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Stephen Andrew statement on “How safe are face masks?”

I have just learnt that most of the face masks, PCR Test swabs and hospital respirators, have black graphene nanoparticles embedded in them.
Health Canada, Canada’s federal health agency, apparently sent out an urgent ‘recall notice’ in March, warning Canadians to “stop purchasing and using face masks containing nanoform graphene” – a novel nanoparticle.
The agency advised it had carried out a “preliminary assessment of available research” and found that “inhaled graphene particles had potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals,”, so could pose a “health risk” to humans.
French authorities issued their own urgent statement in June, ‘recalling’ all “face masks made using graphene or biomass graphene”.
Both countries directed “distributors, importers, and manufacturers to stop the sale of affected products immediately.”
Interestingly some Spanish scientists last month, analysed a batch of vaccines, and reported they were chockfull of “graphene oxide”. (see links below)
Graphene is apparently highly conductive and used in manufacturing paper-thin batteries, flexible smartphones, and microprocessors that operate at speeds once thought impossible.
It is a far from benign material if inhaled, however.
According to one researcher, breathing it in in large quantities can “create inflammation in the lungs, resulting in chronic injury, bacterial infections and the formation of calcified granulomatous”.
“It can also create a variety of immunodeficiency reactions and conditions like Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis”.
The Graphene Council (who even knew there was one) quickly issued a rebuttal, reassuring everyone that the billion dollar nanomaterial was definitely “safe and beneficial”.
As proof, it said that “Graphene materials” have been approved for sale in both Australia and Canada”.
News to me, but a quick check online revealed the Council was 100% correct!
All of which begs a number of questions:
1. What safety studies/research did the TGA rely on when it approved its widespread use in face masks, PCR test swabs and hospital respirators?
2. Where is the ‘informed consent’ given millions of users, like me, are unaware of the hidden ‘medical treatment’ their masks contain? and
3. Will the government accept ‘liability’ if it turns out graphene IS IN FACT dangerous for people’s cells/lungs?
Health Canada, meanwhile, was forced to lift their ‘recall’ notice.
It was a fairly terse statement, however, and finished defiantly with:
“At this time, no additional graphene masks are permitted for sale in Canada.”
“The department requires companies that wish to sell graphene masks in the country to FIRST PROVIDE EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATING THE SAFETY” and that “while graphene is reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties, the department DID NOT FIND EVIDENCE that it provides any added antimicrobial or antiviral protection in these masks”.
Maybe it’s time we all started making our own masks …
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