A new piece of legislation was introduced in the UK Parliament today.

It is called the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill and is seeking to remove unnecessary barriers to research into new gene editing technology” which the government says were held back by “EU’s rules around gene editing”.

The Bill also aims to ‘rebrand’ the “genetic editing” of plants and animals as distinct from earlier types of GMOs.

The distinction being that gene editing doesn’t introduce DNA from other species, it just ‘speeds up’ what could happen naturally over time – maybe.

Kind of like ‘gain of function’ for food.

All over the world, there is a coordinated push for genetic technology to solve the current food crisis.

Switzerland has amended its moratorium on GMO crops, while Ethiopia says it is growing new genetically edited varieties of wheat and maize.

Even the EU has called for a “rethink” on GMOs, while the Times of Israel asks:

“Can gene editing help farmers satisfy the rising demand for food?”

Scotland’s Press & Journal, meanwhile, has demanded that the “Scottish Government lift its GM ban to ease cost of living crisis”.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

None of it is really about the food crisis.

It is about Climate Change, and the globalists’ obsession with driving humanity into a world of animal free agriculture and lab-made foods.

Apparently, allowing billionaire profiteers like Bill Gates to force bugs and genetically altered food on the world, will “end climate change” and “save the planet”.

That’s why researchers are now churning out report after report saying “Genetic engineering can have a positive effect on the climate”.

And NGOs like “Alliance for Science” proclaiming “GMOs are the key to shrinking Europe’s climate footprint”.

It’s not just crops either.  These people want to gene-edit livestock as well.

In March, the FDA gave the go ahead for gene-edited cattle to be used for food.

As Deutsche Welles put it: “genetically altered “Climate sheep” and “Eco pigs” can help fight global warming too.

Where is it all coming from? I think you know.

It is all brought to you courtesy of the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation, whose policy document “Resetting the Table” is the blueprint.

Well, there is a food crisis after all.

Actually, there is an ENGINEERED food crisis.

One that coincidentally allows ‘one worlders’ to roll out another of their pre-planned “solutions” for.

Strange how ‘co-incidences’ only ever seem to work in their favour, not ours.