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Stephen Andrew statement on hidden connections of power elites

Many people, like me, are starting to wake up to the fact that things are not what they seem in Australia. For years now, we have all been fed the line that Australia is a democratic ‘meritocracy’ where those who reach the top, do so as a product of their own gifts, talent, intelligence or hard work – none of which is even remotely true.
Most people operating at the top of Australia’s elite circle of power are part of a far more nepotistic and insidious system altogether – one where hard work and talent matters much less than who are connected to, or even who your father, mother, or sibling was, or who you are married to. Take Boris Johnson in the UK, whose father, Stanley Johnson, was an influential Conservative Party politician and later, a member of the European Parliament, European Commission and World Bank. Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was of course the famous Prime Minister of Canada, whose two administrations bridged the 1960, 1970s and 1980s. Jacinda Ardern is the daughter of Ross Ardern, a NZ High Commissioner to Cook Islands and more recently, Administrator of Tokelau. His brother, Ian, is Head of the Mormon Church in New Zealand and Pacific region.
Scott Morrison’s Great Aunt was Mary Gilmore, who once founded a utopian socialist colony in Paraguay with the socialist William Lane.
Morrison’s older brother, Alan, serves as Chair of AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Committee on Paramedicine and Chair of the government’s Health Services Working Group. Then there is Jane Halton, who Morrison appointed as head of the government’s National Covid-19 Co-ordination Commission. Jane is the daughter of Charles Halton, a British Military Scientist brought to Australia in 1973 by Gough Whitlam to overhaul the country’s transport system, and who served as Secretary of Defence and Secretary of the Department of Communications under Hawke and Keating. Daughter Jane is now the CHAIR OF CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), set up and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum in 2015. Jane was part of Event 201, a pandemic exercise organised and funded by John Hopkins, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations and the World Economic Forum in October 2019. Jane’s husband is Trevor Sutton, Deputy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Chair of the Governing Council of Statistics for the Asian and Pacific region. Trevor heads the Statistical Business Transformation Group which received a $256 million investment program to radically transform how ABS collects, processes and disseminates information, data and statistics.
In 2016, ABS data collection and survey systems were awarded to Accenture, a partner of ID2020 and GAVI. Trevor is a Member of the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation of which Jane Halton is also a Board Member, and which receives funding from the Gates Foundation and WHO. Trevor Sutton’s brother is Dr Brett Sutton. Dr Sutton is the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, who advises Dan Andrews Government on public health and pandemic response measures. Interestingly, Jane Halton also has a brother, Philip Halton, who is Deputy Commissioner of QBCC, Queensland’s building and construction regulator.
These are just a few examples but there are many more – some are well-known, while others are tightly guarded secrets.
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  1. Les Cravigan
    Les Cravigan says:

    Looking at Queensland, Anastacia Palazczuk’s Father is Henry Palazczuk head of DNA collection base, held in China, Janet Young’s Husband is Professor Nimmo who is close friends with Henry Palazczuk.

  2. Rene chambers
    Rene chambers says:

    What happened to conflict of interests? This is just the tip of the iceberg and no wonder the rich get richer, we’re not getting the full picture! I’ve never been into Politics until Covid I wasn’t aware our government was a corporation, to me this is key to what is wrong? Governments are meant to work for the people corporations are about profits not people? Another conflict of interest! We need a whole new system certainly not the outdated one of the past that allowed this to happen! I really have lost all confidence in the politicians we have today, I don’t trust them, I don’t believe them and I don’t no who to vote for? There is no room for this kind of connected family preferences in such important rolls in any country, let alone trusting them all to have our health interests at heart! We need humanity to look to technology to really help each and every human being have basic and extra ordinary benefits of humanities abilities and achievements for the benefits of all species on this lonely planet!

  3. Richard Visser
    Richard Visser says:

    It’s for me unbelievable that the vaccination train is still going strong .
    Do they not know what’s going on with all the vaccine related injuries ?
    I am lost for words after the info earlier by Senator Malcolm Roberts about the vaccine rules.
    I ( we ) never took the so called vaccine


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