It might go on hold this election year but it’s going to ramp up after that.

Ensure your vote elects the right people in the next QLD elections regardless if it Federal, State or Local governments.


Saturday’s count saw massive swings to far-left green candidates in leafy inner-city areas, where privileged ‘elites’ now hold profoundly radical views on everything from climate change to ‘gender equity’.

And for all the rhetoric around conservatives and their so-called ‘racist’ agenda, it was One Nation who ran a far more diverse range of candidates across every measure of race, class and life experience, than all the pseudo left parties combined.

But that’s not something you’ll hear about from the mainstream media.

No.  They’re all too busy proclaiming a mandate on radical climate action and wokedom to notice how riddled with inconsistency and hypocrisy their side has become.

Amanda McKenzie, CEO of the Climate Council, led the way calling for a “RADICAL RESET” on climate action.

Others quickly followed, including Adam Bandt, Penny Wong and Albanese, who told Australians he would be adopting much more radical emissions targets now.

“We have an opportunity to end the climate wars in Australia” Albanese told the BBC, who smugly noted “he has a mandate now”.

If ordinary Australians needed a reminder about just how much contempt the country’s elite, inner-city green ideologues feel about their struggles, then Saturday’s election coverage just handed it to them in spades.

There really are two Australias now and the political fault lines dividing the two were set in stone by this election.

The Australia that won the count on Saturday is one I barely know, or care to know.

It is a leafy place of wealth and privilege, where all the residents have cushy jobs and a string of letters after their name; not to mention a whining sense of entitlement Prince Charles would blush at.

And yet, when you boil everything down, Australia has a new government that nearly 70% of the country didn’t vote for.

That’s astonishing.

Labor won with the lowest primary vote ever recorded in our history.

The party also saw significant swings against them from its own traditional support base – blue-collar workers.

Areas with lower incomes and lower levels of education, are now much more likely to vote conservative than Labor – even people on welfare have shifted.

Waleed Aly commented on this historic shift, saying voters in wealthy electorates shifted left, while people in less wealthy seats moved right.

In the end, it was the hard swings in a few key bastions of inner-city privilege that proved decisive.

Sadly, the weekend’s losers are all those in the suburbs,  households, small business and regions.

The people Menzies once famously described as Australia’s ‘forgotten people’.

Only this time, there’s no Menzies coming to save them.


In Shanghai right now, nearly 25 million humans have been put under house arrest.

Imprisoned in high-rise apartments, they can’t leave their homes for anything – even food or water.

‘Essentials’ are delivered to them by a nightmarish army of white-garbed, masked ‘health workers’.

The city’s streets and parks are no-go zones and medical-testing is mandatory.

Groups of people are frogmarched to testing sites where anyone testing positive is forcibly taken away and incarcerated in vast prison-like quarantine centres.

House arrest, invasive tests, detention, starvation rations and countless other human rights abuses are now the norm.

Once upon a time, this would have provoked outrage and condemnation from leaders of the ‘free world’.

Not anymore.

Governments everywhere, including Australia, are utterly silent in the face of this tyranny.

Something Australians should consider an ominous sign for their own future.

When, during this whole campaign, did we hear a single Minister or shadow Minister, make reference to what has gone on over the past two and a half years?

How many apologised for the part they played, or didn’t play, in that nightmare?

A nightmare that saw countless lives ruined, dreams smashed, businesses destroyed, relationships broken and jobs/careers stolen.

Not a single one.

Even today I find it hard to credit the sheer lunacy of it all.  And cruelty.

I received literally thousands of letters and emails over the past year, many from Australians who have been deeply traumatised by recent events.

Most heartbreaking are those who say how “sad” they feel all the time now.

As though all feeling of happiness or hope for the future has been drained out of them.

Many of these are young people.

By rights, our youth should be brimming with joy, looking forward to a future filled with brilliant career opportunities, overseas travels, new friends, activities and adventure before meeting someone, having children and everything else that goes with that.

That’s why I’m saying:

There needs to be some kind of reckoning for all this.

My hope is that tomorrow will be that reckoning …


Please REMEMBER all those standing who fought tirelessly, and continue to fight, by the side of the PEOPLE and AGAINST TYRANNY.




All over the world, governments are fast-tracking the imposition of tyrannical Digital ID laws on their citizens.

Digital ID laws have already been rammed through some of the smaller countries.  Governments in those countries are now bent on coercively forcing their citizens to accept them.

73 million Nigerians, for example, had access to their mobile phones cut off recently, when they refused to comply with the new laws.

Countries like New Zealand, Canada, UK and Singapore, all have Digital ID bills before parliament or will have soon.

The EU’s Digital ID was modelled on WEF’s Digital ID 2020, and has been ‘sold’ to Europeans as ‘reducing red tape, safeguarding privacy and making life ‘easier’.

‘It will make citizens completely powerless against governments and big corporations’ one horrified MEP said yesterday.

“We think it’s incredibly creepy.”

In France, Macron announced Digital ID the minute he was safely elected.

The ‘pre-text’ he chose to ‘sell’ it on was ‘stopping illegal immigration’.

According to the French President, forcing workers to apply for government ‘authorisation’ in order to get a job in France, will stop illegal migrants from “flooding our borders” and “taking our jobs”.

But it won’t JUST be ‘illegal migrants’ who are forced to be ‘biometrically authenticated’ in order to hold a job – It will be EVERY worker in France.

Darpa and Microsoft have put together something called the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authentication”, to be incorporated into Digital ID.

It prevents anyone from buying a home, renting anything, buying a car, travelling etc, without ‘authorisation’ by the government.

Posting online or accessing your financial/medical/welfare accounts will only be possible with a Digital ID and a biometric ‘authentication’ scan.

The ‘synchronicity’ and speed with which all this is being done is astonishing.  Virtually every country in the world is singing from the same song-sheet on Digital ID.

Australians should be disgusted at their major parties’ bipartisan support for such an unconstitutional, internationally co-ordinated, ‘top down’ global power grab.

If it wasn’t for One Nation and other unaligned Senators, Digital ID would ALREADY be a reality in Australia.

That’s why the ONLY hope we have to defeat these unAustralian laws, is for everyone to FLOOD THE FLOORS OF FEDERAL PARLIAMENT with as many honest, ordinary Australians as possible – especially the Senate.

This means putting ideology to one side and doing something completely unprecedented on election day – you need to vote ALL the major party candidates last.

If we don’t, there will be NO STOPPING Digital ID laws in Australia.

Let’s save what little freedom and sovereignty this country has left, and break this corrupt and traitorous two-party paradigm once and for all.

#DigitalID #Election2022 #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol #AusVotes2022


The Australian Electoral Commission has been out and about early in the election cycle, throwing as much mud as it can on minor parties and their supporters.

According to the Guardian, AEC is accusing “minor party candidates” of making “baseless claims about election fraud”, calling it “dangerous misinformation imported from the US”.

I guess labelling anyone who criticises our electoral system as a ‘dangerous Trumper’, is easier than actually doing your job and safeguarding the integrity of Australia’s voting system.

The  AEC even had the gall to boast it had “successfully applied to Facebook to take action” against anyone discussing ‘voter fraud’ in the lead-up to the election, with at least five posts removed and two pages taken down entirely”.

Nice.  So, misusing your delegated power to silence free speech is now cause for crowing amongst Australia’s authoritarian public officials.

Here’s the thing.  Voter fraud is a real issue with real effects.

Just ask Gough Whitlam, who famously told Joe Riordan, after he lost the Sydney seat of Philip:

“Comrade, comrade, how negligent of you. To lose a seat in which there is not one, but three cemeteries is unforgivable.”

Once upon a time, Australian’s ballot papers were numbered and therefore traceable if a result was in doubt.

All attempt at accountability was discarded in the 1980s by Bob Hawke who said he wanted to make it “simpler and easier” to vote.

His “reforms” not only made it “easier” to vote – they made it easier to vote more than once.

Enrolling is now incredibly simple.  No ID required.  Just fill in a form online or at the Post Office and your good to go.

Subdivisional rolls, which once meant a name only appeared at one polling place, were scrapped and a person’s name now appears on the roll at EVERY polling booth in an electorate.

This means there is nothing to stop someone going from one booth to another to vote.

When later the votes are counted, there is no way of knowing whether a person has voted once, twice or multiple times.

The AEC may check a few ‘sample’ ballots here and there, but it simply doesn’t have the resources to check them ALL.

Pre-polling and postal voting has also increased enormously in recent years.

Did they vote again on election day? Nobody really knows, because nobody really checks.

The fact is Australia’s electoral system is a shambles that depends on a form of ‘honour system’ no business manager in the world would accept.

Electoral fraud is virtually undetectable and untraceable.

It is also a form of corruption that the AEC and major parties have ignored for years.


Absolutely nothing could have made me happier than hearing the news today that my good friend, George Christensen, has decided to join the ‘People’s Party’, Pauline Hanson One Nation!

George and his whole ethos are completely in tune with the One Nation Team and his addition will be just the ‘shot in the arm’ the Party needs to secure a big turnout at next month’s Federal Election.

George, like myself, comes from a long line of Central Queensland cane farmers and together we share a deep love and connection to the land and its people.

Even when we were on opposing sides of the political fence, I always admired him as a hard-working and dedicated representative for the people of Dawson.

Throughout his time as a Nationals MP, George fought long and hard on behalf of small business and regional Queenslanders, especially against the rising tide of green regulation which threatens to swamp our agricultural sector.

George’s proudest achievement to date, however, has been the tireless war he has waged in Canberra over the issue of vaccine mandates and against the erosion of Australia’s freedoms and democracy.

I have been proud to stand beside him in this fight and am even prouder that I will now do so as a member of the same Party.

Good to have you on board Mate!

Over to you now Gerard!!


Looks, charm and media savvy can take you a long way in politics, and ‘Golden Boy’ Peter Malinauskas has proved this by winning the SA election in a landslide.

His opponent, Steven Marshall, knew the writing was on the wall when publicity shots of a shirtless Malinauskas frolicking in a pool with his kids, went viral last week.

Last November, it was Marshall who ploughed ahead with opening SA’s borders, saying the state was ready to reopen.

When Omicron hit days later, the Premier copped a hammering for it.

As hospitalisations went down in February, Marshall again talked about the need to ‘return to normal’.

The Head of SA’s Police Union agreed with him, calling for an end to the police mandate, while Adelaide University’s VC reversed his earlier plan to adopt mandates.

SA’s Hospital workers’ Health Directive was amended, removing the mandate on hospital contractors and delivery-drivers.

Police Commissioner Stevens’ then made the stunning announcement that the mandate on SA police and other staff had been revoked.

The Commissioner told ABC radio that “Omicron is less severe than previous strains” and:

“…our hospital numbers are falling dramatically, (providing) opportunities to continue to reduce restrictions going forward”.

He said he hoped the most recent extension of the emergency declaration to 1 April 22, would be the State’s last.

Density limits for hospitality and other venues, were scrapped, along with all ‘capacity caps’ on household gatherings.

Singing and dancing was allowed again in all settings.

“People want to get on with their lives,” Marshall said.

But many other powerful interests, including the media, did not agree.

The new Premier’s political mentor is Jay Weatherill, SA’s former Premier.

Weatherill now works for the Mindaroo Foundation, founded and funded by Australia’s billionaire blue-blood – and Bill Gates wannabe – Andrew Forest.

The new Premier’s record as Minister in the Weatherill government, reveals a strong authoritarian streak, particularly as Police and Corrections Minister.

Minister for Health when Labor lost in 2018, Malinauskas ran his entire 2022 campaign on health issues, while Marshall ran his on the economy.

What all this means for South Australia’s recent moves towards a ‘return to normal’ isn’t clear.

But early indicators suggest things aren’t looking good.