Stephen Andrew MP Mirani Matters_January 2024

A Very Black Day for Queensland Coal Mines At around midday yesterday, a 27 year old man was crushed to death between two vehicles at an open-cut coal mine in Central Queensland. The man was working with a colleague in the fuel bay area at the Saraji coal mine, near Dysart, which is operated by […]

The Mount Morgan Argus Volume 18 Issue 3 Mount Morgan                  

‘Thugocracy’ – The Real Face of Global Governance   The leak of 100,000+ WhatsApp messages between the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and his circle of advisors, has given ordinary people a unique insight into what went on behind the closed doors of government in 2020. And it ain’t pretty. Hancock and his circle are […]

Billionaire buddies, Gates and Forrest, are determined to stop cow burps   Solving the problem of cow farts has become a multi-million dollar enterprise for billionaire do-gooders like Bill Gates and Andrew Forrest. The two have poured $AUD17 million into little-known Australian-based climate-tech start-up, Rumin8, which has developed a new synthetic feed supplement to significantly […]

A Better Kind of ‘Green’ Countless studies show that alternative, ecologically regenerative farming methods like ‘agroecology’ produce better yields, use less energy and chemicals, create more profits for farmers and are healthier all round. Agroecology applies age old traditional principles to agriculture, including natural pest control, organic fertilisers and locally adapted crops, supported by a […]

THE REAL AGENDA BEHIND QUEENSLAND’S ‘PATH TO TREATY’ With the COP27 climate conference in Egypt next week set to focus on the transition to ‘renewables’, some experts are warning there may not be enough land to manage a shift away from fossil fuels. The warnings are far from misplaced. Most people simply have no idea […]

“CONTROL FOOD AND YOU CONTROL THE PEOPLE” A recent feature in The Guardian savagely attacked organic farms for their “extravagant land use”, saying they were “underperforming in terms of yield”. They want these healthy and natural organic farms replaced with food manufacturing hubs and our food genetically engineered based on high yield and pest resistance. The whole […]

BEHIND THE GREEN MASK Under the guise of saving nature, the Albanese government has signed Australia up to one of the biggest land grabs in history. Dubbed 30 by 30, the goal is to set aside 30 percent of Australia’s land mass within a National Reserve System by 2030. And thirty percent is just the […]