I’m starting to wonder if this has become a competition for the most “out of touch with reality” claim made by an individual type turn out.
It must be great to sit in a heated room with decadent food flown in from all parts of the the world, that’s been grown and harvested by famers, caught by fishermen and cooked on natural gas, to then tell everyone how it should be outlawed as they climb back on their private jets with a carbon footprint of 24:7 Gulf oil fire.
Talk about hypocrisy, which leads me to believe there could be one way to solve the global electricity problems. If bullshit was electricity, some people would be walking power stations.
They are going after food production no doubt to replace it with there insect products and GMO alternatives. This is ramping up and is becoming very blatant in its delivery.

Kieran Kelly writes

The world elites are proposing to imprisoned people if they take part in Fishing or farming activities. In an unprecedented display of delirium at the World Economic Forum, Ludacris proposed a ludicrous ban on all forms of fishing, citing the creation of a new term, “ecocide,” to describe the act of catching fish. In a bewildering twist, he suggested imprisoning fishermen for committing this supposed crime against the environment. The World Economic Forum, usually known for discussing serious economic matters, seemed to have taken a dive into the absurd with this proposal. Perhaps next year, they will suggest outlawing the consumption of carrots to protect the rights of rabbits.
Remember, we can’t survive without farmers and fishermen.

Kieran Kelly  writes

So they want to ban all fishing and farming ?
In a mind-boggling proposal, the World Economic Forum has reportedly entertained the idea of banning rice production as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because apparently, in their parallel universe, the world can do without one of the most widely consumed staple foods, and millions of people can simply forget about their beloved sushi and biryani. One can only imagine the uproar from rice-loving nations and the perplexed looks on the faces of farmers who have been cultivating the grain for centuries. It seems the folks at the forum have cooked up a scheme that’s more half-baked than a poorly prepared risotto!

Alarming rise in divisive rhetoric from government


Any state with the ability to inflict full spectrum dominance on its citizens, can never be described as free, or democratic.

It does not matter if that state isn’t actually using that dominance ‘right now’.

It WILL use it, eventually – as history has shown again and again.

Hannah Arendt wrote that the goal of total surveillance is not to ‘discover’ or prevent crime, but to be ready to use when the government decides to arrest a certain category of people it sees as a threat.

In the beginning this may mean ‘anti-vaxxers’, ‘sovereign citizens’, and freedom fighters.  But over time it will inevitably expand to include all those who oppose its Agenda – libertarians, conservatives, free-marketeers, home schoolers, climate sceptics, farmers and, yes, Christians.

Already we are seeing an alarming rise in divisive, anti-Christian rhetoric creeping into the public discourse.

This will only increase as more and more ‘woke’ laws are passed.

It is puzzling how few Christians seem to realise this.

‘Long live the consensus’

The ability to hold government to account is the very essence of responsible government, and a core function of parliament.

In Queensland, parliament’s authority is steadily being eroded, as ‘executive power’ increases by the day.

The situation is worsened by several factors, not least being the abolition of the state’s Legislative Council in 1922.

Never has the lack of an Upper House been more sorely missed than it is today.

Without one, the power of the party with a majority on the floor, is virtually absolute.

Something that has bred arrogance in a government, that is becoming more and more dismissive of ‘critics’ and utterly resistant to change.

Any form of criticism is now routinely cast as ‘divisive’, ‘extremist’, ‘racist’ or just plain ‘misinformed’.

Seldom do they bother trying to refute opponents based on rational arguments.

They simply impute ‘bad faith’ to those who don’t agree with them and refuse to engage in meaningful debate.

This is contrary to all democratic norms and processes.

Emphasis is instead continually placed on strong leadership, efficiency and “getting things done”.

Any democratic ‘checks’ and ‘balances’ are little more than ‘obstacles’ to be neutralised or bypassed altogether.

It is a form of government usually referred to as ‘Napoleonic’.

Which is a nice way of saying ‘authoritarian’.

Historically, it was seen as the legitimate role of an Opposition Party to provide reasoned criticism and an alternative viewpoint.

Not anymore.

Today, when boisterous shouting matches erupt on the floor of the house, it is usually no more than a squabble over the best way to implement a particular government policy or program.

Rarely is there any serious disagreement on any of the key issues that matter – like climate change, globalisation, Agenda 2030, vegetation laws, coral reefs, global governance, automation, data gathering, surveillance and the digital economy.

On those issues, the majors are pretty much in ‘lockstep’.

True ‘dissenting voices’ are detested, no matter how reasoned or logical they are.

‘Conviction’ politics is dead.

Long live ‘the Consensus’.


Anyone who trusts PayPal with their savings is crazy. 

It’s reputation for blacklisting conservatives and libertarian groups is notorious.

In September, PayPal terminated the account of a pro-democracy group in Hong Kong, without explanation.

According to The League of Social Democrats, PayPal sent an email on 19 September 2022 stating that:

“Unfortunately, upon review of your account we have determined there to be excessive risks involved.  Therefore, we will no longer be able to provide our services to you”.

The email closed by saying the decision was “final”.

September was a busy month for the financial services platform.  It also made the news for cancelling the account of the Free Speech Union, who it said had violated its ‘Acceptable Use Policy’, although it declined to identify on what charge.

Its next move, however, was the last straw.

In October the multi-national announced that from 3 November, it would fine users $2,500, if found to be spreading “misinformation.”

“…Deliberations will be made at the “sole discretion” of PayPal and may subject the user to “damages” — including the removal of $2,500 “debited directly from your PayPal account.”

For once, news of the policy provoked howls of outrage worldwide, with tens of thousands of users immediately closing their accounts in protest.

Even after PayPal backflipped on the policy, the exodus of users from the platform continued.

According to some reports, the company lost at least 10 percent of its business within 3 weeks of sending the email.

Apart from being deeply satisfying to hear, PayPal has done everyone a huge favour by warning people exactly where things are headed should the globalist’s war on cash triumph.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that everyone make the extra effort to withdraw and USE CASH as much as possible!!

Not only can they not track it, or generate data from it, but it is the only thing standing between us and the complete loss of our freedoms and rights.

#keepcash  #savecash  #usecash


I’m sure everyone’s seen the Atlantic article by now, where Browns University Professor, Emily Oster, argues the case for a ‘Pandemic Amnesty’, saying it’s time to “forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid”.

Her argument rests on the ludicrous claim that those baying for the blood of our modern day ‘refuseniks’, ‘couldn’t possibly’ have known any different at the time.

The ‘refuseniks’, she admits, turned out to be right, but only as a “matter of luck”.

Oster herself, of course, belonged to the side cheering on every tyrannical measure and petty cruelty imaginable, shaming those who took principled stands as “Covidiots”, and mocking the deaths of the unvaccinated – just “to make sure that the lessons of these teachable moments are heard”, as the LA Times put it with insufferable smugness.

What public health authorities and politicians did in this country was particularly despicable.

I won’t list their many ‘crimes’ here, but those who suffered from them, know exactly how unforgivable they were.

Extreme measures were imposed that were never justified by either the data or common sense.  Those responsible, did so knowing full well that their actions would destroy the lives, businesses, happiness and well-being of millions.

Which is what happened.

You can’t just shut down society without causing catastrophic damage to people’s health, finances, social relations, education and a lot more.

Churches were shut, schools closed, borders barricaded, people detained at home and businesses shuttered.  Draconian restrictions and penalties imposed and all our constitutional and common law rights, trashed beyond repair.

It’s been nearly three years of hell.

And now we are left to deal with the fallout: business and career losses, family breakdowns, suicide, bitter social divisions, economic collapse, supply chain chaos, soaring inflation, threat of nuclear war, and a complete meltdown of the social fabric and public trust.

Politicians and bureaucrats single-handedly turned a manageable pandemic into an apocalyptic nightmare from which our society may never recover.

They failed at their jobs and as human beings.

In this case “getting something wrong”, as Oster puts it, actually WAS a “moral failing”.

And yet there is still no inquiry, no apology, no accountability and no act of atonement.

We are simply told to let bygones be bygones because they “didn’t know”.

“We didn’t know” wasn’t an acceptable excuse in Germany of 1945 and it’s not acceptable today.

Amnesty for the perpetrators?

Hell No!

#noamnesty #emilyoster


Politicians love to talk about how important “small business” is to the economy and how it must be supported.

And yet those same politicians are often the ones found passing law after law, bent on destroying it.

It reminds me of what my grandfather always said:

“Don’t listen to what people say, LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO!”

It was good advice then and indispensable today.

Last month, Australia’s Workplace Relations Minister, Tony Burke, called “gig workers” a ‘cancer’ on the economy.

Let’s just get something straight.

“Gig workers” are, by strict definition, SELF-EMPLOYED WORKERS.

Words matter.  And right now, they are being weaponised against us at an absolutely unprecedented rate.

Governments and politicians want you to believe this war on the “Gig economy” is them taking on ‘Big Business’ giants like Uber and Amazon.   It’s not.

That’s just a smokescreen.

In reality, it’s a full frontal assault on millions of hard-working, self-employed Australians, whose only crime has been to pursue a dream of becoming ‘their own boss’.

You know the ones I mean, café owners, hairdressers, small contractors, independent bus drivers, courier drivers, truckies, importers, cleaners, nannies, plumbers, electricians and numerous other blue-collar workers and small businesses.

That’s who Burke and others are calling a ‘cancer’ on our economy.

It is they who governments and their globalist mates at WEF are determined to ‘demonise, disrupt and destroy.’


Because they are the only sector Big Government doesn’t completely control yet.  And as we all know, these despicable Technocrats are ALL about control.

It certainly didn’t go unnoticed that the one sector Governments had problems imposing draconian health orders on, were unincorporated small businesses, sole traders and self-employed workers.

That’s because they are one of the few remaining sectors still governed by ‘common law’, not the law of contracts.

Interestingly, it is also the sector where ‘cash’ is still the preferred way of doing business.

Need I say more?

Why else do you think the ATO bureaucrats have waged an almost non-stop war of attrition against the sector for over a decade?

Small business, sole traders and the self-employed are one of the last bastions of freedom within today’s economic system.

Did you really think the ‘control freaks’ in Canberra and Davos would allow that to stand?

Not on your ‘Net Zero’ Nelly!

All those fighting to keep cash – PAY ATTENTION.

Support small businesses, sole traders and self-employed workers like your freedom depends on it.

Because it does!

#supportsmallbusiness #savecash


The drift of Australian governments and institutions towards authoritarianism, is becoming truly alarming.

A recent submission by the Australian Academy of Science recommended stronger censorship of those it accuses of spreading “climate denialism” online.

Sky News Australia and its “media personalities” are singled out as a “key source of climate science misinformation globally”:

“During COP26 in particular, they downplayed the climate emergency and amplified accusations of hypocrisy against politicians and other figures attending the Glasgow summit”.

AAS calls on Big Tech to:

“Stop promoting and funding climate denial, start labelling it as misinformation, and stop giving the advantages of their enormous platform to lies and misinformation.”

The submission even refers to a recent report from AIMS which shows how the Barrier Reef’s coral extent is the highest on record, describing “such material” as a “barrier to good policy and a healthy society.”

There is a word for this kind of mentality – it’s called “authoritarian.”

Everywhere we look today, Australians’ hard-won right to freedom of expression is being actively undermined by this ‘authoritarianism’ of our so-called ‘governing classes’.

And every little restriction they impose on one sort of speech, is used as mission creep towards censoring another.

Without free expression, it will soon be impossible to criticise government or elected officials without fear of retaliation.

As Ira Glasser, former director of the ACLU once said:

“The real antagonist of speech is power”.

There will always be speech in defence of existing power structures, he argued.  But speech that opposes these power structures CAN ONLY EXIST WHEN AND WHERE IT IS FREE.

Lord Sumption outlined the importance of free speech by saying:

“We have to accept the implications of human curiosity.  Some of what people believe will be wrong.  Some of it may even be harmful, not just to those who hold those beliefs but to others.  We cannot have truth without accommodating error.  It is the price that we pay for allowing knowledge and understanding to develop and human civilisation to advance.”

Australian governments and institutions, however, have become increasingly hostile to the whole idea of freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

The public are treated as children who must be protected from ‘harmful’ ideas, while those with contrarian views are demonised as ‘thought criminals’ and silenced.

The goal is no longer to encourage free discussion but to strongarm people into conformity with a particular ideology.

They aren’t known as ‘the Authoritarian Left’ for nothing.


Video Start – 11:55

Klaus Schwab’s life by subscription, quote, is really serfdom. It’s slavery. Billionaire globalist corporations will own everything, homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture, and everyday citizens will rent what they need if their social credit score allows.

The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing. To pull off this evil plan, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum will need to take more than just material possessions from Australians. Senators in this very chamber today who support the Great Reset threaten our privacy, freedom, and dignity. Yes, they’re in this senate chamber.

One Nation vehemently opposes the Great Reset, the Digital Identity Bill, theft of agricultural land use forcing farmers off their land, and all of the Great Reset. One Nation has a comprehensive plan to bring our beautiful country back to sustainable prosperity. And in the months ahead, we will be rolling that plan out. Instead of Lib-Lab pushing Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset with the tagline, you will own nothing and be happy.


Malcolm nails it again!
“We stand for a world where individuals and their communities have primacy over globalist billionaires and their quisling bureaucrats, politicians and mouthpiece media”!!
The world’s globalists, self-appointed rulers of planet Earth, have decreed a ‘Great Reset’.
But they all forgot one tiny thing …

One Nation advocates the Great Resist.

We stand for a world where individuals and communities have primacy over predatory globalist billionaires and their quisling bureaucrats, politicians, and mouthpiece media. One Nation accepts the challenge to provide a better future for everyday Australians.

We have one flag, we are one community, and we are One Nation.


I came across a great quote in an old Queensland Hansard debate from 1970 the other day.

It is from Leon Trotsky and says:

“In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation.  The old principle of ‘Who does not work shall not eat’ is replaced by a new one:


Interestingly, the Queensland MP quoting Trotsky is Charles Porter, Grandfather of Australia’s former Attorney General, Christian Porter.

“Make no mistake” he told the House.

“When members opposite attack … a competitive, free-enterprise economy, they are attacking political freedom as well.


We believe in competition and free enterprise.

We believe in due rewards for energy, imagination and risk-taking.

We agree with the author Harry Emerson Fosdick, who said~ “Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”

To me, that is the basis of true democracy.


Great stuff!


From the beginning, analogies were drawn between Covid and Climate Change which I found alarming.

Green groups and their billionaire funders are known for their strongly autocratic views.  Like all cultists they believe that they know better than anyone else what is best for humanity.

Imagine their joy, therefore, as governments worldwide rolled out a series of tyrannical new laws suspending the democratic process, locking people up in their homes, shutting down businesses, restricting road use and criminalising free speech.

Is it any wonder that those of us who tried to question the ‘reasonableness’ of these laws, were howled down and showered with abuse?

Is it any wonder that so many of them fought the end of lockdowns tooth and nail in 2020?

I mean it wasn’t as if such people actually gave a damn about human health.

No.  It was because they all knew a ‘golden opportunity’ when they saw one.

Right at the outset they understood instantly the precedent that ‘State of Emergency’ laws set when it came to fighting climate change – only their lockdowns would be a lot more permanent of course.

In their eyes, any government with the power to limit private-vehicle use, ration the consumption of meat, impose censorship, close businesses and lock people up, was a government they could really get behind.

Even global governing bodies like the WEF, OECD and IMF, issued broad hints that to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050, governments may need some form of ‘climate lockdown’ laws.

Now, the International Energy Agency has ‘upped the ante’ by calling for governments worldwide to adopt ‘climate lockdowns’ on the basis that “net zero” won’t be possible unless people are forced to stay home as much as possible.

As the IEA’s “10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use’ report states:

“Governments have all the necessary tools at their disposal to put oil demand into decline in the coming years, which would support efforts to both strengthen energy security and achieve vital climate goals”.

Proposals include:

“Reducing highway speed limits; more working from home; street changes to encourage walking and cycling; car-free Sundays in cities and restrictions on other days; cutting transit fares; policies that encourage more carpooling; cutting business air travel”.

Suddenly, Queensland’s refusal to lift its Emergency Powers laws last month, makes a lot more sense.