Will there be any humans left when the Climate Apocalypse finally rocks up … ?

Men’s sperm counts have dropped over 50 percent since the early 1970s.

Over 50 percent!!

The trend was first identified in 1992 by Danish researchers who carried out the first major analysis of sperm counts in men between 1940 and 1990.

The team found that men’s sperm counts had dropped from 113 million/ml in 1940 to 66 million/ml in 1990 (virtually halved), with semen quality decreasing 25 percent.

This means a young male today; has only half the sperm count of his grandfather and therefore half the chance to conceive.

In 1995 French researchers analysed the records for 1300 healthy men at a Paris sperm bank and found average sperm counts had declined by a third between 1973 and 1993.

“There has been a true decline in the quality of semen during the past 20 years, since the characteristics of semen from a fertile man of a given age in 1993 are significantly poorer than those of a fertile man of the same age in 1973”.

A 2017 meta-analysis by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that from 1973 to 2011, sperm concentration had decreased 52.4 percent and total sperm count, 59.3 percent– a decline of 1.6 percent per year.

In November 2022, a new study was published in the Journal of Human Reproduction which showed the trend was global and accelerating, with an annual decline of 2.64% since 2000 – an “overall fall of 62.3% among unselected men”.

Men’s testosterone levels are also plummeting.

Testosterone in men has dropped 1% every year since 1987, according to a 2017 meta-analysis.

It’s not age-related either.

The study showed that an average 40 year old man in 2017 had testosterone levels 30% lower than the average 40 year old in 1987.

All these numbers paint a pretty stark picture for humanity’s future.

You would think someone, somewhere might want to find out why all this is happening.  But you’d be wrong.

The issue is routinely ignored by our political and media establishment.

Nor is it of interest to the world’s trillion-dollar scientific research/industrial complex.

I couldn’t find a single funded study, by NIH or anyone, on WHY testosterone and sperm counts are plummeting, much less how to stop it.

Why not?

It is an issue which could prove absolutely catastrophic for human propagation.

As Dr Shanna Swan, co-author of the 2017 Israeli study, said recently:

“If this trend continues, humans may not have the ability to reproduce themselves naturally by 2050”.

… may not have the ability to reproduce themselves NATURALLY by 2050.


I think I may have just answered my own question!


The Scottish government has ordered an inquiry into neonatal deaths, after official data showed newborn babies have been dying at a higher rate than expected in Scotland.

Scotland is one of the few countries in the world that actually collects good data and makes it public, unlike Australia for example.

Official data in Scotland shows a significant increase in neonatal mortality in Scotland throughout 2021 and 2022.

Two particular spikes over six months were noted.

In September 2021, the rate was 4.9 per thousand and in March 2022, it was 4.6.

Bear in mind that the average mortality rate amongst newborns is two per thousand births.

Public health authorities in Scotland have described the deaths as “troubling” but have been quick to rule out both Covid and the jab.

Which is curious because Public Health Scotland has admitted that NO statistics have been collected on whether the babies’ mothers had been injected or not.

PHS said its consultants had “given careful consideration to the potential benefits of including data on vaccination status as part of their inquiry into the tragic death of 39 infants in Scotland but decided against it, describing it as “uninformative for public health decision-making”!!

According to a document released under FOI, PHS wrote “we do not have any plans to examine maternal vaccination status as there is no Public Health reason to do so”!

Another report on newborn deaths in the UK’s Telegraph is headed:

“NHS Hospitals have claimed that babies born alive were stillborn.”

Some of the children lived for any from a few minutes up to five days.

At present coroners can only hold inquests for babies who have shown signs of life after being born.

In the UK, the coroner has no jurisdiction to investigate stillbirths, so if a baby is listed as stillborn, it is outside the protectorate of the coronial system.

Recording babies that were born alive, if only for a few hours or days, as stillbirths, has led to NHS officials being accused of trying to avoid scrutiny.

The question is “Why?”


According to Britain’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), the official unvaccinated rate is 8 percent, a very low number.

Whether this number is accurate, however, is becoming increasingly open to question in the UK.

It started with the release of the latest UK Health Security Agency Report in July.

As one critic tweeted at the time: “the report reveals that almost 30 percent of those eligible in the UK, have not had a single dose of the vaccine.  Even if you take out those aged under 18, you still have 20 percent without a single dose.”

Now a controversial BBC2 documentary called “Unvaccinated”, hosted by mathematician Hannah Fry, is raising more eyebrows.

In the documentary, Fry refers to the fact that the BBC had commissioned the largest UK-wide representative survey, since the vaccine rollout began, for the program.

The BBC survey included 2570 people, of whom 664 said they had never been vaccinated – that’s 26 PERCENT!

The anomaly was picked up by Norman Fenton, Professor of Risk Information Management at Queen Mary London University and a Research Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, who said that with such a large and representative survey sample: “it would be virtually impossible, by any kind of statistical analysis, for the true proportion of unvaccinated to be anything less than 20 percent”.

Fenton downloaded the survey data and examined it in detail against the “nationally representative profile” based on ONS census data.

He found that it all matched pretty closely and was therefore stunned to find the company had made a big ‘weighting’ adjustment to the “net unvaccinated” figure.

“This reduced those 664 responses to just 216” he said.

“Which is completely insane.  It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever”.

“When you scroll back, you can see that all the counts are adjusted based on that weighted difference, changing the percentage from 26 to 8 percent.”

“It’s pretty safe to conclude that the ONS claim of 8 percent massively underestimates the actual number, and the true rate is probably at least 20 percent” he said.

Why does it matter?

It matters because all of the “safety and efficacy” studies were carried out on the presumption that the official ONS figure was accurate.

If ONS has massively overestimated the “vaccinated” rate, he said, then all those “safety and efficacy” studies were done on flawed data.

It would also mean that the “fatality rate” for the “unvaccinated” compared to “vaccinated”, has also been massively overestimated.


Share your experience with Friends and Family if you have had COVID to dispel the myths.
Yes it kills people and here are the facts, education is key and the fear concerning severity must be exposed so we ALL understand and move on.
Time for some official Covid-19 statistics published by the Commonwealth Department of Health up to 01/02/2022. 91.7% of deaths reported are 60+ years of age.
Death rate per total cases = 0.22%.
Deaths per total cases by age grouping:
90+ years = 12.24% deaths per cases
80-89 years = 5.88% deaths per cases
70-79 years = 1.5% deaths per cases
60-69 years = 0.33% deaths per cases
50-59 years = 0.11% deaths per cases
40-49 years = 0.03% deaths per cases
30-39 years = 0.01% deaths per cases
20-29 years = 0.003% deaths per cases
10-19 years = 0.00009% deaths per cases
0-9 years = 0.0025% deaths per cases