From 1 July 2022, Workforce Australia and its “Points-Based Activation System” will replace the present Jobseeker “mutual obligation” model of job services.

According to the Government, Workforce Australia will “provide upfront, early investment in an intensive, individually tailored, case management service for job seekers assessed as being at risk of becoming long-term unemployed and having vocational or non-vocational barriers to work.”

Jobseekers will now need to earn “100 points” and do at least five job searches per month in order to receive their unemployment payments.

To earn these ‘points’, there is a list of 30 activities to choose from, all of which have been assigned a points value ranging from 5 to 100.

Tasks include carrying out online learning modules, joining the Army Reserves, carrying out Migrant English Language courses and participating in various skills training programs.

Participants will all receive a Digital Identity and be put on blockchain along with their medical and mental health records.  Their behaviour and activities will then be recorded, ‘measured’ and assigned a ‘value’ according to the program’s pre-determined “success metrics”.

Workforce Australia is just one more example of how Australia is being reshaped into a ‘stakeholder capitalist’ nation under the ‘Great Reset’.

White papers galore are being churned out on how to turn labour markets, inclusion and economic mobility into investment opportunities for the private sector.

Social Impact Investing frames marginal, ‘vulnerable groups’ as inherently “broken”, a burden on the state purse.

The exact cost to the state of each ‘broken’ individual must be monitored, assessed and calculated in real time – another justification for wholesale surveillance and predatory public-private partnerships.

By defining “success” in narrow terms suited to outcomes-based contracting, powerful investors will eventually be given the opportunity to control how public services are delivered in Australia and to whom.

People needing services are the guinea pigs being groomed as data commodities.

Need housing?




A job?


Well you better be willing to follow a prescriptive “continuum of care” pathway and to be tracked 24/7 on a dashboard from ‘cradle to grave’.

The ability to get a job will soon hinge on a worker’s proof of compliance, conformity and obedience.

The elite want cogs that can be ‘re-engineered’ as needed.

No squeaky wheels allowed in the ‘new digital economy’.

Many vulnerable groups are being targeted for these kind of “evidence-based” impact interventions.

Is there informed consent?  No.

It’s taking people who are desperate for services and forcing them into a system where if they want food, clothing, shelter, education and job opportunities then they must demonstrate their ‘compliance’ with the system before being ‘rewarded’ with ‘government assistance’.

Those dependent on welfare are the targets now but the ultimate goal is to ‘up-scale’ the program across all government services, including education and healthcare.


Russia and Ukraine combined are a treasure trove for all the raw materials the West desperately needs to power its planned digital and green revolution.

The breakaway territories of the Donbass contain abundant reserves of ‘new economy’ materials including lithium and titanium.

Everything from smart cities, the digital economy, Internet of Things, AI, renewables and the surveillance state relies on the West gaining unrestricted access to, and control over, the worldwide supply of rare earths.

Russia in particular is home to one of the biggest and richest rare-earth deposits in the world.

It could well be the biggest, given the full extent of Russia’s reserves has never been properly mapped or exploited.

The Ural mountains alone contain some of the most diverse polymetallic resources on the planet, including manganese, copper, zinc, high-grade nickel and neodymium.

Another of its vast repository of ‘new economy’ minerals is Siberia, which also contains one of the three biggest reserves of Niobium globally.

Niobium is used in everything from jet engines, rockets, beams/girders for buildings and oil/gas pipelines, to particle accelerators, MRI scanners and NMR equipment.

Russia also supplies most of the elements needed for making the world’s semiconductor chips, particularly C4F6, Neon and Palladium.

Neon is almost 100 percent sourced from Russia’s steel plants, while the country also supplies 45 percent of palladium globally.

According to TECHCET, “Russia is a crucial source of C4F6 which are indispensable for advanced node logic device etching and advanced lithography processes for chip production”.

C4F6 and Palladium are used to make permanent magnets, a key component of modern weapon systems and other military technology.

They are also key components in the production of EVs.

80 per cent of the world’s sapphire substrates are supplied by Russia.

These are thin plates of artificial stone used in opto- and micro-electronics, including every processor in the world – AMD and Intel included.

Another key ingredient for the West’s military-industrial and transportation capabilities is antimony.  It is used in everything from armour-piercing bullets to night vision goggles.

According to traders, much of the world’s supply of the rare earths on which the military-industrial complex depends, come from Russia.

The prices of all these elements are now skyrocketing and we are seeing a growing worldwide shortage of materials like steel, titanium, nickel and aluminium.

These are all materials needed to fill orders of countless downstream industries from aviation to shipbuilding.

Without them, the world’s manufacturing base will grind to a halt.

Rare earths ARE the “new oil”.

That’s why instead of “oil wars”, we will see more and more “rare earth wars”.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution!


By signing the IHR Amendments at next week’s annual meeting of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva, Morrison and/or Albanese will have ceded sovereignty to the WHO across a wide area of Australia’s domestic governance – including health, the environment, intelligence, law enforcement, surveillance, digital identity and the economy.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that no area of human activity is safe from the clutches of those determined on “keeping everybody safe” – whatever the cost!

The powers being handed over to WHO are the same powers that Victoria’s Dan Andrews awarded himself last year.

Only this time, it is happening at a global scale and Australians don’t get to vote, or have a say, on any of it.

This latest power grab by our maniacal globalist elites, had its beginnings in 2017, with the set-up by Bill Gates and the sinister Wellcome Trust of CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

CEPI immediately convened a series of ‘behind closed doors’ discussions on the need for a global health treaty at the World Economic Forum that year in Davos.

Earlier this year, Australians were outraged when the Morrison government handed over $100 million of taxpayers’ monies to CEPI, no doubt in furtherance of its ‘New World Health Order’ agenda.

Why Australians had to pour $100 million into a globalist body which receives billions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other vested and corporate interests, was a question exactly nobody thought to ask.

At next week’s meeting in Geneva, Member States will also be discussing proposals for a new multi-billion dollar WHO ‘preparedness’ fund and a $100 billion ‘emergency fund’ to go with it.

That all those billions of dollars, and shiny new powers, will be left to gather dust in the WHO cupboard for long seems highly unlikely.

As someone once said: ‘if you give people the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, THEY WILL USE THEM!

And this is the World Health Organisation we are talking about, after all.

An organisation with one of the worst reputations in the world for corruption and shadowy insider deals.

A tiny cabal of appointed technocrats over whom there is zero transparency or accountability.

The very antithesis of an open or democratic body.

If either Morrison or Albanese goes ahead and signs away Australia’s sovereignty to such a group, it will go down as one of the worst betrayals any executive government has ever perpetrated against its own people.

#StopTheWho #StopTheTreaty







Iran, notorious for silencing dissidents and persecuting minorities, has rolled out a new rule linking the ability to buy food and fuel, to the possession of a Biometric Digital ID card.

The system uploads iris scans, DNA/genomics, biometrics, and information on a citizen’s vaccine status, medical history and religious practice.

A special App, created by Google and Apple (thanks guys!) is downloaded and connects each user to the centralised government database.

The system is virtually identical to the one being pushed in Australia and which will no doubt be rammed through by whoever wins tomorrow’s election.

In Iran, the Biometric Digital ID has greatly expanded the government’s ability to keep tabs on citizens, target minorities and crush dissent.

This week, things were taken up a notch with the government using the food/fuel crisis to force even more of its citizens onto the Digital ID surveillance grid.

It did so by rolling out all the same ‘coercive control’ nudge tactics which have proved so popular with governments here in Australia.

The “lever” authorities chose to use, were the substantial food and fuel subsidies it provides  Iranians to reduce their ‘cost of living’ expenses.

Iranians are now being told that in order to buy bread/fuel at the reduced prices, they must present a Biometric Digital ID card.

Anyone without such a card can still purchase the items, but only at the sky-high ‘market price’.

The rule is currently only for bread and fuel, but officials say this will shortly be expanded to include foods like chicken and vegetable oil.

With half the Iranian population living below the poverty line, most won’t survive without the subsidies, particularly with Iran’s inflation running at 40-50 percent.

Mass protests have broken out in response which are being inaccurately reported by the world’s press.

The protests are depicted as nothing more than unruly ‘food riots’, with no mention of the new Biometric Digital ID rules.

Iran’s authorities are now shutting down internet service across whole regions to quell the protests.

It is odd how countries like Iran have moved in such perfect ‘lockstep’ with the World Economic Forum’s ‘Reset’ Agenda.

For 2 years, they have obediently rolled out all the same mass testing, QR codes, mandates and lockdowns as other countries.

Now they are trotting out the same WEF-inspired plans for CBDCs and mandatory Digital IDs.

Makes you wonder just how much of a ‘Rogue State’ Iran really is.

RAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid food riots



All over the world, governments are fast-tracking the imposition of tyrannical Digital ID laws on their citizens.

Digital ID laws have already been rammed through some of the smaller countries.  Governments in those countries are now bent on coercively forcing their citizens to accept them.

73 million Nigerians, for example, had access to their mobile phones cut off recently, when they refused to comply with the new laws.

Countries like New Zealand, Canada, UK and Singapore, all have Digital ID bills before parliament or will have soon.

The EU’s Digital ID was modelled on WEF’s Digital ID 2020, and has been ‘sold’ to Europeans as ‘reducing red tape, safeguarding privacy and making life ‘easier’.

‘It will make citizens completely powerless against governments and big corporations’ one horrified MEP said yesterday.

“We think it’s incredibly creepy.”

In France, Macron announced Digital ID the minute he was safely elected.

The ‘pre-text’ he chose to ‘sell’ it on was ‘stopping illegal immigration’.

According to the French President, forcing workers to apply for government ‘authorisation’ in order to get a job in France, will stop illegal migrants from “flooding our borders” and “taking our jobs”.

But it won’t JUST be ‘illegal migrants’ who are forced to be ‘biometrically authenticated’ in order to hold a job – It will be EVERY worker in France.

Darpa and Microsoft have put together something called the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authentication”, to be incorporated into Digital ID.

It prevents anyone from buying a home, renting anything, buying a car, travelling etc, without ‘authorisation’ by the government.

Posting online or accessing your financial/medical/welfare accounts will only be possible with a Digital ID and a biometric ‘authentication’ scan.

The ‘synchronicity’ and speed with which all this is being done is astonishing.  Virtually every country in the world is singing from the same song-sheet on Digital ID.

Australians should be disgusted at their major parties’ bipartisan support for such an unconstitutional, internationally co-ordinated, ‘top down’ global power grab.

If it wasn’t for One Nation and other unaligned Senators, Digital ID would ALREADY be a reality in Australia.

That’s why the ONLY hope we have to defeat these unAustralian laws, is for everyone to FLOOD THE FLOORS OF FEDERAL PARLIAMENT with as many honest, ordinary Australians as possible – especially the Senate.

This means putting ideology to one side and doing something completely unprecedented on election day – you need to vote ALL the major party candidates last.

If we don’t, there will be NO STOPPING Digital ID laws in Australia.

Let’s save what little freedom and sovereignty this country has left, and break this corrupt and traitorous two-party paradigm once and for all.

#DigitalID #Election2022 #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol #AusVotes2022


News that the Australian Government has entered into a ‘strategic partnership’ with the US biotech, Moderna, is alarming on a number of levels.

Firstly, the 10-year agreement allows Moderna to build a new fully-automated vaccine manufacturing facility in Melbourne, capable of producing up to 100 million mRNA vaccine doses annually.

100 million vaccine doses – every year!  Just let that sink in a moment.

Moderna is a WEF ‘Global Growth Company’, funded by a consortium of investors, including Bill Gates, the Singaporean Government, the US military’s DARPA and the US Government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

Its CEO, Stephane Bancel, another of WEF’s Young Global Leaders, said the company already has 28 vaccine candidates in its mRNA pipeline, including vaccines for 15 pathogens, as well as cancer, shingles and herpes.

The University of Queensland also announced a ‘partnership’ with Moderna last month, which will allow it to create its own new mRNA vaccines here in Queensland.

Moderna’s ‘mRNA Access’ is a fully automated system which was modelled on the software used by Tesla, for managing its orders.

Scientists simply enter the protein they want, and vials containing testable mRNA are sent to them within weeks.

So, far from coming to an end, it seems ongoing mRNA shots are shaping up to become a fixture of our lives for many years to come.

According to Bancel, mRNA technology “hacks the operating system of life, turning human bodies into drug factories by directing cells to produce therapeutic proteins” (Forbes 2017).


Treatments involve repeat doses of the mRNA vaccines and boosters over many years, so a patient’s body can keep producing the proteins needed to keep disease at bay.

As one scientist said: “You have to wonder what the interaction between two or three different types of these mRNA vaccines will be within the complex environment of the human body.”

Health officials are now openly talking about the need to ‘transform’ healthcare from its current ‘pay for service’ model into one focussed on ‘predictive’ and ‘preventative’ medicine.

By ‘predictive’ medicine, what they actually mean is a mass data-gathering, ‘real-time’ surveillance system driven by AI, data-sharing and ‘wearable tech’.

The aim is to create a giant database containing everyone’s detailed genetic and behavioural ‘profiles’.

‘Preventative’ medicine then uses these ‘profiles’ to create an increasingly dehumanised healthcare service built around ‘behaviour change’ nudges (to become ‘shoves’ over time) and mandated medical treatments aimed at preventing the onset of certain conditions/diseases people may have a genetic or behavioural pre-disposition towards, BEFORE they actually manifest.

The dystopian implications of such a system, particularly when tied with the government’s new CB digital currency and ID system, are virtually limitless.


The Federal Government has outdone itself with the new “Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill 2021.

The Bill removes every inbuilt protection around privacy and free speech, contained in the original Act.

If passed, the new laws will force social media companies to unveil the identity of anonymous users when presented with a court order to do so.

This means social media companies like Facebook and Twitter will be compelled to collect and verify the “identity and relevant contact details” of all their Australian users, and disclose them to authorities when required.

And so will their much less connected or wealthy competitors in the independent and alternative media platforms, like Parler, Gab, Rumble and Telegram!

Another change will be the new requirement for foreign social media companies with more than 250,000 Australian users, to establish an Australia-based ‘entity’ or subsidiary; placing them under the direct control of our power-hungry government, and its ‘enforcement’ agents.

While Facebook, Google and Twitter may be happy to police its platforms on behalf of the Australian government, it is questionable whether independent platforms like Telegram and Gab, will be.

Telegram in particular, has built a loyal following worldwide for upholding the principle of free speech and protecting its users’ identity in the face of enormous pressure from elites everywhere.

As usual, the pretence for this latest intrusion on the rights and liberties of Australians, is that it is all being done for OUR benefit – as if we are children.

The PM waxed lyrical on the need to introduce these laws, to “keep our online world safe”, for “kids and families” to protect them from the “horrific abuse and harassment and stalking online”.

The hypocrisy is nauseating, especially given the Bill has nothing to do with ‘trolling’ – whatever that actually means – or online bullying.

Even the AG Department’s Defamation Taskforce secretary said that the term “anti-trolling” might be a tad misleading, given the bill’s contents are “about defamation”, NOT trolling, and “it is not intended to address broader types of online harm”.

The right to remain anonymous is fundamental to the right to free speech and to hold dissenting opinions.

It applies every bit as much in the digital world as it does in the physical one.

As the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis said: “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority.”

Anonymity protects the vulnerable citizen from reprisals by government, industry and individuals; reprisals that can take the form of job loss, financial penalty, legal harassment and even physical injury and danger to family.

Unfortunately, the right to remain anonymous has been under steady attack in Australia for two decades now.

This attack has turned into an absolute barrage since February 2020.


Last year, amendments to the Corporations Act were passed, requiring ALL of Australia’s 2.7 million company directors to obtain personal Digital IDs, by no later than 30 November 2022.

Penalties for non-compliance include fines of between $1.1 and $26.6 million, and even imprisonment in some cases.

The Minister for the Digital Economy, Jane Hume, said at the time, that the new system would help business owners by “saving them time and reducing red tape”.

To obtain a Digital Identity, every director MUST provide all their ‘ID verification documents’ through a myGovID account.

They will then be issued with a 15 digit Identification Number that belongs to them forever, wherever they work and wherever they go in the world.

The Director Identity Numbers are not issued domestically, but through the International Office of Standardisation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ISO, along with its partners in the UN and WEF, promote Director IDs “as essential for global trade reasons, to ensure a global ‘level playing field’ of standards and metrics for all the worlds products, services and human capital”.

According to the World Bank:

“Digital ID will .. provide empirical evidence about the role of the board of directors as a strategic decisionmaker in the company’s contributions to the achievement of the SDG targets.”

“This includes board parameters, such as board size; diversity; independence; and the presence or absence of ESG committees that measure the relationship of directors with SDG and ESG metrics”.

So basically, not really about “saving time and reducing red tape” then!

The Director’s identity system, we are told by WEF, UN, the World Bank and countless other global bodies, falls under SDG Target 16.9, which requires ALL “human capital products”, to be tagged, measured and monitored.

The Director ID will be used for all sorts of ‘predictive profiling’ by world regulators, with every director in the world assigned a ‘risk rating’ based on the metrics assigned to their individual characteristics, habits and behaviour.

Information stored on the Digital ID will initially contain just the basics, but over time, ALL sorts of meta-data will be added, using the magic of blockchain technology.

Listen to Charles Hoskinson speaking on Cardano’s global partnerships:

“Blockchain” he says, “is about the state being able to identify if you are a “good actor” and worthy of having a job, whether in the public or private sector”.

It is all part of what the UN calls the new “Trust” architecture where the lives of every single human being are to become digitised, remotely-programmable and blockchained.

This is truly Black Mirror stuff, and yet it’s all really happening folks.