In February this year, Anthony Albanese, pledged $6 million towards a new eSmart Digital License program involving Australian schoolchildren aged 10 to 14.

eSmart was launched in December 2021 by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in partnership with the DQ Institute and Accenture, a Rockefeller-funded company that was recently awarded a $230 million to overhaul Australia’s Director ID program.

Under the benevolent guise of ‘cyber-security’ and “helping children navigate the online world”, the eSmart program seeks to embed ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (SEL) assessments and measurements within the education system.

Using “gamified learning”, “interactive story worlds” and “relatable scenarios”, children must achieve “milestones” and “earn badges” before being rewarded with an eSmart Digital License.

Those overseeing the program will be monitoring its impact and accuracy, tweaking it here and there as they aggregate and analyse the data against a globally standardised set of SEL metrics.

Currently there are over 2,200 eSmart Schools across the country involved in the Foundation’s self-described “behaviour-change initiative”.

It is being trialled here first, but the goal is to expand it worldwide.

Programs like eSmart are being used to train children’s minds by plugging them into an endless array of technology and wearable tech devices.

With webcam, algorithms, AI and eye-tracking data, they are able to capture and analyse children’s human emotions and reactions.

The whole thing is directly linked to Digital ID, QR codes and blockchain.

Developed by the founder of DQ Institute, Dr Yuhyun Park, another of Klaus Schwab’s ubiquitous Young Global Leaders, the program uses “AI-based linking and predictive methodology” to customise its “assessment and scoring” tools.

DQ Institute is also a member of the Global Coalition for Digital Intelligence, which includes WEF, OECD, the World Bank and IEEE World Standards Association.

All are heavily involved in the ed-tech and digital identity agendas.

So are Accenture and Rockefeller Foundation who have partnered with Gavi, Microsoft and IDEO to drive ID2020.

All these groups are determined to socially engineer children into becoming “agents of positive change”, who promote “consensus” views on “sustainability” and other globalist “values”.

The psychological profiling assigned to each child through programs like eSmart will follow them into adulthood and be used by governments and others, to form decisions about them as adults.

Once you understand this, it is easy to see how the ‘Social and Emotional’ obedience agenda is closely tied to the Global Digital Citizen workforce agenda and social credit scores.

‘Cyber-safety’ is just one of many fig-leaves they will use, as they psychologically profile and condition our children into a lifetime of obedience.


An estimated 1000 Qld Teachers received an extremely harsh ‘show cause’ letter this evening from David Miller, the Education Department’s Executive Director of Early Learning and Development.

Some of you will recall that Miller, the Education Department’s so-called “integrity unit” boss, sent a string of “childish emails” from an employee’s computer in 2020 and escaped punishment despite a complaint against him being “substantiated” by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Miller was let off at the time, but he clearly has no intention of showing Queensland’s suspended teachers the same consideration, despite his own offences being worse than anything these long-suffering teachers ever did!

Miller’s “terse 10 page letter”, as the Courier Mail called it, contains multiple threats of “disciplinary findings” against the teachers for failing to comply with the State’s mandate.

It accuses them of breaching the government’s vaccine directive, and lists 17 points of so-called “evidence” against them.

“I am providing you with a period of 14 calendar days from the date of this letter to show cause why disciplinary findings should not be made against you,” Miller wrote.

The letter ends with a shocking instruction that forbids the teachers from discussing anything to do with the whole process with anyone, whether on social media or with “ANY OTHER PERSON apart from their legal representative or union!!

That instruction is a disgrace in a supposedly free country.

It ends with a fatuous statement acknowledging that all this may “impact your human rights”, particularly “your right to Take part in public life and Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief.”

Miller says he has concluded ALL those inalienable human rights are “OUTWEIGHED”, by “the requirement to provide you with procedural fairness prior to determining whether you are liable to discipline, and there is no less restrictive way reasonably available to comply with the requirements of the Act and the Discipline Directive.”

Come again?  “Outweighed” by WHAT EXACTLY?!

If anyone can translate that load of gobbledy-gook, please let me know.

The teachers, who are still waiting to be shown the long-term safety data, associated risk assessment and evidence for why schools were reclassified as ‘high risk’ settings, must be devastated.

Many hoped the mandates would be dropped soon.

Even the NT and WA governments have announced the end of teacher mandates from 15 June.

New South Wales and the ACT dropped their mandates in May, and SA in March.

So why is Queensland, the only state doing this?

It is an incredibly cruel thing to do to a group of people who many, including myself, consider the best and bravest teachers in the world.

My thoughts and prayers are with every single one of them tonight.


Queensland teachers have been dealt another blow by the Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace.

At 5pm, teachers suspended without pay since January, received emails from the Education Department advising them that their suspensions had been extended to 4 September 2022.

This was crushing news after months of isolation and financial hardship, with many forced to run through their life savings just to survive.

There have been widespread reports of teachers forced to sell their homes when funds finally ran out.

Just last week, a teacher friend in Brisbane was given his marching orders for refusing to get the Booster shot – so expect the numbers of suspensions to grow over the next few months!

Ironically, this latest missive was sent the same week that Brisbane’s Supreme Court received a submission from the Queensland’s Human Rights Commission, stating that the Qld Government’s mandates are unlawful.

The submission was made in relation to the case currently before the Court, involving suspended Police officers.

The QHRC said that the mandate had been made outside the Chief Health Officer’s powers under the Queensland Public Health Act.

The mandate also failed to comply with Section 58(1) of the Queensland Human Rights Act 1999, the Commission said, which makes it unlawful for a public entity to act or make a decision that is incompatible with a human right.

At the very least, it had limited freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief, as well as the right to property and privacy.

There are nine other groups of workers who have cases challenging the mandates in the Supreme Court this year.

I wish them all the best.

At this point it is getting harder and harder to understand why the Government is continuing to impose these mandates on teachers and other workers in Queensland.

Where exactly is the Government getting its advice from?  Or does the ongoing punishment of non-complying workers have more to do with spite than science?

I certainly hope not.

Many innocent and good-hearted people have had their lives ripped to pieces by all this.

Not to mention the thousands of children and young people whose education has suffered.

The Minister should release the health advice justifying this latest decision, along with the Cost-Benefit Analysis it carried out as required under the Government’s own Best Practice guidelines.

If she is unable to provide the public with either, then she needs to END THESE CRUEL MANDATES immediately.



Here are a few more excerpts, this time I have taken them from the accounts written by Queensland teachers who were forced into receiving the injections against their will.

As you can see, many of them have been left psychologically traumatised as a result.

In some ways their suffering has been even worse than those who were purged for non-compliance.


“It was just gut-wrenching when I realised, I had no choice but to get the jab or be sacked after 22 years of teaching.  I don’t think I’ll EVER get over it”.

“My principal rang daily saying “just get the jab, just get the jab”. Finally, I felt I had no option.  I CRIED THE WHOLE WAY TO MY JAB APPOINTMENT, I CRIED WHEN I WALKED IN, I CRIED WHEN THEY JABBED ME AND I CRIED FOR DAYS AFTERWARDS.”

“The stress of being forced, when I was so strongly opposed, …and then contracting Covid TWICE, despite being double vaccinated, has been almost too much to bear.  My quality of life has been destroyed…”

“I was forced to get vaccinated to keep my job and pay the mortgage.  It has impacted my well-being in so many ways…I feel detached from my work now and alienated from my co-workers”.

“I have witnessed distressed colleagues, who have official medical exemptions, being subjected to the most inhumane treatment, just so they are allowed to keep working. They are completely segregated from the other teachers and forced to eat lunch alone.”

“I have not lost my job because I complied/was coerced, but dear friends and colleagues from my school have – they were shamed, lectured, belittled told not to believe “everything they read on the internet”, or “just go get it!”.  Or “I could hold you down and give it to you myself”. Now that they are gone, it’s like radio silence!  LIKE TEACHERS WHO HAVE TAUGHT AT OUR SCHOOL FOR OVER 10-30 YEARS JUST NEVER EXISTED, THEY ARE NOT SPOKEN ABOUT.”

“Our staff holes have been plugged with fresh graduates, our HOD and deputies are all acting in their roles … The whole culture of the place is altered and it’s uncomfortable working there.  I live in fear of the booster being mandated because I will not be coerced again, and I don’t want to lose my 20-year career that I love with all my heart.”

“I feel like I have betrayed my principles for money…  my life feels like it’s in tatters.  I feel disgust and shame (with myself) over this.”

“In the end I was coerced like so many others.  The complete loss of my own free choice still weighs heavily on me. I am not sure I will input the 110% I did in the past”.

“I feel totally powerless in my own country and my own home.  I feel powerless to protect myself and my family …I feel oppressed living in what I once thought was a free country.  I was forced to do this to keep a roof over my family’s head, put food on the table, and so that my children will NEVER have to go through this themselves and potentially have their own health affected.”

“Being coerced into doing something you don’t want to do is terrifying and humiliating.  After studying for four years and finally landing a contract job, I was forced to choose between my career and my morals/beliefs.  It has taken a huge toll on my mental health.”

“I was harassed daily and made to feel like a criminal by my principal/colleagues until I gave in.  I have lost ALL faith in the government and education profession”.

“I hope these people rot in hell for what they have done to me”.

“Doing it went against everything I believe in.  I am so upset I was forced like that”.

“They may as well have held me down and done it – IT FELT NO DIFFERENT”.


I am sitting here poring over the shocking personal testimonies of 700+  teachers who have lost everything as a result of the Qld Government’s ‘no jab, no job’ mandates.

Attempting to convey even a fraction of the enormous suffering these testimonies document, is incredibly daunting – particularly in a short Facebook Post like this.

However, I feel I owe it to every single one of these victims, to at least try.

The following quotes are taken at random.

If nothing else, I hope they give people a glimpse of the appalling ‘human cost’ these mandates have had on their fellow Queenslanders.


“To lose the one thing that mattered to me, my role/job/passion … I felt so let down, kicked in the guts and excluded…”

“I’ve questioned why I dedicated a lifetime to this profession.  Why I worked evenings, holidays, weekends and missed out on being with my own family”.

“This has devastated me.  Both my husband and I have lost our incomes”.

“I am a single mother who is struggling to pay the rent.”

“I was a respected specialist teacher with exceptionally positive feedback from peers, parents and students.  And now I am treated like a second-class citizen.”

“I am a sole parent and have no idea how we will survive”.

“I feel like just a number, gone and forgotten after 17 years of working my arse off and working through every lunch when not on playground duty for my students”.

“After 40 years I ended my career by being kicked to the curb like a stray dog!!”

“Just being left behind, in cold silence, after 10 years of teaching”.

“After years of faithful service to the education department I feel like I don’t matter, just a piece of old used up newspaper being tossed into the bin”.

“Staff who I thought were close friends do not speak to me anymore.”

“Have been abused by staff I thought were my friends.  One yelled “you are killing people and my grandparents”.

“I was treated like a leper and isolated from other staff…put in a room by myself for nearly two semesters”.

“… co-workers showed glee that I would not be allowed to work alongside them anymore”.

“I was ridiculed and treated like a leper”.

“The discrimination and cruelty have been soul destroying”.

“My children who attend the school where I worked have been bullied and called “anti-vaxxers” … there was no support from the school or my former colleagues.  This has felt like a personal attack.”

“Knowing that I was not going to be recognised or farewelled after 26 years of service was extremely upsetting”.

“I think the hardest thing was the lack of acknowledgement.  After working at the school for 20+ years, there was no thank you, nothing, just termination and then silence”.

“Since the mandates …complete silence, even turning their backs on me to avoid conversation when I picked up my children.”

“Another staff member said publicly he was glad evil people like me would no longer be around to influence the next generation”.

“I was excluded from social gatherings long before the mandate … forced to eat alone.  I have suffered so much anxiety, loneliness and depression.”

“I worked really hard to become a teacher and put so much effort into teaching and the school.  I have had so much anxiety, stress and panic attacks …”.

“They made me feel like I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out again.  The teacher’s union saying they wouldn’t help was heartbreaking”.

“People are ill, disabled and yet nobody, NOBODY cares if we live or die”.

“The whole experience has made me feel isolated, unsupported, shut down, invisible”.

“I just feel there was a complete lack of compassion.  We have just vanished.  No one talks about it.  No one reaches out to us.”

“It’s like we don’t exist anymore”.


Yesterday I asked the Minister for Education, Grace Grace, a ‘Question without Notice’ in Parliament on the critical shortage of teachers in many North Queensland schools.

The exact wording of my question was:

“It has been brought to my attention that the teacher shortage in North Queensland, caused by mandates, has now reached the point that regional education office staff are being seconded to teach in schools.”

“Why are regional directors not utilising the critical workforce shortage section of the public health directive to allow suspended teachers to come back to work?”

The Minister’s response amounted to a denial that any such shortage existed.

According to Ms Grace, there has been no change in teacher numbers this year.

Quite the contrary.

The Minister said that this year’s school roll-out in Queensland, had been “the envy of every other state and territory” in the country.

“We are making all the right policy decisions” she said, adding that “the regional offices have done an outstanding job”.

There was no need to engage the ‘critical workforce shortage’ provisions of the public health directive, she continued, since there are “5,000 fully vaccinated teachers in our relief pool” who are “more than adequately meeting the demand”.

So, there you go Queensland.

The problem you thought existed, apparently doesn’t.

Losing thousands of teachers, teacher aides, guidance officers, admin staff and volunteers has had no impact whatsoever on staff numbers or regional schools.

Sometimes, the complete disconnect between what I am hearing from ordinary people out in the real world, and what is being said and discussed in the rarefied confines of Parliament, is simply extraordinary.

This was one of those times.

It’s almost as though one half of the population, the elite half, are all living in some kind of ‘parallel universe’ to the rest of us.

Click here to watch the Minister’s response


What does Minister Grace Grace, have to say about the widespread accounts of bullying and human rights abuses being committed against teachers in Queensland?

I am getting a barrage of first-hand accounts from teachers in rural and remote areas, almost all of whom are women, who have been suspended without pay and tossed out of their accommodation with almost no notice.

Many aren’t even being given a chance to find alternative accommodation, or pack up their belongings.

One teacher said she was forced to sleep in her car for days, after being frogmarched out of her home by the school Principal.

We are talking about teachers who have been living for years as highly respected members of their communities.

Communities where there has not been a single Covid case and where NO teacher has been found to replace them yet!

Such actions are not just cruel, they are completely pointless as far as public health goes.

City teachers say they are also being prevented from retrieving belongings from their offices – even after hours or over the weekend when schools are empty!

One has vividly described the intense feeling of shame she felt as former colleagues tossed her personal belongings and laptop over the school’s eight foot perimeter fence, while her former students looked on in shock and tears!

The level of inhumanity involved in a story like that is almost beyond words – completely unfathomable.

At the very least, it has revealed what an utter sham all the government’s  rhetoric around bullying and ‘coercive control’ has been.


Why were teachers with full Medical Exemptions, approved by Medicare, suspended with all the other teachers?  Why were they told they couldn’t even work remotely with Distance Education, which has a chronic shortage of specialist teachers?

Why are teachers being sent threatening emails warning of “disciplinary action” if they speak out publicly about what is happening?

Why have teachers been suspended without pay until June, instead of terminated?  Is it to force them to resign so they will lose certain entitlements including the right to sue for unfair dismissal?

Why are suspended teachers being told to direct all their communications via the unknown but Orwellian-named ‘Covid Compliance Team’?

Queenslanders deserve answers to these and many other questions – and not just from their Government!

Many want to know where the Queensland media, judiciary and human rights groups have been throughout all this?

And why the Human Rights Commissioner, the Mental Health Commissioner and  all the other officials paid to protect them, have been silent.

Like Terry O’Gorman, every single one of them has gone M.I.A. when Queensland needed them most.

Something many Queenslanders may find hard to forget – or forgive.