‘Thugocracy’ – The Real Face of Global Governance


The leak of 100,000+ WhatsApp messages between the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and his circle of advisors, has given ordinary people a unique insight into what went on behind the closed doors of government in 2020.

And it ain’t pretty.

Hancock and his circle are revealed as ‘mad monks’ on enforcing total compliance with the government’s restrictions and lockdowns.

Even Johnson, and Chancellor Sunak, are viewed as suspect in their eyes.

Another ‘hate’ figure is Sweden, the only European country to not enforce total lockdowns on its people.

At one point, Hancock snaps: “I am so sick of the “fu*king Sweden argument”.

“Supply three or four bullet points on why Sweden is wrong” he barks at aides, who presumably scurry off to do his bidding.

Another exchange involves Jeremy Farrar, a member of the government’s scientific advisory body, Sage.

Farrar had earned Hancock’s enmity by publicly questioning one of the government’s decisions in 2020.

Hancock calls for Farrar to be sacked, saying:

“We need a Jeremy Farrar handling strategy.  He is totally offside, a complete loudmouth, has little respect amongst the serious scientists.  Did he approach us before doing Ridge (a Sky News Program)?  He needs to be either inside the tent and onside, or outside and commentating.  He adds no value internally”.

Hancock’s words are telling.

Firstly, he queries whether Farrar “approached us” – ie asked for the government’s permission – before appearing on Sky News.

Secondly, he makes clear that scientists must be ‘either inside or outside the tent’.

The government’s policies are exposed as having nothing to do with ‘the Science’ and everything to do with ‘ingrouping’ and ‘outgrouping’.

Those who failed to play along, must be cast out and cancelled.

There used to be a word for this type of government – ‘thugocracy’.

Of course, on this occasion, Hancock had bitten off more than he could chew, in going after Farrar.

Sir Jeremy Farrar is not just anyone.

For starters, he’s a director of the world’s second richest Foundation, the Welcome Trust, and was recently appointed Chief Scientist to the World Health Organisation.

In 2017, he co- founded CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, with his friend Bill Gates.  He is also a long-time Agenda Contributor of the World Economic Forum and good friend of Klaus Schwab.

He is, in short, a very powerful man.

If anyone was going to be ‘cancelled’, it would be Farrar who did the cancelling.

Poor old Hancock didn’t stand a chance.

The leak of these messages is pure gold.

They deserve to be shared as widely as possible, particularly with the more trusting souls among us.

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