I am yet to hear a single member of Australia’s mainstream corporate media, speak out in defence of Julian Assange, or his rights as a citizen and journalist.

Many prefer to discredit and demean him in the public’s mind at every opportunity.

One reason for this is because Julian Assange is, and always was, an ‘outsider’.

And ‘outsiders’ are the ‘enemy du jour’ of Australia’s increasingly authoritarian establishment class.

Not only are ‘outsiders’ difficult to control, many simply refuse to go along with the ‘ruling consensus’ on any given topic.

Even worse, most display an unhealthy obsession with ‘uncovering the truth’ and debating the issues.

The Australian media wants none of that.

They would far rather protect their own ‘insider’ role as purveyors OF the ‘consensus’, than stand up for an outsider like Assange, who dedicated his life to EXPOSING its lies and corruptions.

Someone, incidentally, who produced more breaking major stories than ALL Australia’s journalists combined.

At the end of the day, unless you are ONE OF THEM, human rights and press freedom just don’t apply.

Which begs the question – by what right do these media ‘gatekeepers’, and their government-corporate overlords, get to decide who is and isn’t a journalist?

EVERY citizen has the right to call themselves a ‘journalist’ once they take on the role of reporting vital facts and information that is in the ‘public interest’.

It should NOT be an honour bestowed on you by a select group of ‘insiders’, who like to pose as a highly credentialed ‘priesthood’ class within the establishment power structure.

That is NOT how a free and open democracy is supposed to work.

The same goes for those within Australia’s two major parties, who have been just as silent on Assange’s plight – bar one or two notable exceptions, like One Nation’s George Christensen.

Today it is the members of One Nation and all the other minor parties and independents, who make up this country’s last group of true ‘political outsiders’.

That’s why the establishment classes hate us so much and why they have joined forces to make sure we are all sidelined and silenced in this election.

None have dedicated themselves to making sure this happens, than the very same hostile media establishment who have for years ignored the persecution of Australia’s ultimate outsider – Julian Assange.

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