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The Government needs to show their commitment to Co-Generation on our Sugar Mills before we touch any of our environment.

2022 Cane Country Ball

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Saturday 10th September

Tickets are now on sale for the 2022 Cane Country Ball.

Purchase Tickets from the Finch Hatton General Store & Post Office, 7 days

$60 per person includes meal and entertainment.
Drinks will be available at the bar – supplied by the Pioneer Valley Show Society.

Tickets are limited so get in quick to secure your table/seat.

Visit Finch Hatton Progress Association Group for all updates.

Email: for further information or to purchase your tickets via direct deposit – terms and conditions apply.

It should be a great night so please support this on-going community event.


An important worldwide event is being held at Dawn on Saturday the 11th of June 2022, which I hope many of you will be able to attend.

The “Global COVID Remembrance Dawn Service” will bring families, friends and communities together, to remember all those who tragically lost their lives, or suffered injury and other devastating impacts to health, career, relationships, education and businesses over the past two and a half years.

The event also honours all those who have felt alone, confused, isolated and distanced from their friends and family as a consequence of what has happened, and continues to happen, to this day.

Dawn was chosen to symbolise the coming through from darkness into light; the dawning of a new day where communities can hopefully begin to re-unite, heal and rebuild.

Everyone is invited to attend an event held in their city or town (locations will be advised shortly).

Bring a candle and/or a photo of any loved ones who have suffered, or passed on, so we can all collectively honour their lives and stories.

Anyone unable to make it to an organised event, is invited to tune in via the live stream at

CONTACT DETAILS: – Updates will be posted on the telegram page as information becomes available at:

Global Covid Remembrance Service

Telegram – Dark to Light Event


CONGRATULATIONS Jahmayn Hicks on being selected as a Finalist for the Queensland Youth Volunteering Award

Awards Ceremony – Friday 20 May 2022
Venue – Main Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall


What does Labour Day even mean, anymore?

Especially in 2022, after a year that saw unions and Labor abandon abandon the country’s workers, when coercive mandates stripped millions of their right to bodily autonomy, and cost hundreds of thousands of workers their jobs, when they refused to be bullied.

I doubt any of those workers are celebrating today.

The fact is Australian workers were hung out to dry decades ago.

Governments, left and right, fell over themselves in the rush to off-shore the whole Australian economy to China, along with most of its jobs.

All done under the watchful eye of the unions

Today, Australia has lost the ability to create ANY real jobs – jobs that are productive, secure, well-paid and rewarding.

Those jobs, the ones that provided people with upward mobility, are missing from the ABS jobs data.

Australia’s ‘labour force’ today has all the complexity of a third world country, with new jobs available only in the lowly-paid ‘service economy’ or government sector.

How has Australia gained from the loss of all its high-tech manufacturing and skilled jobs – jobs that are crucial for a ‘first world’ economy?

How do Australia’s young people gain when there are no payoffs to gaining a university degree?

This offshoring of Australian jobs in exchange for a flood of cheap imports, destroyed the economic prospects of our young people.

Older workers, who traditionally received higher pay, also paid a heavy price.

When you are hellbent on cutting costs, older workers become unaffordable.  Many were driven out over the years and forced to find jobs as shelf stockers at Coles or Woolworths.

Now we are being told of a ‘jobs bonanza’ once we all transition to the new ‘green and sustainable’ digital economy.

What a joke.

The ‘digital economy’ is an economy run entirely by highly automated machines, drones, robotics, AI, algorithms and God knows what else.

The major parties of Australia are driving us down a path that will end in 90% of human workers becoming totally redundant.

Not much to celebrate in that either.


People have reported (and photographed) finding tiny micro cameras embedded in trees around areas where protestors were camping and/or congregating last weekend.

They are no bigger than the head of a nail and difficult to spot – see comparison between the camera and person’s thumb bottom left corner of the photo.

I have no idea who the losers could be that did something so low and despicable, as planting snooping devices to spy on decent people, their friends and families, but whoever it was, be on your guard.

And maybe get someone to carry out a sweep of the area before you settle in.

Best of luck to you all!

Every single one of you is an absolute legend in my book.

I will be with you all in spirit!!


The ACT police have admitted LRAD sonic weapons were “present” during this week’s peaceful protests in Canberra.

The explanation given, is that the LRAD was there purely as a “communication device”.

Sounds plausible enough, but fails to explain all the mysterious injuries and symptoms hundreds of protestors are saying they experienced.

People who were there, have described symptoms ranging from feelings of disassociation and vertigo to extreme burns and blistering – even blistering inside their mouths and throats.

Medical teams treating them, were apparently at a loss to explain the phenomenon, although the ‘official explanation’ given out later was ‘bad sunburn’.

‘Sunburn’, doesn’t begin to cover the symptoms people were reporting, however, and many people I have spoken with, who were there, are firmly convinced that some kind of chemical toxin or gas was responsible.

I have no way of knowing whether that’s true or not, but one photo sent to me by someone at the protests, certainly deserves some kind of explanation from authorities.

As you can see, it shows a heavily camouflaged police officer and Police dog, guarding  two large pod-like structures close to where the crowds were gathered.

An ex-military mate I showed the photo to, said straightaway that the pods were ICB Chemical Containment Units, used for transporting and storing chemicals.

I have looked up ICB images online and they are clearly identical to the ones in the photo taken in Canberra.

That doesn’t mean that the pods in Canberra DO contain chemicals, of course.  There is simply no way to tell that from a photo.

You would think that if they DID have chemicals in them, that they would have been clearly labelled with a HAZMAT warning– which these two weren’t.

When they asked what the pods were, protestors were told they were chemicals to “put in the fountains”.

I was told this was unlikely given they were some distance from the fountains, were never put in the fountains and the amount of chemicals the pods contained would have far exceeded the amount needed to clean a fountain.

It may be there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, if so, then the government should have no problem telling the Australian public why there were two ICBs Chemical Containment Units, sitting adjacent to thousands of civilians, including young children.

If anyone else out there has any ideas on the mystery, please let me know in the comments.

Why were they there?

What was in them?

And why were they under heavy guard?