In February this year, Anthony Albanese, pledged $6 million towards a new eSmart Digital License program involving Australian schoolchildren aged 10 to 14.

eSmart was launched in December 2021 by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in partnership with the DQ Institute and Accenture, a Rockefeller-funded company that was recently awarded a $230 million to overhaul Australia’s Director ID program.

Under the benevolent guise of ‘cyber-security’ and “helping children navigate the online world”, the eSmart program seeks to embed ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (SEL) assessments and measurements within the education system.

Using “gamified learning”, “interactive story worlds” and “relatable scenarios”, children must achieve “milestones” and “earn badges” before being rewarded with an eSmart Digital License.

Those overseeing the program will be monitoring its impact and accuracy, tweaking it here and there as they aggregate and analyse the data against a globally standardised set of SEL metrics.

Currently there are over 2,200 eSmart Schools across the country involved in the Foundation’s self-described “behaviour-change initiative”.

It is being trialled here first, but the goal is to expand it worldwide.

Programs like eSmart are being used to train children’s minds by plugging them into an endless array of technology and wearable tech devices.

With webcam, algorithms, AI and eye-tracking data, they are able to capture and analyse children’s human emotions and reactions.

The whole thing is directly linked to Digital ID, QR codes and blockchain.

Developed by the founder of DQ Institute, Dr Yuhyun Park, another of Klaus Schwab’s ubiquitous Young Global Leaders, the program uses “AI-based linking and predictive methodology” to customise its “assessment and scoring” tools.

DQ Institute is also a member of the Global Coalition for Digital Intelligence, which includes WEF, OECD, the World Bank and IEEE World Standards Association.

All are heavily involved in the ed-tech and digital identity agendas.

So are Accenture and Rockefeller Foundation who have partnered with Gavi, Microsoft and IDEO to drive ID2020.

All these groups are determined to socially engineer children into becoming “agents of positive change”, who promote “consensus” views on “sustainability” and other globalist “values”.

The psychological profiling assigned to each child through programs like eSmart will follow them into adulthood and be used by governments and others, to form decisions about them as adults.

Once you understand this, it is easy to see how the ‘Social and Emotional’ obedience agenda is closely tied to the Global Digital Citizen workforce agenda and social credit scores.

‘Cyber-safety’ is just one of many fig-leaves they will use, as they psychologically profile and condition our children into a lifetime of obedience.


In 2020, ‘population experts’ predicted a baby boom due to lockdowns.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead of a baby boom, the world is seeing a gigantic baby bust.

Data for the first quarter of 2022, shows an alarming fall in births from 2021, with some of the most notable being a 23 percent drop in Taiwan, 20 percent in Mongolia, 12-14% in Germany, Estonia, Hungary and Finland.

In Australia, births hit a record low of 1.58 in 2020 according to the ABS (figures for 2022 aren’t yet available).

Despite the plummeting birth numbers and rising death rates, however, the UN’s Secretary General announced yesterday that the ‘exploding’ global population will hit eight billion by mid-November this year.

This, he said, is a “reminder of our shared responsibility to care for the planet” which, he added, “is in peril”.

Overpopulation is one of those “conventional wisdoms”, based on the “everybody knows” argument drummed into us at an early age.

Looking at some of the birth rate numbers around the world, however, many are starting to wonder if the UN and its population models, could be wrong?

Not just a little bit wrong, either, but DEAD WRONG.

As Elon Musk points out, the UN uses a set of deeply flawed computer models to calculate population.  These models have a number of problems, he said, including a ‘baked in’ assumption that if “something didn’t happen in the past, it won’t happen in the future”.

In 2019, the Lancet published a study funded by Bill and Melinda Gates based on figures obtained from researchers living in countries around the world.

These figures were radically lower than those bandied about by the UN.

According to the Lancet study, there are almost no regions of the world – bar parts of West Africa – where women are still having babies at a level needed to maintain their population.

2.1 is the number of children that women need to have in order to sustain a population.

Take the world’s two most populous countries, China and India.  Together they make up 40 percent of the world’s population.

In 2020, India’s 5 year National Family Health Survey revealed that India’s birth rate has now fallen below replacement levels for the first time.

China’s has been well below replacement level for years.

Even ending its disastrous ‘one-child’ policy failed to reverse the trend.

As Canadian demographer, John Ibbitson, put it in his 2019 book ‘Empty Planet’:

“For the first time in human history, we are deliberately culling ourselves by having fewer babies than we need to reproduce”.

Click here to watch: Population Collapse – Birth Rates Plummeting Worldwide




Despite conclusive evidence that young children are at virtually no risk at all of severe complications or death from the virus, the TGA announced last month it is evaluating an application from Moderna to inject its experimental mRNA shots into the arms of babies as young as six months.

Currently, Israel is the only country that has approved the shots for this age cohort, although the US Advisory Committee is voting on the issue this week.

I can’t find anything online about Moderna running any clinical trials for this age bracket, although there Moderna was reported as saying last year that they were hoping to carry out their baby and toddler trials here in Australia.

Pfizer’s baby trials are being run in the US and according to reports, these have not been completed yet and the clinical trial group was fairly small.

According to the TGA’s media release: “the authorisation (for Moderna shots) would be for a two-dose regimen, with the possibility of extending it to a third dose”.

Why is this even being considered here in Australia, given the risks involved?

It is well-known that the messenger RNA-based injections have been linked to heart conditions such as myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly in young men.

Some countries have even said they won’t even consider shots in this age group “after some studies showed it was tied to a higher risk of the heart inflammation”, according to a report in the West Australian yesterday:

The FDA itself said recently that myocarditis is a known risk and that the clinical trials for these age groups WERE NOT LARGE ENOUGH TO QUANTIFY THE FREQUENCY OF THE INFLAMMATION.”

Moreover, the FDA has revealed that early trial data for 2-5-year-olds showed an efficacy rate of just 36.8% using the CDC case definitions, and 50.6% for the 6-23 month group.

So again, what on earth is the rush here?

Historically, young children and pregnant women were always excluded from early human trials, irrespective of the drug.

As I mentioned, children are virtually at zero risk of dying from this virus. They may test positive and even develop symptoms, but they get through it the same way they get through any other cold or flu.

There is simply no justification for the TGA to even consider extending the shot to a group this young.

Especially when we are talking about a radically new treatment that has never been tested on animals and for which there is no long term safety data.

The risk of harm to these vulnerable babies is just too great.

(This is NOT medical advice – Just my opinion!!)

Mirani Electorate received $28k in funding from Round 2 of the Active Clubs Program.
Active Clubs provided funding of $2,000 to support volunteers and provide flexible and safe physical activity opportunities to increase sport and recreation participation.

The Active Clubs initiative provides funding to local and regional sport and active recreation organisations to support volunteers and provide flexible and safe physical activity opportunities to increase sport and recreation participation.

The program is part of the Activate! Queensland strategy to empower more Queenslanders to enjoy physical activity and improve their health and wellbeing.



Last week I spoke on Queensland’s new Health Bill and outlined some concerns I have with the growing use of ‘Electroconvulsive therapy’ (ECT) on patients under ‘involuntary orders’, especially children.
The Member for Greenslopes, Joseph Kelly, a former nurse, took exception to my comments, accusing me of getting my information from “4-Chan” and smearing me as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.
At one point, he even likened the use of ECT treatments to taking a Panadol.
Is Mr Kelly aware that the use of ECT on children and adults without consent, has been widely condemned by medical experts and human rights organisations worldwide?
Just last year, WHO issued a guidance saying that ECT should only be used by adults capable of giving consent, and that its use on minors should be “eliminated by legislation”.
A UN Report on Torture and the Inhuman treatment of people with disabilities, called for:
“an absolute ban on all forced and non-consensual medical interventions against persons with disabilities, including the non-consensual administration of psychosurgery, electroshock and mind-altering drugs”.
Since 2000, the use of ECT has declined everywhere except Australia, where it rose 85% between 2006 and 2015.
In Queensland, it rose 91%.
From 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, 10,955 people underwent ECT therapy in Queensland – more than any other State or territory in the country.
Compare that to the 1,600 people treated in the UK and Ireland, who together have a population of over 72 million.
Under Queensland’s Mental Health Act, a child or adult can be locked up in a psychiatric facility and forcibly treated, including with psychiatric drugs, electroshock, restraint and seclusion.
Parents have no power to stop it and can even be prevented from visiting their child or speaking to them on the phone, while they are involuntarily detained in a facility.
This also applies to adults.
In 2020/21 there were 23,800 involuntary admissions in Qld.
There were 11,765 appeals made against these orders, of which the Mental Health Tribunal revoked just 119.
In 2018-19, Queensland’s former Public Advocate, Mary Burgess, expressed serious concerns over the long-term safety of mental health patients who were subjected to involuntary ECT treatments.
She also criticised the lack of transparency around Mental Health Tribunal operations. As has the Queensland Law Society.
The Health Ombudsman’s annual reports show a 713% increase in the number of complaints against mental health service organisations in Queensland between 2015 and 2020.
Maybe they are all conspiracy theorists too!
Stephen Andrew MP’s speech on Queensland’s Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 – excerpt of his comments on the use of ECT treatments on minors without consent – Also excerpts from the Speech by Joseph Kelly MP, Member for Greenslopes, in which he makes an extraordinary personal attack against Mr Andrew, smearing him as a “conspiracy theorist”.