‘Thugocracy’ – The Real Face of Global Governance


The leak of 100,000+ WhatsApp messages between the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and his circle of advisors, has given ordinary people a unique insight into what went on behind the closed doors of government in 2020.

And it ain’t pretty.

Hancock and his circle are revealed as ‘mad monks’ on enforcing total compliance with the government’s restrictions and lockdowns.

Even Johnson, and Chancellor Sunak, are viewed as suspect in their eyes.

Another ‘hate’ figure is Sweden, the only European country to not enforce total lockdowns on its people.

At one point, Hancock snaps: “I am so sick of the “fu*king Sweden argument”.

“Supply three or four bullet points on why Sweden is wrong” he barks at aides, who presumably scurry off to do his bidding.

Another exchange involves Jeremy Farrar, a member of the government’s scientific advisory body, Sage.

Farrar had earned Hancock’s enmity by publicly questioning one of the government’s decisions in 2020.

Hancock calls for Farrar to be sacked, saying:

“We need a Jeremy Farrar handling strategy.  He is totally offside, a complete loudmouth, has little respect amongst the serious scientists.  Did he approach us before doing Ridge (a Sky News Program)?  He needs to be either inside the tent and onside, or outside and commentating.  He adds no value internally”.

Hancock’s words are telling.

Firstly, he queries whether Farrar “approached us” – ie asked for the government’s permission – before appearing on Sky News.

Secondly, he makes clear that scientists must be ‘either inside or outside the tent’.

The government’s policies are exposed as having nothing to do with ‘the Science’ and everything to do with ‘ingrouping’ and ‘outgrouping’.

Those who failed to play along, must be cast out and cancelled.

There used to be a word for this type of government – ‘thugocracy’.

Of course, on this occasion, Hancock had bitten off more than he could chew, in going after Farrar.

Sir Jeremy Farrar is not just anyone.

For starters, he’s a director of the world’s second richest Foundation, the Welcome Trust, and was recently appointed Chief Scientist to the World Health Organisation.

In 2017, he co- founded CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, with his friend Bill Gates.  He is also a long-time Agenda Contributor of the World Economic Forum and good friend of Klaus Schwab.

He is, in short, a very powerful man.

If anyone was going to be ‘cancelled’, it would be Farrar who did the cancelling.

Poor old Hancock didn’t stand a chance.

The leak of these messages is pure gold.

They deserve to be shared as widely as possible, particularly with the more trusting souls among us.

The ESG Global Protection Racket


ESGs act in the same way China’s social credit system does – just at the corporate level.

The whole system is little more than a mechanism for injecting a ‘collectivist’ political ideology into every company’s policy and investment decisions.

A weapon that Global Finance is using to enforce total conformity on businesses worldwide, particularly around issues such as climate change, green energy and ‘social justice’.

Any business refusing to ‘go along’, or that globalists have designated as an ‘undesirable’ business, are ‘cancelled’ by removing their ability to open a bank account, obtain loans, lines of credit and insurance.

It is not just banks either.  Giant managed funds like BlackRock, government super funds, insurers and investment trusts, are all using ESG scores to aggressively discriminate against their own customers, based on their political, cultural and religious beliefs.

In October last year, a faith-based non-profit organisation led by a former US Ambassador for Religious Freedom, had its Chase Manhattan account closed abruptly, with little explanation.

Wells Fargo, meanwhile, put a target on conservatives’ backs in 2020, when it shut down the bank accounts of Lauren Witzke, a Republican Senate candidate.

These are just two of many such cases I could cite.

The truly insidious part of ESGs, however, is that it isn’t just ‘undesirable’ companies who are being punished by lenders, insurers and fund managers, but all the smaller businesses operating along that company’s supply-chain as well.

An accountancy business that does the books for an oil company, for example, will also be assigned a low ESG credit score based on their association with that company, and their access to certain financial services/products will be restricted accordingly.

This is NOT something that MAY happen someday, ‘in the future’.

It is happening right now, and at scale.

Just ask a farmer, licensed gun dealer or mining contractor about the last time they tried to obtain a bank loan or some form of insurance, if you don’t believe me.

Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Think of ESGs as a global protection racket.  One that has all the hallmarks of those run by the Mafia in the 1930s.

One that is being sold as a benign way of measuring ‘corporate stewardship’, but which at bottom, it is just plain old criminal racketeering.

A corporate shakedown, where businesses are being forced to operate with a proverbial gun held to their heads.


In September 2021, the Rockefeller Foundation, New York Stock Exchange, Aberdare Ventures and Inter-American Development Bank, announced a new publicly tradable security called a ‘Natural Asset Company’ (NAC).

A NAC basically involves governments putting up their country’s natural assets for sale.

A piece of nature, like a protected area, forest or lake, is ‘valued’, assigned a price tag and then converted into financial capital and launched as an IPO (initial public offering) on the stock exchange.

The NAC (a state or federal government) no longer ‘owns’ the asset – institutional investors and hedge funds do!

That means global asset managers like BlackRock, who already own almost everything, could end up owning every piece of nature as well – basically what used to be regarded as the ‘commons’ – ie belonging to all.

Everything has its price when it comes to the Eco-Industrial Complex.

Proceeds from the NAC initial public offering (IPO) will be used by governments to manage the natural asset, with anything left over put towards buying more ‘protected’ natural assets to sell off.

NACs, we are told, will unlock $4 quadrillion in natural assets.

Can you imagine the feeding frenzy this will unleash?

Billionaires everywhere will be rushing to buy up the rights to clean water, clean air and fish-laden rivers, lakes and streams.

How about a snow-capped mountain or maybe an entire forest?

Hell they could end up buying the Great Barrier Reef with Uluru tossed in as a bonus!

The possibilities are endless.

Something as despicable as a NAC shouldn’t be allowed in a democracy.

Which is no help of course, since there isn’t a single democracy left on the planet.

Just a few dictators and a bunch of fascist corporatocracies.

Remember how we all tutt-tutted over African dictators looting their nations to the tune of billions in the 80s?

Well now we’ll get to witness it first-hand from the comfort of our own country.

So, let’s cut the crap.

Slapping a price tag on Nature is NOT ‘sustainable’ OR eco-friendly.

It’s straight up theft of the ‘commons’.

Do “green” ideologues seriously believe that global capital, rebranded as “stakeholder capitalists”, are actually going to ‘save’ Nature?

Can they actually be THAT stupid?

Call me crazy but I don’t trust governments and I sure as hell don’t trust transnational bankers or investment trusts.

I also don’t believe that any corporation, billionaire or globalist NGO should have the right or ability to “own” something as permanent as a mountain.


Turns out there is a lot more to the Dutch farmers’ protest than meets the eye.

Many farmers are convinced that the government’s massive land grab has less to do with reducing nitrogen emissions and everything to do with plans to transform the Netherlands into a giant, sprawling metropolis called the TriState City.

The TriState area will cover the WHOLE of the Netherlands and large parts of Germany and Belgium as well.

The ultimate goal is for TriState to become the capital of a new ‘globo-homogenised’ European continent, made up of high density housing, EVs, bike paths and food “manufacturing” hubs.

Any natural areas left over will be used as renewable energy platforms for powering the gigantic new “City-State”.

It would mean the end of the Netherlands as a separate country, with the Dutch people’s own unique culture, heritage and way of life lost forever.

Instead, they and many other Europeans are to be herded into the TriState’s ‘sustainable’, densely packed residences – akin to barracks.

There will be “green space” but NO “free space”.

Inspired by the UN’s Agenda 2030, WEF’s “Cities of Tomorrow” and the EU’s Cities2030, a primary goal of the TriState will be for food to be produced within the confines of the smart cities.

It seems “sustainable” cities means “transforming the way we produce, transport, supply, recycle and RE-USE food”.

Partners of ‘Cities2030 include the Gates-funded “Food Future Institute”, and BIOZOON, a company that has nothing to do with natural, organic farming and everything to do with GMO food and lab-made meat.

In order to make all this a reality, however, a lot of land is going to be needed.

Land that the state doesn’t own – the farmers do.

And it’s not just farmers either.  The Dutch government is now talking of raising property taxes from 0.45 percent to 2.45 percent.  Anything to make it harder for people to afford their own homes and get them into those barracks.

Fishermen are being targeted as well.

From next year, fishing licenses will be issued based on how environmentally friendly their trawlers are – solely based on the “opinion” of inspectors.

It won’t be long, the Dutch fishers say, before no-one will be permitted to hold a fishing licence.

The ‘old normal’, and everything in it, is to be torn down, scrapped.

It’s not just happening in the Netherlands, but everywhere.

I have no doubt there are plans in a drawer somewhere, for a TriState here in Queensland.

A megacity metropolis where everything will be controlled and micromanaged: housing, food, water, education, reproduction and health.

One large ‘sustainable’ Gulag.

With no room for farmers.

Or animals.

Or freedom.

No Room for Dutch Farmers in TriState Megacity – YouTube



There is no greater power in the world than the power of the people when they stand together to fight for their rights and freedom.

We saw it in Canada in January and we are seeing it again today in Europe, where Dutch farmers are refusing to back down.

Their brave stand against the forces of globalist tyranny has been taken up by hundreds of thousands of farmers, fishers and truckers across Europe.

The protests have provoked a mass outpouring of sympathy and support from the public, who are cheering the farmers on despite shameful attempts to smear them by the media.

This is the greatest mass movement for freedom the Netherlands has ever seen!

I stand with the Dutch farmers.  Their fight is our fight!

“Boeren Ga Maar Staand” – Gaatze Bosma – Boeren Ga Maar Staan (Officiële videoclip)



Remember ‘Energiewende’– the green energy transition that globalists held up as a green energy model for the world.

Between 2000 and 2019, renewables in Germany grew from 7 percent to 35 percent of its electricity.

German politicians were so convinced that gas and coal were stranded assets that they closed all their reliable power generators, without building any more to replace them.

Meanwhile, the enormous subsidies paid to the renewables sector helped make German retail power costs the highest in Europe.

No matter.  Energiewende was “Germany’s gift to the world” they told us.

In 2020, the German government allocated a record $38 billion to expand green electricity infrastructure even more.

On 7 March 2022, it earmarked another 200 billion for yet more investments in decarbonisation and “greater independence from imported fossil fuels”.

Germany’s Finance Minister Christian Lindner said the funds would be used to expand e-car charging infrastructure, hydrogen production and the construction of more renewable power sources in Germany.

The Minister called renewables “freedom energies”.

He said it with a straight face.

Energiewende has cost Germany $36 billion annually since 2015.  By 2025, the total amount spent will hit $580 billion.

But things are not looking so good for Germany’s Energiewende today, with gas flows from Russia at just 20 percent capacity.

In fact things are starting to look very grim indeed.

It might still be the height of summer, but Germany has little time to lose.

City officials are dimming or turning off streetlights – even traffic lights – while municipal pools and gyms switch off the hot water in a race to reduce energy consumption before winter.

German brewers have been told to stop making beer and there is talk of Oktoberfest being cancelled.

Landlords have turned down the heating on rental properties and asked tenants to take shorter showers.

Germany’s presidential palace in Berlin is no longer lit at night and the spotlights on public monuments have all been turned off.

Fifteen percent of German industries have already cut production, while a third say they will do so shortly.

One is chemical giant BASF SE, who says it is planning to cut the gas-intensive production of ammonia — a key component of fertilisers – due to skyrocketing energy costs rendering the business unprofitable.

Our economic system is in danger of collapsing,” the Premier of Saxony told Die Zeit newspaper.

“If we aren’t careful, Germany could become deindustrialised” he said.

Welcome to life under Net Zero!

A world where nights are going to be cold and dark, where hot water will be a luxury and sports stadiums prepare to do double duty as warming areas for Germans so they don’t freeze to death.



The world’s oil supply is under siege on all sides.

Not only has the market lost 3 million barrels a day of Russian oil due to sanctions, we have seen a string of fires, explosions, supply breakdowns and strikes take out oil refineries worldwide.

On Monday, South Africa declared a ‘force majeure’ at Naref, its last working oil refinery, due to ‘delivery delays.  That means SA’s whole refinery fleet is out of action.

In, Libya, oil production has collapsed from 1.2 million barrels a day to 100,000 barrels, while in the US, Executive Orders have closed the Keystone Pipeline and major fields off the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska Inlet.

Biden is now desperately releasing a million barrels a day from America’s strategic oil reserve, which fell to its lowest level since 1985 this week.

Nearly 1 million bpd of oil refining capacity has been lost in the US since 2020, with five refineries shut down and more closures planned.

Chevron’s CEO told Bloomberg recently: ‘there will never be another new refinery built on US soil’.

In Australia, Chevron announced the closure of WA’s largest oil field by 2025.  This follows the closure of two refineries and dozens of offshore oil fields including shutdowns at the Curtis Island project in Gladstone.

New Zealand protestors, meanwhile, have been camped at Bream Bay for 100 days calling on the government to reopen NZ’s sole oil refinery at Marsden Point.

The whole world, meanwhile, has stopped investing in oil.

Today, there are just 507 oil fields producing more than 500,000 bpd. Most are 50+ years old with 60 percent decline rates.

Replacing these fields will take years and trillions of dollars but despite the surging demand and exploding price, there is no sign anywhere of governments preparing to invest in exploration.

Oil investment peaked in 2015 at a trillion dollars, falling to 583 billion in 2016.

Funny that.

2015 was the year governments worldwide signed on to Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

What are the odds that hundreds of billions of oil investment were then cancelled or postponed?

Without oil, the world would grind to a halt.

Factories would stop running, Ships, trucks, cars, tractors and airplanes would all sputter to a standstill and rust.

It is the indispensable energy that powers everything from industry, agriculture, transportation and construction.

So where are the oil ‘resilience plans’ or ‘emergency preparedness strategies’?

There aren’t any.

We don’t even have the baseline analysis needed to prepare such a thing.

The one bright spot is that people are finally waking up to the fact that ‘green tech’ won’t save them.

The ‘Green New Deal’ is NOT working.

Just ask all those Germans madly chopping firewood to prepare for winter!


Over the last twenty years, a “planning revolution” has taken place in Australia.

A revolution brought to you courtesy of ICLEI – (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – Local Governments for Sustainability) – an international association of local councils, committed to implementing the UN’s Agenda 21/Sustainable Development at the local level.

What bothers me the most about ICLEI, is that it is an international NGO made up of local governments that hold private meetings on council policy that aren’t open – or accountable – to the people of Queensland.

Members are given webinar training sessions, regional workshops, international peer networking opportunities and a library of local government model ordinances, policies and resolutions.

ICLEI also represents Australia’s local governments at the UN’s Climate Conferences.

According to Australia’s Constitution, local governments are not supposed to engage in foreign policy.  That includes forming international alliances, treaties and/or agreements.

But, I’ve noticed that Australia’s Constitution no longer seems to be enforced.  Governments just do what they want regardless.

In any event, ICLEI initiatives have transformed Queensland radically on the principle that all human habitation must be restricted to land within the “Urban Growth Boundaries” of our cities, or “human settlement zones”.

Under ICLEI’s guidance, councils have revised zoning laws to allow high-density and small-lot development in urban areas, while imposing more and more restrictions on land uses in non-urban regions.

They want people off the land and into cramped, overpriced inner city apartments on the train line, where there’s no yard, no privacy and no parking.

At the policy level, rural and remote regions are being starved – or drip-fed – the revenue they need to maintain infrastructure and services.

Council roads are not maintained, parks and sporting facilities are left to rot, while police stations and hospitals are shut down.

Monies are instead diverted into ‘sustainability initiatives’ and ‘inner-city revitalisation’ programs.

Call it Smart Growth.  Call it Sustainable Development.  Call it Green Zoning, Capacity Building, Catalysing Change, Creative Pathways or whatever you like – it all amounts to one thing: a top-down, authoritarian agenda, with no input from the public.

Everything is done using phony neighbourhood groups and paid facilitators, trained at presenting a range of choices geared towards a pre-determined outcome.

It is only the illusion of ‘public buy-in’ they want.

Meanwhile, they have created so many planning boards, commissions, regional agencies, non-profits, roundtables, panels and committees, it is impossible for anyone to keep up with what is going on.

One thing, though, is unmistakable.

Everything that is happening, was meant to happen.

The plan is to restrict your choices, limit your funds, increase your anxiety, narrow your freedom and take away your voice.


The globalists, who already control the world’s financial system, are now moving to take  control of our food as well.

Over the last few years, State governments in Australia have been passing legislation aimed at creating a completely traceable and trackable food infrastructure system.

This full spectrum surveillance across the entire food chain was introduced as part of Australia’s commitment to the 2015 Paris Agreement – also known as Agenda 2030 – and its notorious SDGs.

At the national and state level, of course, the legislation was sold to the public on the pre-text of ‘food safety’ and biosecurity concerns.

Part of the new and innovative digital ‘Trust Architecture’ we keep hearing about – a Trojan horse if ever there was one.

Only now are the true dangers of this digital mapping of the country’s food chain starting to become apparent.

Digital ID is the final piece of the puzzle.

How easy will it be for Governments to link this already existing digital tracking of our food, to Digital ID.

If that were to happen, governments would hold unparalleled powers for controlling WHAT foods its citizens were permitted to eat (GMO) and which foods – ie meat – must be rationed, or banned as ‘bad for the environment’.

Worse, the State would have the power to decide WHO has access to food and who doesn’t.

By allowing the microchipping and barcoding of the entire food network in Australia, we have unwittingly put ourselves at the mercy of Governments and an increasingly megalomaniacal officialdom.

Private sector ‘stakeholders’ would, of course be fully complicit in all this, underlining the dangers which have always existed in the bizarre idea that Governments colluding with Big Business was a good thing.


The West banned Oil imports from Russia and the price of oil immediately skyrocketed.

Australia’s RBA Governor, Philip Lowe, said on Tuesday that oil prices have risen 66% since last year.

Australia, he said, is facing the highest level of inflation seen in “many years”.

Now countries worldwide are being hit with crippling fuel shortages.

Many are scrambling to put in place national transportation emergency measures, including the UK, Australia, Canada and US.

Air travel has been smashed as airports across the UK, US and Europe cancel up to 60 percent of their flights because they don’t have enough jet fuel.

Can someone please explain how all this is a moral victory against Putin?

As far as I can see, all it has done is make Putin, the Saudis, Iran and Venezuela much, much richer – and us, a lot poorer.


Because higher oil prices only make them richer.

The loser won’t be Putin, it will be US – the so-called ‘advanced economies’ of the West.

And it’s not just oil.

Thanks to sanctions, commodities are up dramatically across the board: potash, fertilisers, wheat – wheat is huge.  Nickel went up 250% in 2 days after sanctions were first announced.

Who’s going to pay for all this?  You are.

It will be the biggest tax increase of your lives.  And by the way, it could soon get worse.


Because, contrary to what you’ve been told, a large section of the world has not joined the West’s boycott and Russia is still able to sell its oil, wheat and gas on global markets.

Here’s the bigger truth.  World trade and the global financial system benefit countries like Australia, the most.

That may not be fair, but it’s true.  It is the basis of Western power and wealth.

So if you destroy it in an effort to ‘get Putin’, who are you really destroying?

You’re destroying the West, and that’s what’s happening right now.

When you attack and destabilise world trade and the global financial system, you are attacking and destabilising Western economies, NOT Putin.

The West’s response to the invasion of Ukraine is probably the single most damaging thing any group of leaders has ever done to their own countries and the world.

Not to Putin.  To their own people.  And a lot of small countries who didn’t deserve it.

One day when all the hysteria finally lifts, I think we will review this moment with clear heads and when we do, we will be horrified.