses worldwide, particularly around issues such as climate change, green energy and ‘social justice’.

Any business refusing to ‘go along’, or that globalists have designated as an ‘undesirable’ business, are ‘cancelled’ by removing their ability to open a bank account, obtain loans, lines of credit and insurance.

It is not just banks either.  Giant managed funds like BlackRock, government super funds, insurers and investment trusts, are all using ESG scores to aggressively discriminate against their own customers, based on their political, cultural and religious beliefs.

In October last year, a faith-based non-profit organisation led by a former US Ambassador for Religious Freedom, had its Chase Manhattan account closed abruptly, with little explanation.

Wells Fargo, meanwhile, put a target on conservatives’ backs in 2020, when it shut down the bank accounts of Lauren Witzke, a Republican Senate candidate.

These are just two of many such cases I could cite.

The truly insidious part of ESGs, however, is that it isn’t just ‘undesirable’ companies who are being punished by lenders, insurers and fund managers, but all the smaller businesses operating along that company’s supply-chain as well.

An accountancy business that does the books for an oil company, for example, will also be assigned a low ESG credit score based on their association with that company, and their access to certain financial services/products will be restricted accordingly.

This is NOT something that MAY happen someday, ‘in the future’.

It is happening right now, and at scale.

Just ask a farmer, licensed gun dealer or mining contractor about the last time they tried to obtain a bank loan or some form of insurance, if you don’t believe me.

Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Think of ESGs as a global protection racket.  One that has all the hallmarks of those run by the Mafia in the 1930s.

One that is being sold as a benign way of measuring ‘corporate stewardship’, but which at bottom, it is just plain old criminal racketeering.

A corporate shakedown, where businesses are being forced to operate with a proverbial gun held to their heads.

Billionaire buddies, Gates and Forrest, are determined to stop cow burps


Solving the problem of cow farts has become a multi-million dollar enterprise for billionaire do-gooders like Bill Gates and Andrew Forrest.

The two have poured $AUD17 million into little-known Australian-based climate-tech start-up, Rumin8, which has developed a new synthetic feed supplement to significantly reduce cows’ methane emissions.

According to Rumin8, early trials on cows fed with the new supplement resulted in a reduction in methane emissions of over 85 percent.

The $AUD17 million is being provided via Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) Fund and Forrest’s genetics technology company, Harvest Road Group.

Forrest also has a stake in the Gates-led BEV, after tipping $AUD66 million into the Capital Venture Fund in 2021.

(Other billionaire investors in BEV include Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Michael Bloomberg).

Rumin8’s new feedstock supplement was created in a laboratory using “synthetically replicated bromoform”, an active ingredient found in red seaweed.

It works by releasing anti-methanogenic compounds into a cow’s gut which target and kill the ‘bacteria’ responsible for producing methane gas.

There is just one problem ….

The ‘bacteria’ Rumin8’s supplement will ‘target and eradicate’, is in fact a diverse microbial community made up of bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

Together these microbes play an essential role in enabling cows to break down grass, converting it into nutrients, protein and energy.

Unfortunately, these microorganisms also create the methane cows later expel into the atmosphere.

This complex relationship between microorganisms and cow is what’s known as ‘symbiotic’ – meaning beneficial to both.

Disrupting that relationship would destroy the most important chamber in a cow’s gut – its rumen.

There is no reference to this problem, let alone solution to it, in the company’s promotional material or website.

Cynics have suggested that a cow’s impaired ability to digest grass might be seen more as a ‘beneficial by-product’ than a problem, for those in the climate cult, like Gates and Forrest.

Let’s face it.  These people have made very clear that they don’t want cows meandering all over the countryside, grazing on whatever they want.

They want them genetically engineered and confined in high density, enclosed warehouses; completely dependent – like addicts – on lab-made feed and supplements.

All fully owned and patented by Big Pharma of course.

As the CEO of BEV said recently:

“Our team will support Rumin8 in working closely with farmers to expand the reach of this solution globally.”

A “global solution” for cows?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound creepy at all.

Why is humanity working so hard at making human beings obsolete?

Recent reports are that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be used to read MRIs and other medical imaging tests, making Radiologists obsolete.

Think what this means.

Reading a MRI or CT scan will now become a lost art for humans.

There will be no way for a human being to check on the accuracy of an AI reading, or read and interpret it for themselves.

Radiology is just one of many skills that will soon be taken away from humans by machine learning and AI.

Last month, there were reports that AI is now being used to write news articles by mainstream outlets.  The online financial news channels in particular, are increasingly putting out material that has been written by a machine, not a human.

Then there are all the companies who are using AI to write their posts on social media, although many would be reluctant to admit it.

These are not just hard, manual jobs we are talking about, but highly paid, professional jobs that many young people have borrowed a lot of money going to University for.

At the rate AI is progressing, 90 percent of humanity will be functionally useless by 2050.


A number of councils in Queensland are partnering with ENE-Hub, to deliver networks of ‘smart streetlights’, aka ‘smart poles’ or ‘SmartNodes’, throughout their towns and cities.

It is all being done in the name of worthy-sounding goals like ‘greener energy solutions, better service delivery, convenience and ‘safer streets’.

Most people don’t even notice these ‘smart poles’, or if they do, just think they are some new ‘sustainable’ form of lighting.

They aren’t.

Together these poles make up a fully-fledged IT ‘platform’, or ‘smart grid’, for the coming Internet of Things (IoT) with built in sensors, cameras and microphones connected over a wireless network.

They have public address speakers installed to give instructions to people on how to behave.  Some even have drone charging stations on the top.

Why?  Because surveillance drones will be a key element of the coming ‘smart city’ aerial policing system.

In the UK and US, ‘smart poles’ capabilities include facial recognition, licence plate recognition technologies and behaviour prediction software.

Here in Queensland, most councils (including Mackay) have ‘smart lighting’ listed as a key feature of their ‘Priority Development Area Plans’.

In 2018, Moreton Bay Regional Council announced a 20 year contract with ENE-Hub for the delivery of smart technology and services, including ‘smart streetlights’.

Brisbane City Council spent more than $2 million in 2019, installing ENE-Hub “smart poles” to “collect data on the city’s operations”.

On the Sunshine Coast, 158 smart poles have been installed, including 60 wirelessly connected streetlights in Maroochydore’s City Centre.

I am told that ‘smart poles’ have been installed on the Gold Coast and even in regional towns like Warwick.

It’s all being done at the local level, by politicians who actually think they are doing a good thing, all in the name of ‘sustainability’ and fighting crime.

The real agenda, however, is digital surveillance and data collection.

The goal is to eventually track everything you do and everywhere you go, using the power of artificial intelligence and 5G.

The true dangers won’t be apparent, however, until the whole thing is connected up to the digital economy, digital identity, digital currency and the coming social credit system.

That’s when the algorithms and AI connected to these ‘smart streetlights’ will really need to keep watching you and how you’re behaving.

They’re going to be scoring your actions and emotions, tracking your eye movements and recording everything you do and say, in real time – ALL the time.

Remember that when your local council starts talking about installing these ‘smart poles’ in a neighbourhood near you.