Back in the 1980s, Eugene Kamenka – Professor of History at the ANU – wrote eloquently about what Australia Day meant to him.
“My parents twice persecuted in Europe chose to come to Australia. I, like them, have chosen to remain here. The Australia we chose, and have chosen to cherish, is not the Australia of Ayers Rock, of the Tasmanian wilderness, of the didgeridoo or the corroboree.
The Australia we chose and choose to live in is the Australia of parliamentary democracy, political pluralism and the careful and individualised justice of the common law, the Australia of in-group tolerance and social diffidence, unideological, egalitarian, unassuming and self-reliant. This is the Australia that celebrates, as its most important National day, defeat (at Gallipoli) not victory in war.”
Today, we should all celebrate our good fortune in sharing this beautiful, although at times harsh and demanding, land.
A land that has forged us all into the resourceful and adaptive people we are today.
A land that has melded together people from many hundreds of vastly different cultures, countries and ethnic origins, allowing us to work together as one people.
As a nation we are not perfect. Far from it. However, let us use this day to reflect on our shared history, its mistakes as well as its successes, to think on its current trajectory and to plan for a better future.

Happy Australia Day 2024!

Australia ???????? Day at its best with my Dad (Col aka Mr BoJangles, The Ice Cream Man)and the great staff @ the Mackay Base Hospital who have done a sterling job at looking after Dad after he broke the top off his femur back on December 12, thank you to all the Doctors, nurses and Staff for helping Dad through this tough time.
Today we cut his hair cut and clipped his nails, the smile says it all… he’s a new man even at 86 and in true Aussie Spirt ready to keep on fighting his way back to being mobile again.
Happy Australia Day everyone…. no matter what the circumstances.
From my Family to yours.

Australia’s Draconian New Censorship Bill

A new Bill was introduced into Parliament late last year that has the potential to end free speech in Australia permanently.

The Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023, delegates enormous powers to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), to police digital platforms and directly intervene to prevent ‘harm’.
The bill defines “harm” as:
(a) hatred against a group on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or physical or mental disability;
(b) disruption of PUBLIC ORDER or society in Australia;
(c) harm to the integrity of Australian democratic processes or of Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government institutions;
(d) harm to the health of Australians;
(e) harm to the Australian environment;
(f) economic or financial harm to Australians, the Australian economy or a sector of the Australian economy.
Take a moment to read that list through carefully and consider its dangerous implications.
Such a vague definition of “harm” would see ACMA become the sole arbiter of what is “true” and what isn’t.
It could also be used to SHUT DOWN most, if not ALL, avenues of legitimate dissent, including boycotts, demonstrations, refusal to pay a tax or fine, sit-ins and strikes.
ACMA would morph into the country’s State Censor.
It would have the power to REQUIRE any person to appear before its commissioners to answer questions. It would also have the power to impose infringement notices, remedial directions, injunctions and civil penalties, including fines of up to $AUD550,000 for individuals and $AUD2.75 million for corporations.
Criminal penalties, including imprisonment, would apply in cases of “extreme harm”.
Ironically, the bill EXEMPTS two powerful purveyors of misinformation and disinformation – the government and large mainstream media companies!
Because of course governments and the mainstream media NEVER EVER lie or twist the truth, right?!
At most risk of being targeted will be all the small operators of blogs, political websites and those publishing articles and opinion on aggregated platforms like Substack.
Those behind this bill won’t rest until they have obliterated every last scrap of anonymity, privacy, dissent and alternative viewpoints from the internet.
Any State holding the power to inflict such full spectrum dominance and control over its citizens, has NO right to call itself ‘free’, or a democracy.
Please contact your local Senator and ask them to BLOCK THIS BILL in the Senate at all costs.

TRUST FALL – New Julian Assange Documentary

New Farm Cinemas, was the scene of a massive turnout last night for the World Premiere of TRUST FALL: Julian Assange – the Documentary.
The night was such a huge success that the Cinema has decided to schedule additional screenings this Saturday and Sunday.
It is rare to see the theatrical release of such films and New Farm Cinemas on Brunswick Street are to be congratulated for their courage in screening such a film, given the McCarthyist era we now find ourselves in.
The film TRUST FALL provides a much-needed update on the long standing persecution of Julian Assange, and the war on journalism and free speech his persecution represents.
Of course the judicial pantomime taking place in the UK High Court has nothing whatsoever to do with justice. It is, in fact, little more than a farce.
How else would you describe a process where a man who has committed no crime, and is not a US citizen, is facing extradition under a foreign power’s Espionage Act and life in prison.
All for the ‘crime’ of exposing the truth and providing the world with some of the best and most courageous journalism of a generation.
In order to fight on behalf of Assange, we need to be clear about what and who we are fighting against.
And that’s a global billionaire class who have carried out a “coup d’etat in slow motion” of western democracies over the past two decades.
As a class, it has internally seized all of the levers of power and made us the most spied upon, monitored, propagandised, manipulated and surveilled population in human history.
In the process they have launched an all-out war on Truth and Truthtellers.
Both are viewed as ‘dangerous’ and routinely demonised using terms such as “misinformation,” “Russian interference” or “domestic terrorism.”
The goal of this ruling billionaire class is to redefine truth to mean whatever best serves their agenda.
In other words, a blatant lie can be true, if it serves an elite purpose.
When a country’s institutions become so corrupted as to be actively hostile to the truth in this way, democracy and its freedoms are lost.
If Julian is extradited and sentenced to rot in a US prison, it will mean anyone seeking to expose corruption or publish the truth, or hold governments to account, will have become criminals.
In fighting for Julian Assange, we are fighting for the primacy of Truth and the restoration of the Rule of Law and Democracy.
Please CONTACT YOUR local cinema and ask them to screen TRUST FALL in your area. Send them a link to for further info and to make a booking.
Donations to allow the independent filmmakers to mount a proper publicity campaign and have the film translated, can do so here:

Fundraiser Free the Truth

The TRUST FALL: Julian Assange – Documentary

Humans are the new oil!

Last week, Qld Parliament passed the “Strengthening Community Safety Bill 2023”.

Buried in the bill were a number of broadly drafted provisions to enhance data-sharing arrangements across the whole youth justice system.

Elsewhere, the bill introduced a network of “Multi-Agency Collaborative Panels”, tasked with taking a ‘multigenerational systems approach’ to the problem of youth crime in Queensland.

These types of ‘panels’, known in the UK as ‘hubs’, are well-known vehicles for the new data-driven ‘Impact Investing’ markets that groups like the UN, World Economic Forum, World Bank and OECD are pushing for.

The idea is to ‘financialise’ the old welfare state, by creating complex new debt instruments called ‘Social Impact Bonds’ (SIBs), aka ‘pay-for-success’ or ‘pay-for-outcome’ contracts.

These contracts allow governments to outsource public services tied to performance metrics, that can be verified using 5g sensor technology linked to ‘real time’ monitoring and aggregated data streams.

Wealthy institutional investors provide the up-front funding for a government service on the understanding that if the intervention they’ve invested in ‘works’, the government will repay them in full, along with a pre-agreed, built-in profit.

In 2008, the Rockefeller Foundation provided funding for B-Lab to develop the “human capital” equations and standardized impact metrics needed to underpin this predatory new market.

Today B-Lab partners with the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) in maintaining a catalogue of management tools and over 2,500 impact metrics, all aligned to Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals and ESG accounting.

The UN and WEF are major players in this game, as is the World Bank’s Human Capital Project (HCP) together with over 2,000 of the world’s largest asset holders.

The whole program has strong links to Digital ID and programmable CBDCs, with digital welfare benefits to be made conditional on the successful completion of set social engineering tasks.

All of it is being sold using soothing buzz words like ‘equity’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘sustainability’.

Or progressive euphemisms like “disruptive innovation”, “evidence-based solutions”, “preventative governance”, “social prescribing”, “cradle to career pathways”, “lifelong learning” and the “continuum of care”.

It is Globalisation 4.0.

Only this time it will be human beings themselves who are fed through algorithms, then packaged up and ‘sold’ as tradable data commodities on the new human capital investment markets.

The pitch may be “healthy and safe communities,” but don’t be fooled.

‘Social enterprise’ is NOT about making you healthier or safer.

It’s about re-engineering human misery for profit via “innovative” new debt structures.

Call it ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ or call it the ‘Digital Economy’.

None of it has your best interests at heart.

More info:

Human Capital Project

B Lab and the Global Impact Investing Network Update Alignment on their Standards

SIGN THE PETITION to Keep Cash as a guaranteed payment option in Queensland


Sign the Petition here –

Yesterday’s announcement by South Burnett Regional Council that an earlier ban on cash at the Kingaroy waste facility, will now be extended to three more tips, has caused widespread outrage.

The Council is trying to ‘sell’ the policy as one solely motivated by its commitment to people’s ‘safety and security’.

They treat us like children.

By introducing these ‘go cashless’ policies in this gradual and piecemeal manner, all masked in ‘soothing’ buzzwords like ‘safety’, ‘convenience’, ‘protection’ etc, they think people won’t notice what is happening until it’s too late.

Their ultimate goal being to turn Queensland into a ‘cashless’ society by stealth.

The Courier Mail quoted one Councillor as saying: “cash poses several risks… including theft and damage from attempted break-ins.  Whilst this will not totally eliminate the risk of break-ins, it is expected to lower risks”.

Did you catch the key word in all that?


They slip it in all the time now, whenever the subject of cash is raised.

It’s all part of a deliberate strategy by banks and governments to “frame” cash as something risky, unsafe, dodgy even.

Similar ‘framing’ tactics are used to position cash as a ‘risk’ to public health – as something dirty, germ-ridden and dangerous.

The word “risk” is now regularly trotted out and used to demonise everything associated with the ‘old normal’, and cash is at the top of that list.

Allowing councils, big business, banks and other vested interest groups, to dictate public policy in this covert and sneaky manner, completely outside the normal democratic process, must not be tolerated.

Cash is legal tender.  It is also safe, private, reliable, bank charge-free and a handy back-up for when other systems fail.

Banning its use is discriminatory and will adversely impact the many groups and individuals within society who still prefer to use it.

Which is why I have put up a Parliamentary Petition calling on Government to urgently introduce legislation that guarantees people’s right to use cash in Queensland.

Click here to sign and share the Petition 


Throughout history, “Divida et Impera” (Divide and Conquer) was the ‘go to’ tactic for all rulers seeking to suppress popular dissent and maintain the status quo.

Governments today are no different.

At any sign of social unrest, it is wheeled out and used to break down all sense of cohesion or unity amongst the populace, preventing them from making ‘common cause’ against the established order.

The people will only triumph if they stick together.

Or, as Ben Franklin once said:

“We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

New Zealanders just learnt the hard way why ‘Going Cashless’ is a terrible idea


New Zealanders were left unable to pay for vital supplies, like food and water, after cash machines and digital payment systems were knocked out last week by Cyclone Gabrielle.

More than 225,000 households lost all power for several days, while some areas still had no connection 10 days later.

As has happened here in Australia, New Zealand’s banks have been deserting towns in droves the last few years, their services replaced by ATM machines that rely on electricity and the internet to work.

Which is fine when the grid is up and running I suppose, but what about when it’s not?

Even the Acting Reserve Bank of New Zealand Governor, Karen Silk, was forced to admit:

“What it is showing is the importance physical cash still has today”.

“Finding options for cash recycling within communities is obviously important, and it’s been highlighted again in this situation”.

It amazes me that so many politicians and bureaucrats seem happy to bang on and on about ‘building resilience’, while doing everything they possibly can to make people as vulnerable and dependent as possible.

Why, for example, did they get rid of the old landline phones?

They didn’t need electricity or wifi to work, which meant you could use them even when the power went out?

It’s the same story with combustion engine cars, oil heaters and gas stoves/hot water systems.

All can be used without electricity, and all are on the chopping block due to NetZero madness.

They are building a world that is going to be 100 percent dependent on electricity.

There will be NO backups and NO alternatives when the grid goes down (or the government restricts supply!).

How exactly is that ‘building resilience’?

Cash is the most resilient payment system in the world, hands down. 

It doesn’t need either electricity or the internet to work.

More importantly, with cash, ‘Big Brother’ can’t track you or control how you spend your money.

As long as there is cash, things like ‘surveillance capitalism’, social impact investing (turning humans into financial instruments), digital ID and geo-fencing will remain a globalist pipedream.

If that’s something that appeals to you, then keep using cash as much as you can.

And always have a few hundred dollars in notes on hand, ‘just in case’.


Alarming rise in divisive rhetoric from government


Any state with the ability to inflict full spectrum dominance on its citizens, can never be described as free, or democratic.

It does not matter if that state isn’t actually using that dominance ‘right now’.

It WILL use it, eventually – as history has shown again and again.

Hannah Arendt wrote that the goal of total surveillance is not to ‘discover’ or prevent crime, but to be ready to use when the government decides to arrest a certain category of people it sees as a threat.

In the beginning this may mean ‘anti-vaxxers’, ‘sovereign citizens’, and freedom fighters.  But over time it will inevitably expand to include all those who oppose its Agenda – libertarians, conservatives, free-marketeers, home schoolers, climate sceptics, farmers and, yes, Christians.

Already we are seeing an alarming rise in divisive, anti-Christian rhetoric creeping into the public discourse.

This will only increase as more and more ‘woke’ laws are passed.

It is puzzling how few Christians seem to realise this.

The ESG Global Protection Racket


ESGs act in the same way China’s social credit system does – just at the corporate level.

The whole system is little more than a mechanism for injecting a ‘collectivist’ political ideology into every company’s policy and investment decisions.

A weapon that Global Finance is using to enforce total conformity on businesses worldwide, particularly around issues such as climate change, green energy and ‘social justice’.

Any business refusing to ‘go along’, or that globalists have designated as an ‘undesirable’ business, are ‘cancelled’ by removing their ability to open a bank account, obtain loans, lines of credit and insurance.

It is not just banks either.  Giant managed funds like BlackRock, government super funds, insurers and investment trusts, are all using ESG scores to aggressively discriminate against their own customers, based on their political, cultural and religious beliefs.

In October last year, a faith-based non-profit organisation led by a former US Ambassador for Religious Freedom, had its Chase Manhattan account closed abruptly, with little explanation.

Wells Fargo, meanwhile, put a target on conservatives’ backs in 2020, when it shut down the bank accounts of Lauren Witzke, a Republican Senate candidate.

These are just two of many such cases I could cite.

The truly insidious part of ESGs, however, is that it isn’t just ‘undesirable’ companies who are being punished by lenders, insurers and fund managers, but all the smaller businesses operating along that company’s supply-chain as well.

An accountancy business that does the books for an oil company, for example, will also be assigned a low ESG credit score based on their association with that company, and their access to certain financial services/products will be restricted accordingly.

This is NOT something that MAY happen someday, ‘in the future’.

It is happening right now, and at scale.

Just ask a farmer, licensed gun dealer or mining contractor about the last time they tried to obtain a bank loan or some form of insurance, if you don’t believe me.

Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Think of ESGs as a global protection racket.  One that has all the hallmarks of those run by the Mafia in the 1930s.

One that is being sold as a benign way of measuring ‘corporate stewardship’, but which at bottom, it is just plain old criminal racketeering.

A corporate shakedown, where businesses are being forced to operate with a proverbial gun held to their heads.

Brisbane’s ‘Smart City’ Makeover for the 2032 Olympics

The Smart Cities Council (SSC) is one of the world’s largest and most influential global ‘Smart Cities’ organisations, with offices all over the world.

Here in Australia, it has chosen Brisbane as its operational headquarters, and for good reason.

Last year it released a “blueprint”, called the “Connected Games Playbook”, saying it was partnering with the Queensland Government and Big Tech to:

“Catalyse investment in technology and data in a way that accelerates the highest level of sustainability and prosperity for the people… of Brisbane, South East Queensland and beyond”.

To “lay the ‘smart’ foundation for Queensland’s collective future in the digital economy”, the SSC says digital and data infrastructure must be ‘embedded’ into every single aspect of the games to “achieve maximum legacy impact”.

Major infrastructure programs together with the roll-out of the 5G-enabled Internet of Things (IoT), AI and Digital Twin marketplace will see the state’s “data collection technologies advance at eyewatering pace”:

As Yahoo News put it on Monday:

“Think sensor-triggered streetlights, automated air conditioning and watering of parks and green facades. Envision robots for cleaning and construction, satmaps, swipe cards and QR codes. Data technology will be embedded in 32 existing and planned Olympic venues, the future athletes’ village at Northshore Hamilton (near Breakfast Creek) and the international media centres.”

Under cover of the 2032 Olympics, the government will be transforming our state into one filled with data gathering, full spectrum surveillance, digital wallets, drone policing, wearable sensors and biometric tracking.  All framed as tools for “sustainability” and “keeping you “safe”.

A future that bears all the hallmarks of an open air prison.

It may go by the name of “Safe Cities”, “Living Cities”, “Sustainable Cities”, “Resilient Cities” and “Build Back Better”, but at its heart it is a profoundly anti-human scheme.

One where eventually, tokenised credit and digital ID will be needed to go to work, school, the shops, to access public buildings, services and events.

A predatory “What works”, “data-driven” system, rebranded as circular economies and stakeholder capitalism.

Each life measured according to its perceived burden on society.

Who decided all this?

The same billionaire oligarchs who want us to all play along with their little charade that this is ‘saving the planet’. 

Who want us to overlook the insane energy requirements needed to build and run this augmented reality, IoT, ‘Smart City’ delusion they are building.

To close our eyes to the child labour, turbo-charged minerals extraction, toxic waste, land grabs and enormous data centres cooled 24/7 by vast amounts of our precious water.

I know that many Queenslanders have been propagandised into cheering on this transnational global capital plan for a final “green” solution.

But not me.

#smartcities #Olympics2032