YouGov and the Art of ‘Perception Management’

Last week YouGov conducted a survey on how many Australians support the Opposition Leader, Peter Dutton’s call for a Boycott of Woolworths.

Dutton’s call was in response to the Woolworths Group’s announcing they would no longer be stocking Australia Day products in its stores due to ‘sensitivities’ around the holding of the country’s National Day on 26 January.
The survey results were immediately jumped on by the media, who all ran almost identical headlines proclaiming that:
“Only 20% of Australians back Dutton’s call to boycott Woolworths”.
YouGov itself stated that its “public data poll found that only 20% of Australian voters back opposition leader, Peter Dutton’s call to boycott Woolworths and Big W.”
The company’s statement, like its survey, is highly misleading.
Instead of simply posing a straightforward question, like: “Do you support Peter Dutton’s call for a boycott?”, YouGov presented respondents with three options and asked them to choose the one that “most applies to you”.
The three options were as follows:
– I support the decision of Woolworths and Big W management (14%);
– I support Mr Dutton’s call and will be boycotting Woolworths and Big W (20%); and
– My main concern with supermarkets now is excessive price rises rather than this issue (66%).
Obviously, most people presented with these options – including myself – would select price gouging by supermarkets as the more concerning issue for them, during a cost-of-living crisis.
It should be noted, however, that the last two options are NOT mutually exclusive.
In other words, the selection of option 3 doesn’t automatically mean that someone isn’t ALSO supportive of option 2.
It simply means that price gouging by Woolworths is MORE of a concern.
So, to conclude that “ONLY 20% of Australians back Dutton’s call for a Woolworths boycott” from the survey’s results, is both a logical nonsense, AND a prime example of mal-information (“information that stems from the truth but exaggerated or framed in a way that misleads”).
As a professional data analytics company, YouGov knows all this.
They have clearly constructed their survey in such a way as to ensure a predetermined result – one that allows for its political ‘framing’ as a mass public rejection of Dutton’s calls for a boycott.
This is precisely how ‘perception management’ strategies work.
And why we should always examine the exact questions and methodology used by data analytics companies like YouGov, rather than simply accepting the political ‘framing’ of a particular survey by the mass media.
I have attached an oldie but a goodie on just how this works with surveys in other situations as well. It’s funny and it’s accurate.

Australia’s Draconian New Censorship Bill

A new Bill was introduced into Parliament late last year that has the potential to end free speech in Australia permanently.

The Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023, delegates enormous powers to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), to police digital platforms and directly intervene to prevent ‘harm’.
The bill defines “harm” as:
(a) hatred against a group on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or physical or mental disability;
(b) disruption of PUBLIC ORDER or society in Australia;
(c) harm to the integrity of Australian democratic processes or of Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government institutions;
(d) harm to the health of Australians;
(e) harm to the Australian environment;
(f) economic or financial harm to Australians, the Australian economy or a sector of the Australian economy.
Take a moment to read that list through carefully and consider its dangerous implications.
Such a vague definition of “harm” would see ACMA become the sole arbiter of what is “true” and what isn’t.
It could also be used to SHUT DOWN most, if not ALL, avenues of legitimate dissent, including boycotts, demonstrations, refusal to pay a tax or fine, sit-ins and strikes.
ACMA would morph into the country’s State Censor.
It would have the power to REQUIRE any person to appear before its commissioners to answer questions. It would also have the power to impose infringement notices, remedial directions, injunctions and civil penalties, including fines of up to $AUD550,000 for individuals and $AUD2.75 million for corporations.
Criminal penalties, including imprisonment, would apply in cases of “extreme harm”.
Ironically, the bill EXEMPTS two powerful purveyors of misinformation and disinformation – the government and large mainstream media companies!
Because of course governments and the mainstream media NEVER EVER lie or twist the truth, right?!
At most risk of being targeted will be all the small operators of blogs, political websites and those publishing articles and opinion on aggregated platforms like Substack.
Those behind this bill won’t rest until they have obliterated every last scrap of anonymity, privacy, dissent and alternative viewpoints from the internet.
Any State holding the power to inflict such full spectrum dominance and control over its citizens, has NO right to call itself ‘free’, or a democracy.
Please contact your local Senator and ask them to BLOCK THIS BILL in the Senate at all costs.

Resist ‘Woke’ Capitalism

Woolworth’s announcement that it won’t be selling any Australia Day merchandise at its Woolworths or Big W stores this year, has drawn a huge backlash from Australians.
According to the company, the decision is linked to the “broader discussion about 26 January and what it means to different parts of the community”.
The decision sparked widespread public outrage along with calls for a nationwide boycott of Woolworths and Big W, including from Australia’s Opposition Leader, Peter Dutton.
Dutton told 2GB last Thursday that: “I think people should boycott Woolworths … I would advise very strongly to take your business elsewhere”.
Indigenous leader, Warren Mundine, went even further, accusing Woolworths executives of ‘living in a fantasy world.’
‘These corporates are totally out of touch with the real Australia and yet they keep on coming out and trying to push this nonsense on us to make us ashamed of who we are and what our country is.’ ‘We should be celebrating who we are,’ Mundine said.
I couldn’t agree more.
Companies should stick to selling products, instead of misusing their positions to impose radical agendas on Australians, outside the democratic processes of government.
I also find it interesting that while wealthy CEOs are fond of preaching about certain topics like climate change, diversity and trans issues, they show zero interest in addressing the worsening cost of living crisis, chronic housing shortage or spiralling wealth gap.
They’re not going around saying they want to increase workers’ wages, for example.
The bottom line is that corporations have two primary social responsibilities – one is that they pay their fair share of taxes and the other is that they provide ‘decent and meaningful’ employment to people.
Neither of which is happening. Quite the reverse in fact.
As US Carl Rhodes pointed out in his book, ‘Woke Capitalism”, the kind of politics these multinationals like to jump on the bandwagon about, are things that either support, or don’t interfere, with corporate interests.
“That’s not democracy, it’s closer to feudalism” Rhodes states.
Australians have the power to put an end to all this, by voting with their wallets and taking their business elsewhere and that includes the Hotels/ Pubs owned by this group.
Or, as the popular conservative saying goes:
Stop giving money to people who hate you!

Another reason …

Let the People dictate the terms and continue to do so in the coming Elections as well, We have all had enough of the nonsense being pushed from the so called “Big Players”.
It’s out of control when the money you spend that profits big business, is used directly against you.

Why is humanity working so hard at making human beings obsolete?

Recent reports are that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be used to read MRIs and other medical imaging tests, making Radiologists obsolete.

Think what this means.

Reading a MRI or CT scan will now become a lost art for humans.

There will be no way for a human being to check on the accuracy of an AI reading, or read and interpret it for themselves.

Radiology is just one of many skills that will soon be taken away from humans by machine learning and AI.

Last month, there were reports that AI is now being used to write news articles by mainstream outlets.  The online financial news channels in particular, are increasingly putting out material that has been written by a machine, not a human.

Then there are all the companies who are using AI to write their posts on social media, although many would be reluctant to admit it.

These are not just hard, manual jobs we are talking about, but highly paid, professional jobs that many young people have borrowed a lot of money going to University for.

At the rate AI is progressing, 90 percent of humanity will be functionally useless by 2050.


Soaring ‘excess death’ rates is a REAL phenomenon and it’s happening worldwide.

Last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released updated figures showing that between 1 January to 31 July 2022, excess deaths were 17.3 percent above the historic average.

That’s a staggeringly high increase for a country like Australia.

In Spain, excess deaths have surged 37 percent in 2022, while in Cyprus deaths are 32.9 percent above average.  Portugal reported a 28.8 percent rate, Malta 26.4 percent and Italy, 24.9 percent.

In England and Wales, high numbers of excess deaths have been recorded every week for the past 26 weeks, bringing the grand total of excess deaths to nearly 29,491 since the week ending 24 April.

The latest ONS data for the week ending 14 October, shows there were 1,608 excess deaths for that week alone.

Of those 1,608 excess deaths, only 35% were attributable to Covid-19.

That’s a 15.9 percent increase in excess deaths against the five year average (2016-2019 + 2021).

The actual number is probably much higher, given that the five-year average includes 2021: a year when excess deaths were also significantly higher than normal.

Scottish authorities have also reported a huge uptick in unexpected deaths for 2022, with emergency admissions for heart problems increasing by over 25,000.

Yesterday, The Scotland Herald reported that the country’s health chiefs are in talks with funeral directors to ensure cremations and burials can keep pace with demand in the event of “significant excess deaths” this winter.

Board papers from NHS Lanarkshire also note that additional mortuary capacity, created during the height of the pandemic, may be called upon to cope with a potential surge in excess mortality over coming months.

In the US, official data shows a cumulative total of over 17,000 excess deaths amongst young people aged between 0 and 24 years old.

Similarly, 20 to 30 excess deaths of 0 to 24 year olds are being recorded every week in the UK.

The complete lack of interest in these alarming trends by government or the mainstream media is simply astonishing.

We’re talking about many, many more deaths than would normally be expected.

There needs to be a full inquiry into this!

And I’m not talking about some bogus attempt by globalist shills to blame the whole thing on “climate change”, as happened in the UK recently, either!!

I mean a proper, independent investigation into what is causing all these extra deaths.

If that means carrying out large-scale post-mortem studies, then so-be-it.  Those resources should be made available immediately.


Here’s a video that shows the sort of blasting that will happen on Eungella Range if the Government’s new Hydropower Plant goes ahead.

And that’s just the pipelines!

It doesn’t show the blasting that will happen when they remove the top of Mt Dalrymple to build the two huge upper storage dams, vast underground tunnels and other site infrastructure!

The wholesale destruction of this majestic, ancient mountain alone, will be devastating.

Just imagine how many wildlife habitats will be decimated by all this blasting, dust, noise, vibration and deforestation.

Not to mention the air quality and noise impacts on the people, businesses and communities who live nearby.

This is the WRONG location for such a massive, industrial-grade project.

It is also completely uneconomic.

Take a look at the Snowy Hydro 2.0 where for every 100 units of electricity purchased to pump the water uphill, only 75 are returned when the water flows back down through the turbine generators.

As the Sydney Morning Herald pointed out earlier this year:

“Not only is the electricity generated not renewable, Snowy 2.0 will be the most inefficient battery on the NEM, losing 25 per cent of energy cycled”.

PLEASE – Sign our e-Petition calling on Parliament to stop this ill-advised and immensely destructive project!

Click link to open the E-Petition:



I have now lodged a Parliamentary Petition calling for an end to the Queensland Government’s proposed construction of the world’s largest hydropower Plant here in the Pioneer Valley region.


The project involves the building of two high dams in the Burdekin Catchment and a massive lower dam, inundating Netherdale and surrounding valley to the base of the Eungella Range.

This 5GW industrial mega-plant will destroy our precious Pioneer Valley and scar the landscape of the majestic Mount Dalrymple.

It will have a devastating impact on one of the most pristine, luxuriant rainforests in the State, destroy tens of thousands of mature subtropical trees and make hundreds of vulnerable species homeless.

It would also obliterate the lives, livelihood and homes of the many residents, farmers and communities who live there.

Other impacts include fragmenting the river catchment and its depletion due to the unsustainable volume of water needed to fill the new mega-dams and replace evaporation losses.

The proposal also involves the construction of a new ‘super-grid’ of giant transmission towers connecting the plant to “regional centres throughout the state.

No trajectory for this transmission corridor has been provided but will almost certainly slice through many sensitive areas of the state’s forests, national parks, wetlands, streams and rivers, posing a threat to vital wildlife habitats, as well as local tourism and recreational attractions.

Countless rural properties, farms, towns, communities across the whole region will be adversely affected by these gigantic and unsightly transmission towers.

The Government’s plan is completely incomprehensible to many of those who live in the area.

Its impact will be enormous, far outstripping any perceived benefits.

If allowed to proceed, this unique region will be lost forever to the people of Queensland and future generations.

The Government is operating without any social licence from the Pioneer Valley community, farmers or Traditional Land Owners.

We need a country where we live in harmony with nature, not industrialise it.




News that the Australian Government has entered into a ‘strategic partnership’ with the US biotech, Moderna, is alarming on a number of levels.

Firstly, the 10-year agreement allows Moderna to build a new fully-automated vaccine manufacturing facility in Melbourne, capable of producing up to 100 million mRNA vaccine doses annually.

100 million vaccine doses – every year!  Just let that sink in a moment.

Moderna is a WEF ‘Global Growth Company’, funded by a consortium of investors, including Bill Gates, the Singaporean Government, the US military’s DARPA and the US Government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

Its CEO, Stephane Bancel, another of WEF’s Young Global Leaders, said the company already has 28 vaccine candidates in its mRNA pipeline, including vaccines for 15 pathogens, as well as cancer, shingles and herpes.

The University of Queensland also announced a ‘partnership’ with Moderna last month, which will allow it to create its own new mRNA vaccines here in Queensland.

Moderna’s ‘mRNA Access’ is a fully automated system which was modelled on the software used by Tesla, for managing its orders.

Scientists simply enter the protein they want, and vials containing testable mRNA are sent to them within weeks.

So, far from coming to an end, it seems ongoing mRNA shots are shaping up to become a fixture of our lives for many years to come.

According to Bancel, mRNA technology “hacks the operating system of life, turning human bodies into drug factories by directing cells to produce therapeutic proteins” (Forbes 2017).


Treatments involve repeat doses of the mRNA vaccines and boosters over many years, so a patient’s body can keep producing the proteins needed to keep disease at bay.

As one scientist said: “You have to wonder what the interaction between two or three different types of these mRNA vaccines will be within the complex environment of the human body.”

Health officials are now openly talking about the need to ‘transform’ healthcare from its current ‘pay for service’ model into one focussed on ‘predictive’ and ‘preventative’ medicine.

By ‘predictive’ medicine, what they actually mean is a mass data-gathering, ‘real-time’ surveillance system driven by AI, data-sharing and ‘wearable tech’.

The aim is to create a giant database containing everyone’s detailed genetic and behavioural ‘profiles’.

‘Preventative’ medicine then uses these ‘profiles’ to create an increasingly dehumanised healthcare service built around ‘behaviour change’ nudges (to become ‘shoves’ over time) and mandated medical treatments aimed at preventing the onset of certain conditions/diseases people may have a genetic or behavioural pre-disposition towards, BEFORE they actually manifest.

The dystopian implications of such a system, particularly when tied with the government’s new CB digital currency and ID system, are virtually limitless.


Somebody needs to take Premier Mark McGowan aside and encourage him to undergo one of those ‘mental health assessments’ our elites are so fond of, because the man has clearly lost the plot.

Last week he told a terminally ill 47-year old mother, with just weeks to live, that she could not see any of her five children before she died.

The tragic WA Mum was left heartbroken and her children, distraught and inconsolable.

The woman’s husband told 10 News First Perth that his wife had been given three months to live in January but that her condition was now deteriorating rapidly, and doctors believed she had just weeks to live.

The WA Premier was unmoved, however.

The most he would allow was a short visit from her husband, but refused point blank when it came to her young children; potentially robbing them of a few precious last moments with her before she died.

McGowan also banned the dying woman’s mother from visiting her own daughter in hospital.

And for those still parroting the government’s line that “everyone needs to get jabbed so we can go back to normal” – PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: every single one of the five children is fully jabbed!!

The same goes for her Mother, who is double jabbed AND ‘boostered’.

That alone should be enough to tell you that your governments have been lying to you from Day 1 of the roll-out.

There never was any intention, on the part of government, of allowing anyone to just ‘go back to normal’ – no matter how many shots they accepted.

The Premier’s stance is particularly indefensible given that people in WA are still crowding into nightclubs and other entertainment venues, with no problems at all!!

If these kinds of insanity are allowed to continue, hospitals will eventually be seen as worse than prisons when it comes to respecting people’s human rights.

Who can forget the sight of a sobbing UK Mother, forced to watch her young son die alone and afraid, denied even the comfort of his Mother’s touch by an uncaring public health bureaucracy.

The only reassuring aspect to emerge from this whole sorry saga, is that many Australians immediately took to social media to slam the Premier’s heartless attitude.

“I hope, with all my heart, that Premier McGowan rots in hell” one prominent Australian sports agent, Daniel Modovan, said.

The language might be ‘extreme’, as our intelligence community would say, but at least we’re starting see bit of old-fashioned outrage from people, at what is being done to them in the name of ‘public safety’.