Last week the Palaszczuk Government committed another $62 billion to its planned green energy revolution in Queensland.

Where are they getting all the money from?  Does anybody know?  Because Treasury sure as hell doesn’t have it!

It used to be that if you put a program into effect, you had to explain how you were going to pay for it.

Not anymore.

Now governments just ‘pull more cash from the future into the now’, as the debt-based economic model keeps chugging along.

But its starting to look like the end is nigh for all our free-wheeling, big-spending governments.

Worldwide, inflation is spiking, consumer demand cratering and global markets imploding.

Not just some markets – ALL of them.  Commodities, stocks, bonds, real estate, currency, the lot.

Stocks alone have plunged $12 trillion since January.  A loss of nearly 30 percent.

The world is in the grip of a serious liquidity crisis and eventually something is going to break.

The clues are everywhere.

Take currencies.  Just about every major currency is crashing against the US dollar right now, and I mean crashing.

Some are down 10, 20 even 30 percent.

Last week the UK pound plummeted five percent in a single day against the dollar.  That’s the sign of something breaking right there.  The sound of a rivet popping out of a ship’s hull under pressure.

The bond market is also tanking.  It is being sold off and sold hard.  That’s because people need the cash more than they need to hold bonds, so tank they go.

Last week the Bank of England capitulated and restarted quantitative easing.  It was forced to intervene after a massive sell-off created huge instability in the bond (debt) markets over there.

Meanwhile global asset prices have lost 29 trillion dollars in 2022, give or take.  That’s huge.

What caused this massive asset bubble?  Central banks printing money!

Now they’ve stopped and prices are plummeting.

It’s the same with real estate.  The 30-year mortgage rate is spiking and house prices are sinking lower and lower.

It’s 2008 all over again.

Only this time we don’t just have a housing bubble to worry about, its stocks, bonds and commodities in a bubble as well.

If they all crack, we are in serious trouble.

None of it is ‘by accident’.

Since 2008, central banks have been printing money at breakneck speed, flooding the market with liquidity and now they’re taking it all away.

People everywhere are buried beyond their wildest dreams in debt.  Debt they can never, ever pay back.

This hyper bubble in debt has created a human bubble and there is going to be a terrible price to pay for all this.

A terrible price.


Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is proposing to roll out more draconian rules and penalties aimed at restricting people’s ability to use and enjoy more than 50 parks across the state.

Changes include hefty fines of $924 for anyone “walking off a park trail”, or swimming in a “non-designated” area.

Those caught conducting “intrusive research” as part of a scientific study, will be hit with a whopping $1,472 fine.  “Intrusive research”, incidentally, is defined as anything that “interferes with wildlife, soil, rocks, vegetation or visitors” – so basically anything.

There are also fines for anyone who parks on, removes, or defaces rocks, plants and/or trees in park or forest areas.

The changes, still at the “consultation process” stage, are due to be rolled out before the election on November 26.

Victoria currently has 70,000 hectares of bushland under immediate threat of being locked away.  There are proposals to lock away a further 1 MILLION Hectares of public land after that.

Stock grazing, firewood collection, horse riding, trail bike riding, prospecting, dog walking and fishing are just some of the many activities banned in national parks.

This huge land grab by the Victorian government and the proposed new rules are being carried out under the guise of “protecting the ecology and bringing tourists to an area”.


Because tourists love visiting parks where there are locked gates, 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras, heavy restrictions on use, stringent permit requirements, fees, limited camping opportunities and massive financial penalties for anyone who puts a foot wrong.

Not to mention rampant feral pest problems and a massive fire risk, all caused by increased fuel loads and hopeless city-based land management.

Victoria’s rural towns, farmers, businesses, communities and families are the ones who will suffer the most from all this.

But ultimately, we ALL suffer.

How many hectares of land, forests and parks need to be locked up before the Greens consider it enough?

Five minutes spent reading the UN’s Agenda 2030 drivel tells the tale.

All of it!

These fanatics have no intention of stopping until they have driven every last human off the land for good.

Victorians need to fight this.

Any rural, regional and agricultural bodies who won’t, must be replaced by ones who will.

Ones who are INDEPENDENT of government, its money, favours and – most of all – its blasted “roundtables”.



On 25 August 2022, Net Zero Australia (NZA) released an interim report detailing various scenarios for Australia successfully reaching Net Zero by 2050.

The group, including University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Princeton University and Nous Group, estimate that Australian governments will need to spend between $100 and $150 billion a year in order to phase out fossil fuel generators in favour of renewable energy.

In terms of providing a comprehensive ‘cost-benefit analysis’, however, the NZA report fails to properly assess the true impact involved in in terms of costs, lifestyle and land use.

Instead, the report relies heavily on the use of ‘models’ and a set of extremely ‘iffy’ assumptions that fail to stand up to scrutiny.

The Chair of the Net Zero Steering Committee, Robin Batterham, said:

“Our findings show there are no two ways about it – to meet net zero by 2050, AUSTRALIA MUST TRANSFORM.”

He got that part right.

Net Zero will mean a complete transformation of Australia.

We are looking at 30 years of intense social and economic disruption, greatly diminished living standards and the imposition of a command economy.

In terms of electricity capacity alone, Australia’s grid will need to be almost three times bigger by 2050.

Most homes and buildings will need to be rewired, as will the mains fuse, street distribution and local substations.

The cost of electricity will skyrocket in order to repay these major capital costs over the lifetime of the assets.

More importantly, it is all going to take an extraordinary amount of land.

And I am not talking about land in the remote outback either.

These industrial scale renewables structures will have to be sited on land close to the cities and towns they are intended to power.

The public simply has no idea how much land use this will involve.

Solar and wind farms alone will eliminate farmland, vegetation, forests and disrupt natural habitats.

Once you add biofuel to the mix, then there’s pretty much ALL your good land gone.

This is only a tiny fraction of what ‘Net Zero’ will involve.

Australian governments and policymakers need to start being honest with the public about the true cost of this transformation, and the extent to which it will radically alter their individual lives, lifestyles, mobility, finances, property rights and jobs.

Net Zero is an idea that you could only believe possible if you have no idea how the energy economy works or how energy is produced.


BlackRock, the biggest asset manager in the world, has $10 trillion in assets at its fingertips.

There are only two countries in the world with larger GDP’s than BlackRock – America and China.

Unlike the US or China, however, BlackRock seems to have a ‘free hand’ when it comes to imposing its political agenda on countries worldwide.

And make no mistake, BlackRock has a HUGE political agenda.

At last year’s COP26 conference, it played a leading role in the new alliance of private banking and finance institutions that promised to overhaul “the global financial system” and “accelerate the global transition to a net zero economy”.

Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, is a major player in the Alliance, along with David Schwimmer, CEO of the London Stock Exchange and Nili Gilbert, Chair of the Investment Committee of the David Rockefeller Fund.

As part of the GFANZ alliance, BlackRock has taken to engaging in political activism and meddling in national policies, in order to connect the “enormous private capital committed to net zero” with individual “country projects”.

It is hardly surprising therefore that BlackRock recently decided to parachute 1 billion dollars into Australia to facilitate the rollout of battery storage assets crucial for achieving Labor’s target of 80 percent renewable energy by 2030.

My question is, however, what did the Australian government have to promise BlackRock in return for its largesse?

My guess is that everything from subsidies and tax breaks to new legislation and policy commitments would have been ‘on the table’ during negotiations.

You only have to read the recently leaked US military documents to see how global banks like BlackRock are viewed as key “financial weapons” for advancing the interests of the “global governance system”.

What makes all this even more alarming, is that it seems nobody, anywhere, is scrutinising the influence that global entities like BlackRock now exert over national governments behind the scenes.

Australia’s intelligence agencies will bang on for hours about “foreign interference” threats from China and Russia, while completely ignoring the much bigger “foreign interference” risk posed by global financial institutions like BlackRock.

A full inquiry is needed into this $130 trillion banking “alliance” and its members who, like BlackRock, are creating new systems of “global governance” by forcing countries into establishing environments “friendly” to their ideological agenda.

An agenda, incidentally, operating completely outside the democratic process and hidden from public scrutiny by the rules of “commercial in confidence” secrecy.


Last year, the Morrison government signed Australia up to an OECD-led agreement creating an international tax cartel.

Labor now has the job of selling the “landmark reforms” to the Australian people and has released a ‘Consultation Paper’ calling for public feedback by 2 September.

The sales pitch is “taxing multinationals” but be warned, the OECD plan comes with a raft of dangerous fine print.  At a minimum, it involves rewriting nearly every aspect of Australia’s tax laws to fit the new rules.

OECD says its ‘Two Pillar Model Rules’ provide governments with a “PRECISE TEMPLATE” for legislating its “solution”.

Most of the focus is on the headline-grabbing new minimum tax rate of 15 percent that throttles competition between countries and makes it far easier for governments to increase the tax burden on ALL businesses and, eventually, individuals.

More insidiously, the scheme shifts enormous power over to the OECD Secretariat, turning it into a kind of global tax policeman.

There’s a word for this kind of thing.

It’s called ‘price-fixing’.

When businesses do it, politicians jump up and down and scream blue murder about ‘collusion’.

Well the OECD’s “two pillar solution” is no different.  It bears all the hallmarks of a ‘global tax cartel’.

Worse, it provides a backdoor through which the powers of parliament will be further stripped away.

As Thomas Duesterberg wrote:

“It transfers significant national sovereignty over taxation, key to overall economic policy, to some yet-to-be-defined international regime under the guidance of the OECD… “

“Ceding corporate-taxation authority to an undefined international authority that will inevitably be controlled by an unelected technocratic elite would erode democratic principles even further.”

“It moves us closer to an EU model of governance.”

It would only be a matter of time before the 15 percent tax rate was increased (Janet Yellen is already talking about it) and, ultimately, extended to individuals.

Many well-meaning people love the new tax plan, believe it will stop tax evasion and fund much-needed social programs.

The fallacy being that governments would redistribute the monies to the masses.

Don’t count on it.

They’ll spend it how they always do, on pointless, self-serving “sustainability” projects, renewables’ subsidies and more ‘woke’ behaviour change programs.

If governments really cared about ending multinational tax evasion, there are multiple ways they could do so.

Ways that don’t involve ceding sovereignty or disempowering parliament.

OECD’s plan, or as Albanese likes to call it, “Labor’s MNE Tax Plan”, is a very, very bad idea for our freedom and democracy.

The government must withdraw from it immediately.

Say “no” to ALL cartels and ANY global agreement that interfere with Australia’s sovereign right to make its own tax laws.

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Turns out there is a lot more to the Dutch farmers’ protest than meets the eye.

Many farmers are convinced that the government’s massive land grab has less to do with reducing nitrogen emissions and everything to do with plans to transform the Netherlands into a giant, sprawling metropolis called the TriState City.

The TriState area will cover the WHOLE of the Netherlands and large parts of Germany and Belgium as well.

The ultimate goal is for TriState to become the capital of a new ‘globo-homogenised’ European continent, made up of high density housing, EVs, bike paths and food “manufacturing” hubs.

Any natural areas left over will be used as renewable energy platforms for powering the gigantic new “City-State”.

It would mean the end of the Netherlands as a separate country, with the Dutch people’s own unique culture, heritage and way of life lost forever.

Instead, they and many other Europeans are to be herded into the TriState’s ‘sustainable’, densely packed residences – akin to barracks.

There will be “green space” but NO “free space”.

Inspired by the UN’s Agenda 2030, WEF’s “Cities of Tomorrow” and the EU’s Cities2030, a primary goal of the TriState will be for food to be produced within the confines of the smart cities.

It seems “sustainable” cities means “transforming the way we produce, transport, supply, recycle and RE-USE food”.

Partners of ‘Cities2030 include the Gates-funded “Food Future Institute”, and BIOZOON, a company that has nothing to do with natural, organic farming and everything to do with GMO food and lab-made meat.

In order to make all this a reality, however, a lot of land is going to be needed.

Land that the state doesn’t own – the farmers do.

And it’s not just farmers either.  The Dutch government is now talking of raising property taxes from 0.45 percent to 2.45 percent.  Anything to make it harder for people to afford their own homes and get them into those barracks.

Fishermen are being targeted as well.

From next year, fishing licenses will be issued based on how environmentally friendly their trawlers are – solely based on the “opinion” of inspectors.

It won’t be long, the Dutch fishers say, before no-one will be permitted to hold a fishing licence.

The ‘old normal’, and everything in it, is to be torn down, scrapped.

It’s not just happening in the Netherlands, but everywhere.

I have no doubt there are plans in a drawer somewhere, for a TriState here in Queensland.

A megacity metropolis where everything will be controlled and micromanaged: housing, food, water, education, reproduction and health.

One large ‘sustainable’ Gulag.

With no room for farmers.

Or animals.

Or freedom.

No Room for Dutch Farmers in TriState Megacity – YouTube



Victoria’s farmers and other property owners are targeted under provisions of a dangerous new Bill that was debated in the State Legislature this week.

Called the ‘Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, the Bill has bipartisan support from both Labor and Liberal MPs, despite the incredibly dangerous precedent it sets for Victorian farmers’ property rights.

It is all being done under the guise of ‘Biosecurity’.

The mainstream media has been preparing the way with endless ‘scare’ stories around various biosecurity threats in the State – the dangers of which are all very real, but which nobody in the media gave a damn about before.

But what the media, and the government, knows, is that anything that even pretends to address ‘biosecurity’ issues, is going to be a sure-fire vote-winner in the regions.

The Bill exploits this, but is a ‘Trojan horse’ for another agenda altogether.

One that will be far less beneficial for farmers and one, which they may not be fully aware of yet.

When you boil everything down, the State’s new Agriculture Bill basically gives the Government complete power and unfettered control over all forms of food production in Victoria.

Its agents will be invested with enormous powers allowing them to show up and enter any farm without notice or warrant.

They can do so whether you are there or not, and don’t even need to advise you of it afterwards.

Agents also don’t have to provide identification if requested to do so. The Bill specifically removes that right.

They can take samples from your property, remove plants or seize livestock – even kill them.

Other provisions include Beekeepers being forced to become ‘registered’, while all bees must be implanted with tiny micro-chips so they can be tracked.

Market meat vendors must become ‘accredited’, something that involves huge upfront and ongoing costs as well total loss of autonomy and control.

The Bill is a clear threat to Food Security in Australia, particularly when viewed in the context of global food shortages, which we are told are just around the corner.

Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating the danger should take a look at yesterday’s news out of Northern Ireland.

Sheep farmers have been told that a million sheep must be culled in order to meet their government’s internationally-set emissions target.

There are also massive concerns around property rights generally.

There is nothing in the Bill’s wording restricting its new powers to farms.

This means government agents – let’s call them the Ag-Stasi – can also enter private homes, seize their pets – even kill them – and destroy homeowners’ vegetables gardens and fruit trees.

Exactly as is happening right now in China.


All over the world, governments are fast-tracking the imposition of tyrannical Digital ID laws on their citizens.

Digital ID laws have already been rammed through some of the smaller countries.  Governments in those countries are now bent on coercively forcing their citizens to accept them.

73 million Nigerians, for example, had access to their mobile phones cut off recently, when they refused to comply with the new laws.

Countries like New Zealand, Canada, UK and Singapore, all have Digital ID bills before parliament or will have soon.

The EU’s Digital ID was modelled on WEF’s Digital ID 2020, and has been ‘sold’ to Europeans as ‘reducing red tape, safeguarding privacy and making life ‘easier’.

‘It will make citizens completely powerless against governments and big corporations’ one horrified MEP said yesterday.

“We think it’s incredibly creepy.”

In France, Macron announced Digital ID the minute he was safely elected.

The ‘pre-text’ he chose to ‘sell’ it on was ‘stopping illegal immigration’.

According to the French President, forcing workers to apply for government ‘authorisation’ in order to get a job in France, will stop illegal migrants from “flooding our borders” and “taking our jobs”.

But it won’t JUST be ‘illegal migrants’ who are forced to be ‘biometrically authenticated’ in order to hold a job – It will be EVERY worker in France.

Darpa and Microsoft have put together something called the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authentication”, to be incorporated into Digital ID.

It prevents anyone from buying a home, renting anything, buying a car, travelling etc, without ‘authorisation’ by the government.

Posting online or accessing your financial/medical/welfare accounts will only be possible with a Digital ID and a biometric ‘authentication’ scan.

The ‘synchronicity’ and speed with which all this is being done is astonishing.  Virtually every country in the world is singing from the same song-sheet on Digital ID.

Australians should be disgusted at their major parties’ bipartisan support for such an unconstitutional, internationally co-ordinated, ‘top down’ global power grab.

If it wasn’t for One Nation and other unaligned Senators, Digital ID would ALREADY be a reality in Australia.

That’s why the ONLY hope we have to defeat these unAustralian laws, is for everyone to FLOOD THE FLOORS OF FEDERAL PARLIAMENT with as many honest, ordinary Australians as possible – especially the Senate.

This means putting ideology to one side and doing something completely unprecedented on election day – you need to vote ALL the major party candidates last.

If we don’t, there will be NO STOPPING Digital ID laws in Australia.

Let’s save what little freedom and sovereignty this country has left, and break this corrupt and traitorous two-party paradigm once and for all.

#DigitalID #Election2022 #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol #AusVotes2022


In order to achieve ‘Net Zero’ by 2050, Australian governments will have to basically demolish Australia’s existing economy and replace it with something entirely new.

The ‘Net Zero’ Agenda is not just some ‘feel good’ pledge.  It is a detailed, target-driven program for radical change that will permanently alter the way Australians work, play and do business.

With zero public consultation, debate, referendum or plebiscite, Scomo signed away the sovereignty and prospects of his country, its people and future generations.

Zero Carbon will be the end of fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas for starters.

All will need to be phased out with severe restrictions placed on any form of mining, agriculture, transport, tourism or industrial production.

The days of ‘petrol’ cars will be numbered as trillions of dollars are poured into constructing acres of low-income, high-density housing and creating artificial ‘green spaces’ and ‘work hubs’, all within walking distance of where you live.

When the UN said ‘go local’, they meant it.

The Morrison Government would have you believe that all this will be done through “breakthrough technology not taxes”.  Don’t you believe it.

A carbon tax of one form or another is a 100% certainty.

Even Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbons admitted as much at his press conference on Wednesday.

How else will people be forced into accepting Electric Vehicles or the ‘transformation’ of an electricity grid, once the cheapest and most reliable in the world, into one where rationing and blackouts are the norm.

Traditional energy-intensive industries like transport, agriculture, steel, glass production, chemicals, paper and cement manufacturing, will face soaring costs leading to shutdowns or offshoring and the consequent loss of millions of skilled jobs.

Australia will be taken backwards to a neo-feudal, wood-burning dystopia where its beautiful outback is infested with miles upon miles of toxic solar panels and windmills.

Absolutely nothing about these radical changes will be either ‘voluntary’ or ‘optional’.

Every ‘Net Zero’ document makes constant reference to the huge amount of ‘behaviour changes’ that will be needed to get countries to Net Zero.

Ultimately it will mean no more drives in the country, no more motorsports, boating, 4WD, trips to Bali, Fiji or anywhere, and no more ‘grey nomad’ caravan jaunts around Australia.

Even green leaders say that an “eco dictatorship” is going to be needed to enforce all the coming changes.

This means mandates, executive orders, border controls, restrictions on movements within designated human settlement zones, wholesale surveillance programs, green taxes, penalties, fees, plus endless new regulations and laws.

Lots of new laws.

It will be like lockdown, only permanent.



At COP26 last year, the Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, signed Australia up to the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).

This, she said, would unlock Australia’s “natural capital” investment potential through an improved measuring and reporting framework.

“Understanding the true value of our natural capital – our soils, water, oceans, biodiversity and spectacular landscapes – presents an enormous economic opportunity and a critical pathway for investment” Ley said.

The Morrison government’s new “Natural Capital: Unlocking Private Sector Investment” was also released at COP26.

The document outlines “key initiatives to support the creation of a new global asset class of environmental investment markets and to increase private investment in Australia’s Natural Capital”.

Of course, the ‘propaganda and spin’ fed to the public is that all these financial instruments have been created purely to “preserve and protect” Nature.

Don’t let them fool you again.

The only goal here is to ‘monetise’ nature, not to ‘save’ it.

The group behind the “Natural Capital Agenda” is the Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG), which is made up of major investors like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank.

According to IEG’s website:

“We are pioneering a new asset class based on natural assets and the mechanism to convert them to financial capital … they include biological systems that provide clean air, water, foods, medicines, stable climate, human health and societal potential”.

It begins with identifying a natural asset, such as a forest, agricultural field or lake, which is then assessed, quantified and valued using specific ‘measurement’ protocols.

The protocols were developed by the Capitals Coalition, which is partnered with the World Economic Forum, and various other mega multi-national corporations.

The newly created ’National Capital’ asset class allows specialised companies “to hold the rights to the ‘ecosystem services’ produced on a given chunk of land; services like carbon sequestration, sustainable agriculture or clean water”.

The ‘Natural Capital’ company then decides who has the rights to that natural asset’s productivity as well as the rights to decide how that natural asset is managed and governed.

According to IEG, the “capital potential” of “Nature’s Economy”, is worth over $US4 quadrillion.

They pretend that this massive extraction of profit from Nature will help “transition” the world economy to one that is ‘green and sustainable’.

Anyone who believes that, is delusional.

The only beneficiaries of this scam, will be the new owners of Mother Nature.

It will be they who get to dictate to the rest of us, what parts of Nature have value and which don’t.

And that’s the problem…

We are talking about a class of people who, as Oscar Wilde said, “know the price of everything, and the value of nothing”.