Last week the South Australian Police Commissioner announced the end of mandates for police and other workers.

During the press briefing, the Commissioner, mentioned that SA’s “Emergency declaration” was due to end on 1 April 2022, and he was “hopeful” it would not be extended again.

The Commissioner then added that ALL directives and orders made under the state’s emergency powers, WOULD BECOME ‘NULL & VOID’ once the declared state of emergency ended.

These include all “public activity restrictions, border rules, density limits, enforced quarantine and QR codes.”


This is something I asked the Premier, in a Question Without Notice last October, but all I got was an evasive response, basically saying ‘the government was looking into it’.

As a point of law, the Commissioner’s confirmation of the situation is as applicable to Queensland as it is to South Australia.

It means, in effect, that were Queensland’s declared ‘state of emergency’ to end as it is meant to, on 26 March, the whole dystopian house of cards would end with it.

All the CHO’s emergency restrictions/laws/measures and, most importantly, mandates would cease to have ANY lawful effect.

Only laws legislated in Parliament would remain ‘in force’.

My big worry is that any extension of the current ‘state of emergency’ declaration to October, gives the Qld government ample time to enact all of the CHO’s emergency measures through parliament, giving them permanent effect.

They have already started to do this.

Last sitting, the Health Amendment Bill was passed.  The Bill contained a number of provisions which made a number of the CHO’s emergency measures permanent.

Given another 6 months or so, how many of these dictatorial orders will they try and legislate in Parliament?

They certainly have the overwhelming numbers to do it.

This could, therefore, be the LAST TIME Queenslanders have ANY chance of stopping all this from happening.

It is also, potentially, the last opportunity we may have of getting rid of all the hated mandates, border rules, business restrictions, social gathering limits and quarantine detention camps – in a single blow.

It is absolutely imperative, therefore, that we all unite together and make sure that Queensland’s public health emergency is NOT extended past its current date.



More brilliant news – this time from South Australia …

The Commissioner of Police, Grant Stevens, has just announced that the Police Service in South Australia has decided to dump ALL its ‘no jab, no job’ mandates starting from 7am on Monday 7 March 2022!

Commissioner Grant Stevens said he was now “confident that the risks to South Australia Police employees and members of the community can be effectively managed through alternative controls rather than unvaccinated staff being furloughed from the workplace”.

This means that as of Monday, the Police Workers Vaccination Direction will be revoked and replaced with a Managerial Direction which will see SAPOL officers and employees allowed to return to the workplace without restrictions.

This is incredible news and could open the floodgates for others to follow across the country.

I think a big thank you is owed to the head of the South Australian Police Union, Mark Carroll, who recently went public with the news that the South Australian Police Service was experiencing a “full-blown staffing crisis”, due to the vaccine mandates.

In an editorial for the SA’s Police Journal, Mr Carroll urged the State’s Police Commissioner and state emergency coordinator to “return police to the frontline, for everyone’s sake”.

The Union Head said he had spent “almost my entire adult life in and around policing”, and “never before have I witnessed the extent of police officer shortages that are afflicting SAPOL right now”.

Mr Carroll called on the Police Commissioner to allow unvaccinated officers to return to work.

Clearly the Commissioner was listening, and today he did just that.

To all those Queensland workers out there struggling to cope under extraordinary pressure as a result of finding yourselves suspended without pay and shunned by your peers and colleagues, stay strong and ‘hold the line’!!

I have a feeling it won’t be long now before this whole thing collapses in on itself, taking all its instigators and cruel gaslighters with it.

Over to you now Mr Leavers and Commissioner Carroll

Be careful you don’t find yourselves on the wrong side of history when the time comes.

And believe me, it is approaching fast ….

Stephen Andrew statement on police sackings

1200 Queensland Police Officers have been suspended with a measly 7 days’ pay for refusing to comply with Chief Health Officer Young’s Order that they be jabbed. Out of 12,000 police officers and 5000 support staff, a staggering 33% of the force said ‘We do not consent’. That means ONE-THIRD of the State’s Police Force will now be “purged” from QPS.
Qld Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, said she didn’t see a problem, however, as she doubled down hard on her ruthless stance. She told Seven, “we’ve done the math on this”, and while the next 2 or 3 months might be “challenging”, losing 33% of the State’s Police Force will be “manageable”.
“Manageable”? Is she kidding? Seems not. Carroll told Seven News she had it covered. Her solution is to “shift police around the state”, “increase overtime” and make “officers work extra shifts”.
Police Minister, Mark Ryan, was just as unphased, saying government would just “fast-track” the graduation of new recruits to ‘cover the cracks’. So basically, a bunch of fresh-faced newbies will be brought in and tossed into the deep end, all to save the government and commissioner’s hide.
The icing on the cake, though, were hints by Channel 7, that the army could be brought in to ‘bridge the gap’. Channel 7 reminded viewers how soldiers were brought in four weeks ago to police the Qld border, after Jeannette Young ordered border police to get jabbed, and not enough complied – leaving the border under-manned. Great, so not only do we have armed soldiers policing our borders, we many now have them policing our streets as well.
‘No jab, no Job’ policies are Orwellian and an embarrassment in a country that still describes itself as “free and democratic”. There is absolutely nothing ‘voluntary’ or ‘ethical’ about this policy. It amounts to ‘coercive control’ by the State against powerless citizens. Now we are seeing the human cost of it all with 1,200 good men and women, hailed as heroes last year, now ‘kicked to the kerbside’ like so much rubbish.
Do any of our elites care? Not on your life.
As Commissioner Carroll said yesterday:

Stephen Andrew statement on challenge to No Jab, No Job mandate

Two cases were heard in the Queensland Supreme Court this week, which have been lodged on behalf of the State’s unvaccinated frontline workers. Queensland Police and healthcare workers, under direct threat of losing their jobs and livelihoods, are alleging “improper exercise of power” by the Queensland Government.
Many have young children and say that any refusal by them to accept the government’s ultimatum, will come at an enormous financial cost to themselves and their families. Both cases are being handled by the same law firm and barrister, after numerous Brisbane law firms shamefully refused to take their cases. The groups say jab mandates strip them of their right to natural justice, and breach countless Qld and Federal laws around human rights and anti-discrimination.
Qld Police have until this Monday to receive their first dose, despite the fact that all the “vaccines” are still in their experimental Phase 3 trial periods. The deadline for Queensland Health staff working in hospitals, expired last night.
Justice David Boddice, who made a number of seemingly antagonistic comments during the hearing, refused the groups’ request for a 90 day stay, saying the cases needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. He granted a 12 day stay instead.
The Judge also rejected the groups’ request that “the expert evidence relied upon by decision-makers be disclosed”, saying: “This is not a merits review — you won’t be getting it”.
A GoFundMe page set up for the police workers case has received many donations from other police officers, both serving and retired. The group has posted a statement on the page, saying health mandates are inconsistent with “workplace rights” and “infringe upon our rights to freedom and informed consent to a medical procedure”.
“Our country has a representative democratic government structured to afford its citizens legal protection against the exercise of arbitrary political power.”
“Even if you are not a QPS employee or family member, this affects you” .
“We believe acquiescence with a vaccine mandate will set a dangerous precedent for our country”.
“Today, it is a vaccine. Today, it is us on the line”.
“WHAT will it be tomorrow? WHO will it be tomorrow?”
Qld’s Police Commissioner said an investigation had been launched into whether police who donated to the campaign, could be charged with “police misconduct”.

Stephen Andrew statement on Great Police Purge

The coming “Great Police Purge” will drive out many critical-thinking, evidence-based police officers with good instincts. George Christensen has an excellent Facebook post up today, about a number of serving police officers who have told him they are being forced to either resign quietly or face disciplinary charges when the deadline for getting the ‘jab’ ends next month. Presumably, any refusal to resign by police will also mean the loss of their entitlements and benefit payments as well.
Clearly the QPS is hoping to purge all its non-compliant workers under cover of darkness, with threats, incentives and watertight confidentiality agreements. If they succeed, it will be win-win for the government, with the public never knowing exactly how many good police officers were lost in this great purge of “the unvaccinated” from the workforce. This creation of what amounts to a new ‘leper class’ within our borders, banishing them to second-class status and stripping them of their rights just seems so cold-blooded and dangerous, it is hard to believe it is actually being allowed to happen in this country.
The Post also contains a very moving letter from a Qld police officer of two decades’ service. He describes himself as a “critical-thinking, evidence-based” officer, who has always relied on “good instincts” and “gut feeling” to guide him in his personal and professional life. In other words, just the sort of person the “powers that be” are hoping to rid themselves of, I imagine.
The letter sends an important message to those shocked by some recent police actions, saying “We SEE YOU and We HEAR YOU” and “we are doing everything we can to right the ship”.
“There are good police that still serve the people and not agendas” he writes. “I know of many other police and their families who feel the same as you, so please don’t lose hope and faith, we are fighting.”
The letter recounts how, in a stunning act of treachery, the Police Union has led the pack when it comes to vilifying “those members who refuse to be vaccinated”.
They have been active in also stirring up hate and division within previously harmonious work groups, by saying things like:
It is a very sad letter, with the officer saying that he and his family’s lives “are in ruins right now” as they are struggling to come to terms with “losing everything we have worked so hard for”.
“My wife spent the whole day, two days ago, sobbing on the floor trying to come to terms with what is actually happening,” he writes.
“It’s hard for me to comprehend that everything going on is said to be for health, when families like mine are being torn apart”.
Read the full letter here: