Why is everyone so sick and tired?

Human beings are fatter, sicker, more tired, more depressed, and less cognitively alert today, than at any other time in human history.
The rates for cancer, dementia, obesity, childhood diabetes, infertility and autoimmune conditions are skyrocketing.
Yet barely anyone within government or public health, seems the least bit interested in finding out why.
If pressed, you will hear a lot of vague references to ‘risk factors’, family history and, of course, ‘smoking’ – a factor that has become less and less convincing as the number of smokers plummets.
But most are simply not prepared to even speculate on the matter.
Instead, the focus is ALL on the best way to TREAT or MANAGE the condition, rather than find out what caused it in the first place.
For those of us old enough to remember Professor Sumner Miller’s popular catch cry of ‘WHY IS IT SO?’, this lack of curiosity is astonishing.
There are no peer-reviewed studies on the subject. No large foundations/institutes established, or government/billionaire grants set up, to investigate it, despite trillions being poured into all sorts of medical research over the past two decades.
It reminds me of ‘elite’ opinion’s lack of curiosity on the likely origins of Covid.
Even now, four years on, there is simply no appetite within government or the scientific community for getting to the bottom of it all.
And with the prospect – or so we are told– of more pandemics to come, where are all the public health campaigns promoting the health effects of fresh air, sunlight and exercise?
Or public health initiatives informing people about the health-giving effects of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other natural ways people can help boost their immune response to infection and disease?
Instead, government public health campaigns seem more concerned with instilling fear and an overwhelming sense of individual powerlessness amongst the populace.
The damage this is doing to public health – and public trust – is incalculable.

The Best Way to ‘Save the World’ is to Eat Meat!

It appears there are little to no studies, or data, on the toxicology, nutrition profiles, product stability, allergy risks, contamination risks and adverse effects from these new ‘cell-based’ ‘meat’ products.
A 2023 ‘Food Hazards Identification’ report, published by the British Food Standards Agency (BFSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS), even admits to there being “considerable gaps in knowledge” when it comes to ‘fake’ meat production, and its consumption by humans.
According to the report:
“There are many stages of development for producing cultured meat … from taking a cell line from a small vial or biopsy and increasing the culture volume stepwise in stages (proliferation), until a commercial sized bioreactor can be seeded, to differentiating the cells to final desired cell type. At each stage, different chemicals, biologics, media formulations, additives and supplements are used to ensure a successful culture.”
Considering this multistep processing that cell-based meat undergoes, it’s simply not possible for it to be as healthy, safe or sustainable as conventional meat.
As the Journal of Cleaner Production said in 2022:
“Ultra-processed foods are fundamentally unsustainable products; they have been associated with poor health and social outcomes and require finite environmental resources for their production.”
Without any proper studies being done, however, it could be decades before the full health and environmental effects are known.
By then it will be too late to roll back.
Meanwhile, peer-reviewed research shows that natural meat, produced regeneratively, can sink carbon into the ground while building biodiversity and healthy soils.
The cows they want to replace with lab-grown concoctions, are therefore critical to recapturing carbon via healthy pasture lands.
Most of this new food technology is heavily funded by global banks, governments and sovereign wealth funds, not to mention billionaire activists like Bill Gates.
The owners of all the patents and intellectual property rights to this technology, will gain enormous, god-like powers over the world’s food systems.
This must not be allowed to happen.
Luckily the solution is in OUR hands.
Say NO to ‘alternative protein’ sources and EAT MEAT!
After all we don’t need the rich becoming richer, whilst loosing our Farmers so then we can become sick, poor and dependent.

Mackay set to lead Australia’s Great Food Reset

CSIRO’s 2023 report entitled, “Reshaping Australian Food Systems”, paves the way for a ‘reset’ of food production in Australia.
According to the green zealots at CSIRO, traditional wholefoods diets are now deemed ‘unsustainable’, ‘disease prone’ and bad for the planet.
Human beings must therefore be ‘transitioned’ over to an ultra-processed diet made up of GMOs, protein alternatives and synthetic biology.
In Queensland, the government is partnering with precision fermentation food manufacturer, “Cauldron”, in developing the technology for manufacturing dairy products, using genetically engineered microbes, instead of cows.
According to Cauldron’s Founder and CEO, Michelle Stansfield:
“Australia has a unique opportunity to become a regional powerhouse in precision fermentation and unlock future breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine, in combination”.
Combining ‘Medicine’?
Let’s seriously hope not!
The partnership is regarded as a “key plank” in the government’s delivery of the state’s 10 Year Biofutures Roadmap and Action Plan, which would see biotechnology eventually takeover real food production.
According to the government’s Roadmap:
“Tools such as genome editing will allow precise genetic changes, with the potential to improve yields and quality in both crops and livestock”.
Cauldron and the Qld government are also planning to build a new commercial-scale, high tech fermentation facility – aka a Future Food Manufacturing BioHub – in the Mackay region.
The goal of this $300 million facility is to provide the large-scale ‘fermentation’ capacity Queensland needs, to produce ‘synbio dairy’ products ‘at scale’.
According to the US-Australian food tech company, ChangeFoods’, Mackay is “uniquely positioned to benefit from the shift to synthetic biology” and ‘future foods’ manufacturing, due to its proximity to the Queensland Sugar industry.
It seems the favourite feedstock of these genetically engineered “little critters” is the sugar from cane, molasses and other by-products.
There appears to be a lot of local support for the facility amongst community groups such as the Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3), whose CEO was reported as saying:
“the project … will position Mackay at the forefront of the global biotech industry”.
Mackay Sugar is also on board, despite its chief executive, Jannik Olejas’ admission to the ABC that: “the project would likely see a reduction in sugar exports”. Despite this, Olejas said he was still “confident” the industry would see “an economic boost and crop growth”.
Which of course is GREAT news for the Queensland Sugar Industry.
Less great, perhaps, for countries currently faced with a worldwide sugar shortage and skyrocketing sugar prices.

A Country Going Backwards …

In Australia, Government is no longer in the hands of the people.
It is in the hands of a billionaire ruling class. This is true regardless of which major party you vote for.
Today, Australians are entering into a world of economic slavery more severe than anything this country has ever experienced before. Without jobs or discretionary income and burdened with debt, they will become dependent on their ‘masters’ for trickle-down benefits, handed out with onerous conditions attached and always at risk of being cut.
You would be hard pushed to identify a country whose economic affairs have been so badly mismanaged, and its people’s prospects so severely damaged, as has happened in Australia over the past 40 years.
Policies highly detrimental to Australia’s workforce, were rolled out for the benefit of corporate elites, from the offshoring of our manufacturing base to the financialisaton of our economy, transferring much of our wealth to the financial sector.
With discretionary-disposable income disappearing and interest on our debts skyrocketing, aggregate demand is starting to falter.
Soon there will be nothing left to drive the economy.
What we are witnessing is the spectacle of a country going backwards.
That’s what happens when you give away your country’s industry and manufacturing industry, together with a huge chunk of its professional, high value-added jobs.
The initial response was to put wives and mothers into the work force, but now even many two-wage families are experiencing steep declines in their living standard.
Young graduates, meanwhile, are burdened with crippling student loans, without jobs capable of producing sufficient income to pay off those debts.
Many will never get to experience the thrill of buying their own home.
Now we are told that robots, automation and AI are set to take over many of the good jobs that remain, displacing whole swathes of Australian workers without a heart and their programmed minds, set to ruthless.
As consumer spending dries up, who will be left to purchase all the goods and services supplied by these robots and AI?
Last time I checked, robots don’t buy houses, furniture, appliances, cars, clothes, food, entertainment, medical services, etc.
Neither do they pay fees or taxes, which means funding for Social Security and Medicare is destined to collapse.
Why is no-one talking about this?

It might go on hold this election year but it’s going to ramp up after that.

Ensure your vote elects the right people in the next QLD elections regardless if it Federal, State or Local governments.

Family Farming through regen agriculture

Deb, Rob & the Girls you set the standard for regen ag with one of the best setups ever. As I recall you never stopped working against every obstacle that came your way.
Thanks for all the nutritious food you distributed over the Years throughout the district and the in-depth knowledge you inspired thousands with.
From my Family to yours, thank you…. best wishes and may every success come your way in whatever you decide to take on in the future.


If Svitzer Australia proceeds with its planned lockout tomorrow, it will cripple Australia’s supply chain and wreak havoc on the country’s economy.

The media would have you believe that it’s all the fault of a bunch of greedy, good-for-nothing tugboat workers.

What they won’t tell you is that Svitzer has launched similar attacks on its tugboat operators in the UK and the Netherlands.

It has done so at the behest of its parent company, multi-billion dollar shipping conglomerate AP Moller Maersk, headquartered in Copenhagen.

Every year, Svitzer ‘Australia’ pays little to no tax in Australia, funnelling its hundreds of millions of dollars in profits back to the parent company Maersk in Denmark.

The company is happy, however, to pocket generous funding provided courtesy of the Australian taxpayer for the towage services it provides at every mainland port in the country.

At the very least, the government should demand the return of this money if the lockdown goes ahead tomorrow as planned.

Australian tugboat workers are being forced by Svitzer (Maersk) into accepting a massive cut in real wages, despite two years of no pay increases at all.

The company also wants changes to their working conditions which will diminish safety standards, including reduced manning levels and greater use of casual labour.

All this amidst soaring inflation and massive corporate profits by the global monopoly shipping carriers.

Maersk has profited greatly from the chaos in shipping during the pandemic.

Last year the company posted a record-high of $US16.6 billion, an increase of nearly 68 percent over the same quarter the previous year.

Despite this, Maersk has hiked its own freight rates, smashing freight forwarders, importers/exporters, retailers, farmers and other SMEs.  At one point, freight rates were increased 200-300 percent on some routes.

A Florida based furniture importer, recently filed a case against Maersk with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC.

“Maersk has fleeced the world economy during the pandemic without qualm or remorse to reap its historically-record profits, while consumers, shippers, and the world suffer from 40-year-high inflation driven in large part by the ocean carriers’ pricing tactics,” the OJC filing stated, adding:

“In blunter language, Maersk price gouged, as it took full advantage of the global crisis to extort as much money as it possibly could from shippers. This can be achieved because a small cartel of carriers – organized into three cozy alliances – rule the oceans. Their dominance is anchored in large part on federal antitrust immunity granted by the Shipping Act.”


This week we heard ‘snacks’ containing insects have been introduced to 1000 school canteens across Australia.

The company that makes them, Circle Harvest, expects over 6000 Australian schools to be stocking its products next year.

Circle Harvest’s founder, Skye Blackburn, said the snacks were ‘good for you and good for the planet’.

She also revealed that many major food brands have been quietly slipping insects into the food on our supermarket shelves without people’s knowledge for some time now.

Orange juice is allowed to contain up to five flies per 100ml, while flours and peanut butter may also contain insect parts.

“You are already eating insects – you just don’t know” she said.

Are you getting the picture?

They want you eating bugs as they deliberately collapse the world’s food supply and move to end meat and even vegetables.

They’re creating cricket milk, cockroach milk and even cream and butter out of these disgusting bugs, while spending billions on propaganda to ‘normalise’ the whole thing.

We will have worm patties, cricket lasagne and other godawful abominations forced on us by these “elites” who have no intention of eating the same garbage themselves.

The re-education programs are for you and your kids, not theirs.

Throughout human history, people have been repulsed by the idea of eating insects.

Not only do they taste disgusting and have a horrible texture in your mouth, but they are a well-known sign of filth and uncleanliness.

Insects feed on decaying matter: rotting food, animal corpses and human waste, all full of bacteria.  A danger not just found in wild caught insects, but farmed ones as well.

In the 1950s, a large number of Malaysians suffered a fatal infestation of harmful bacteria, which they got from eating dragon flies.

Insects are also the perfect vectors for parasites and viruses, many harmful, even deadly, to humans.

A peer-reviewed study in 2019 (National Library of Medicine) found that:

“Parasites were detected in 81 percent of 300 examined insect farms.  In 30 percent of cases, parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans.  Edible insects are an underestimated reservoir of human and animal parasites”.

The study recounts some of the horrific effects these parasites can have on the human gut and brain, but I’ll spare you the gory details.

Let’s just say, there are many good, well-founded reasons why insects have never become a staple part of the human diet.


The globalists, who already control the world’s financial system, are now moving to take  control of our food as well.

Over the last few years, State governments in Australia have been passing legislation aimed at creating a completely traceable and trackable food infrastructure system.

This full spectrum surveillance across the entire food chain was introduced as part of Australia’s commitment to the 2015 Paris Agreement – also known as Agenda 2030 – and its notorious SDGs.

At the national and state level, of course, the legislation was sold to the public on the pre-text of ‘food safety’ and biosecurity concerns.

Part of the new and innovative digital ‘Trust Architecture’ we keep hearing about – a Trojan horse if ever there was one.

Only now are the true dangers of this digital mapping of the country’s food chain starting to become apparent.

Digital ID is the final piece of the puzzle.

How easy will it be for Governments to link this already existing digital tracking of our food, to Digital ID.

If that were to happen, governments would hold unparalleled powers for controlling WHAT foods its citizens were permitted to eat (GMO) and which foods – ie meat – must be rationed, or banned as ‘bad for the environment’.

Worse, the State would have the power to decide WHO has access to food and who doesn’t.

By allowing the microchipping and barcoding of the entire food network in Australia, we have unwittingly put ourselves at the mercy of Governments and an increasingly megalomaniacal officialdom.

Private sector ‘stakeholders’ would, of course be fully complicit in all this, underlining the dangers which have always existed in the bizarre idea that Governments colluding with Big Business was a good thing.


I hope all Queensland farmers are taking note of what is going on in The Netherlands right now.

For days there has been a complete mainstream media blackout on the story, but finally news of the extraordinary revolt by Dutch farmers over the country’s new ‘Net Zero’ farming laws emerged yesterday.

The new regulations aims at slashing nitrogen oxide emissions 50 to 95 percent, depending on the province, by 2030.

To comply with the new limits, Dutch farmers will be forced to cull (kill) 30 per cent of their livestock.

An estimated 5,000 farms will be wiped out immediately, especially those near Holland’s ‘protected areas’, where the levels have been reduced a staggering 95 percent.

“The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” the Dutch Government said smugly when announcing the new laws.

This is beyond stupidity.

The idea that Dutch farmers are producing so much nitrogen, a gas that has NO EFFECT on global climate, that a third of the country’s farms must be shut down is absolutely insane.

So insane, in fact, that fifty thousand tractor-driving, furious Dutch farmers have brought the country to its knees over it.

It’s now impossible to cross the border with Germany because farmers, truckers and other allied workers have blocked all the highways with tractors, trucks, mounds of manure and hay bales.

Giant tractor chains, meanwhile, are blocking access to the country’s 20 food distribution centres, while fishermen, sympathetic to the protest, have blocked most of its ports.

The Dutch media are of course trying to paint the farmers as “far right-wing extremists” and “domestic terrorists”, but so far their words are falling on deaf ears.

The Dutch people are backing the farmers and their protest to the hilt!

The farmers say they have blocked highways, ports and supermarket distribution centres, to make the point that without farmers, no one eats.

They aren’t kidding either.

The Netherlands is the world’s second biggest agricultural exporter in the world and the largest meat exporter in Europe.

That means ALL of Europe will suffer.  Food shortages alone will be crippling.

Any Australian who thinks this doesn’t affect them are in for a shock when similar measures are imposed here – and believe me, they will be!

Too many people have allowed their heads to be filled with green fairy tales when it comes to this “transition” to ‘net zero’.

Most have no idea of the enormous costs and pain involved.

At a bare minimum, it is going to mean less farms, less livestock and a lot less food!