Petition: Prohibit Council ‘Unisex Only’ Gender Neutral Amenities Blocks

Coming to a council near you!
We must protect women and men’s safe spaces.
It is crucial that ALL intricate operational details and specifications related to publicly owned buildings be thoroughly documented, transparent, and incorporated into the Queensland council agenda master plan designs.
These designs should be made available to the public for review and subsequent voting by councillors, ensuring active community consultation. Any deviation from this standard practice could be perceived as misleading, disrespectful, and lacking in transparency.
The vicious attack by a ‘woke’ mob on those attending Sydney’s peaceful ‘Let Women Speak’ Rally today, was disgraceful.
According to reports, women speaking at the rally regularly had their voices drowned out by chants of ‘bigots gone” and “anti-queer TERFS are not welcome here’.
They claim to be ‘protecting the rights’ of trans people, but I seriously doubt that’s the real aim.
In fact, I’d say their actions had far more to do with shutting down dissenters from the new ‘woke’ hegemony, than ‘protecting’ anyone.
A hegemony, mind you, that clearly has a lot of very wealthy and powerful vested interests behind it.
Their ultimate goal is to strongarm people into total conformity with their ideology.
And if not conformity, then silence.
But today’s speakers showed that Australian women have no intention of being silenced.
Free speech and biological reality are far too important to allow them to be abused and stomped over in this way.
That’s why I look forward to seeing a big turn-out at tomorrow’s ‘Let Women Speak’ rally in Brisbane.

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