The destruction of renewables outweighs the so called green energy. Countless Years of remnant vegetation destroyed for this dubious short term and expensive energy.
Courtesy of Save Eungella page;
Please take a long, hard look at this. This is not ‘green’. The impact of the industrialization of regional Queensland’s Great Dividing Range’s last wild places for ‘green’ energy is appalling. Multiple communities displaced, tens of thousands of hectares of threatened species and habitat destroyed, a terrible legacy for our children. And Eungella is set to be surrounded by these.
Sadly these things only work when the wind is blowing, when it is not, there is a need for battery storage to kick in (enter the proposed Pioneer Burdekin Pumped Hydro Battery). They are not stand-alone magic energy answers, they rely on an entire network, and these should all be environmentally assessed in their entirety, rather than as an individual project, for their appalling cumulative impact.
National Rally Against Reckless Renewables in Canberra next Tuesday.

Family Farming through regen agriculture

Deb, Rob & the Girls you set the standard for regen ag with one of the best setups ever. As I recall you never stopped working against every obstacle that came your way.
Thanks for all the nutritious food you distributed over the Years throughout the district and the in-depth knowledge you inspired thousands with.
From my Family to yours, thank you…. best wishes and may every success come your way in whatever you decide to take on in the future.


A man has had a large 14-16 foot salt water crocodile launch himself into a 10 foot punt he was fishing in overnight, almost capsizing the boat and luckily not killing him.
To all tourists and locals please be aware this large reptile is not friendly and has now attacked and may continue to attack?
I have sent an urgent text to the Minister to dispatch a Crew ASAP to capture and relocate this Crocodile and filed a report via the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation sighting report

Billionaire buddies, Gates and Forrest, are determined to stop cow burps


Solving the problem of cow farts has become a multi-million dollar enterprise for billionaire do-gooders like Bill Gates and Andrew Forrest.

The two have poured $AUD17 million into little-known Australian-based climate-tech start-up, Rumin8, which has developed a new synthetic feed supplement to significantly reduce cows’ methane emissions.

According to Rumin8, early trials on cows fed with the new supplement resulted in a reduction in methane emissions of over 85 percent.

The $AUD17 million is being provided via Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) Fund and Forrest’s genetics technology company, Harvest Road Group.

Forrest also has a stake in the Gates-led BEV, after tipping $AUD66 million into the Capital Venture Fund in 2021.

(Other billionaire investors in BEV include Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Michael Bloomberg).

Rumin8’s new feedstock supplement was created in a laboratory using “synthetically replicated bromoform”, an active ingredient found in red seaweed.

It works by releasing anti-methanogenic compounds into a cow’s gut which target and kill the ‘bacteria’ responsible for producing methane gas.

There is just one problem ….

The ‘bacteria’ Rumin8’s supplement will ‘target and eradicate’, is in fact a diverse microbial community made up of bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

Together these microbes play an essential role in enabling cows to break down grass, converting it into nutrients, protein and energy.

Unfortunately, these microorganisms also create the methane cows later expel into the atmosphere.

This complex relationship between microorganisms and cow is what’s known as ‘symbiotic’ – meaning beneficial to both.

Disrupting that relationship would destroy the most important chamber in a cow’s gut – its rumen.

There is no reference to this problem, let alone solution to it, in the company’s promotional material or website.

Cynics have suggested that a cow’s impaired ability to digest grass might be seen more as a ‘beneficial by-product’ than a problem, for those in the climate cult, like Gates and Forrest.

Let’s face it.  These people have made very clear that they don’t want cows meandering all over the countryside, grazing on whatever they want.

They want them genetically engineered and confined in high density, enclosed warehouses; completely dependent – like addicts – on lab-made feed and supplements.

All fully owned and patented by Big Pharma of course.

As the CEO of BEV said recently:

“Our team will support Rumin8 in working closely with farmers to expand the reach of this solution globally.”

A “global solution” for cows?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound creepy at all.

Calling all communities…


The Government needs to show their commitment to Co-Generation on our Sugar Mills before we touch any of our environment.

A Better Kind of ‘Green’

Countless studies show that alternative, ecologically regenerative farming methods like ‘agroecology’ produce better yields, use less energy and chemicals, create more profits for farmers and are healthier all round.

Agroecology applies age old traditional principles to agriculture, including natural pest control, organic fertilisers and locally adapted crops, supported by a more regenerative use of natural resources, plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Instead of investing in this type of farming, however, governments are spending billions in building ‘future food’ systems that rely on large-scale regulatory intervention and massive government investment in “game-changing innovations in precision fermentation and biotech” (lab-engineered food).

The strategy is clearly to run down the ‘old normal’ farming sector, make small-scale, family farms financially unviable, depopulate the countryside and gradually starve regional communities of the services and infrastructure they desperately need.

All the while, they are pushing “biotech” (aka GM food), expensive data-gathering technology initiatives overseen by Microsoft/Amazon and the patenting of more and more plants by global biotech monopolies like Bayer (Monsanto) and Corteva.

For the consumer it will mean lab engineered items, monolithic diets, nutrition-less food and food contaminated by all sorts of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, mRNA therapeutics, chemical additives and manufactured nanoparticles.

All repackaged and rebranded with a veneer of ‘green’ over it.

There are alternative visions to the one they are forcing on us.

Ones that don’t come with ‘food’ produced in giant ‘fermentation’ vats or farms manned by driverless machines, monitored by drones, to produce industrial ‘biomatter’ from GM patented seeds, which is then sent off to fully-automated manufacturing hubs to be engineered, processed and constituted into something edible.


With the COP27 climate conference in Egypt next week set to focus on the transition to ‘renewables’, some experts are warning there may not be enough land to manage a shift away from fossil fuels.

The warnings are far from misplaced.

Most people simply have no idea how much land is going to be needed to develop the gigantic utility-scale structures necessary to replace coal and gas.

Or that these industrial-scale monstrosities are not going to be put ‘out in the desert’, away from everyone, as many seem to believe.

Developers will need land that is close to transmission lines, close to a substation and close to the “load” that is being used.

They will need, in other words, huge areas of land near to the towns and cities they are supplying energy to.

The incredible loss of high-value farmland, native trees vegetation, forests and precious natural habitats this will involve is going to be catastrophic.

Here in Queensland, the message is clear.

To power the State using renewables, there will have to be a huge trade off in land use.

A HUGE trade off.

And guess who will be asked to make the biggest ‘trade-off’ of all?

You guessed it.  The same group who has always found themselves on the wrong side of ‘trade-offs’ involving land – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

You didn’t seriously think ‘The Path to Treaty’ process was devised because Australian governments were suddenly stricken with guilt and a need to atone, did you?

Spare me.

They couldn’t even give the country’s other ‘black group’, Australian South Sea Islanders, the time of day recently, when asked to honour commitments made to them two decades ago!

So why all the crocodile tears now?

Could it be that ATSIs have something the government and their ‘stakeholder’ partners desperately want from them?

Something that other deeply disadvantaged groups like Australian South Sea Islanders, don’t have?

Such as the rights governing access to, and use of, huge tracts of the state’s land perhaps?

Surely not.

And yet… Governments, state and federal, WILL need to take back control (if only covertly) of vast areas of Aboriginal lands and waterways between now and 2030!

Not just for constructing massive amounts of new energy infrastructure, but to facilitate the thousands of new projects planned for the mining of radioactive rare earths in Queensland, a commodity the ‘new economy’ is heavily reliant on.

So, forgive my cynicism over the governments’ new virtue-signalling campaign aimed at convincing ATSIs that their government loves them and has only their best interests at heart?

And for suspecting that government bureaucrats are already hard at work drafting this new ‘Treaty’, quietly laying the groundwork for one of the biggest land grabs in the state’s history.

Convince me I’m wrong!


Here’s a video that shows the sort of blasting that will happen on Eungella Range if the Government’s new Hydropower Plant goes ahead.

And that’s just the pipelines!

It doesn’t show the blasting that will happen when they remove the top of Mt Dalrymple to build the two huge upper storage dams, vast underground tunnels and other site infrastructure!

The wholesale destruction of this majestic, ancient mountain alone, will be devastating.

Just imagine how many wildlife habitats will be decimated by all this blasting, dust, noise, vibration and deforestation.

Not to mention the air quality and noise impacts on the people, businesses and communities who live nearby.

This is the WRONG location for such a massive, industrial-grade project.

It is also completely uneconomic.

Take a look at the Snowy Hydro 2.0 where for every 100 units of electricity purchased to pump the water uphill, only 75 are returned when the water flows back down through the turbine generators.

As the Sydney Morning Herald pointed out earlier this year:

“Not only is the electricity generated not renewable, Snowy 2.0 will be the most inefficient battery on the NEM, losing 25 per cent of energy cycled”.

PLEASE – Sign our e-Petition calling on Parliament to stop this ill-advised and immensely destructive project!

Click link to open the E-Petition:



I have now lodged a Parliamentary Petition calling for an end to the Queensland Government’s proposed construction of the world’s largest hydropower Plant here in the Pioneer Valley region.


The project involves the building of two high dams in the Burdekin Catchment and a massive lower dam, inundating Netherdale and surrounding valley to the base of the Eungella Range.

This 5GW industrial mega-plant will destroy our precious Pioneer Valley and scar the landscape of the majestic Mount Dalrymple.

It will have a devastating impact on one of the most pristine, luxuriant rainforests in the State, destroy tens of thousands of mature subtropical trees and make hundreds of vulnerable species homeless.

It would also obliterate the lives, livelihood and homes of the many residents, farmers and communities who live there.

Other impacts include fragmenting the river catchment and its depletion due to the unsustainable volume of water needed to fill the new mega-dams and replace evaporation losses.

The proposal also involves the construction of a new ‘super-grid’ of giant transmission towers connecting the plant to “regional centres throughout the state.

No trajectory for this transmission corridor has been provided but will almost certainly slice through many sensitive areas of the state’s forests, national parks, wetlands, streams and rivers, posing a threat to vital wildlife habitats, as well as local tourism and recreational attractions.

Countless rural properties, farms, towns, communities across the whole region will be adversely affected by these gigantic and unsightly transmission towers.

The Government’s plan is completely incomprehensible to many of those who live in the area.

Its impact will be enormous, far outstripping any perceived benefits.

If allowed to proceed, this unique region will be lost forever to the people of Queensland and future generations.

The Government is operating without any social licence from the Pioneer Valley community, farmers or Traditional Land Owners.

We need a country where we live in harmony with nature, not industrialise it.




Our natures trust in our communities Is about to be betrayed by the whim of a Governmental decision, indeed the stroke of a pen.
This needs to be preserved at all costs.
The beautiful nature of the Pioneer Valley trusts us to keep them safe and we will not let them down.

Stephen Andrew MP