TRUST FALL – New Julian Assange Documentary

New Farm Cinemas, was the scene of a massive turnout last night for the World Premiere of TRUST FALL: Julian Assange – the Documentary.
The night was such a huge success that the Cinema has decided to schedule additional screenings this Saturday and Sunday.
It is rare to see the theatrical release of such films and New Farm Cinemas on Brunswick Street are to be congratulated for their courage in screening such a film, given the McCarthyist era we now find ourselves in.
The film TRUST FALL provides a much-needed update on the long standing persecution of Julian Assange, and the war on journalism and free speech his persecution represents.
Of course the judicial pantomime taking place in the UK High Court has nothing whatsoever to do with justice. It is, in fact, little more than a farce.
How else would you describe a process where a man who has committed no crime, and is not a US citizen, is facing extradition under a foreign power’s Espionage Act and life in prison.
All for the ‘crime’ of exposing the truth and providing the world with some of the best and most courageous journalism of a generation.
In order to fight on behalf of Assange, we need to be clear about what and who we are fighting against.
And that’s a global billionaire class who have carried out a “coup d’etat in slow motion” of western democracies over the past two decades.
As a class, it has internally seized all of the levers of power and made us the most spied upon, monitored, propagandised, manipulated and surveilled population in human history.
In the process they have launched an all-out war on Truth and Truthtellers.
Both are viewed as ‘dangerous’ and routinely demonised using terms such as “misinformation,” “Russian interference” or “domestic terrorism.”
The goal of this ruling billionaire class is to redefine truth to mean whatever best serves their agenda.
In other words, a blatant lie can be true, if it serves an elite purpose.
When a country’s institutions become so corrupted as to be actively hostile to the truth in this way, democracy and its freedoms are lost.
If Julian is extradited and sentenced to rot in a US prison, it will mean anyone seeking to expose corruption or publish the truth, or hold governments to account, will have become criminals.
In fighting for Julian Assange, we are fighting for the primacy of Truth and the restoration of the Rule of Law and Democracy.
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The TRUST FALL: Julian Assange – Documentary


Last week’s revelation that Scott Morrison secretly appointed himself ‘Minister of Everything’ while PM, hardly comes as a surprise.

For three years we’ve seen how poorly democratic principles rank with those in Canberra.

Most see democracy as something to be ‘got round’, not protected or upheld.

What was surprising, were the protestations of innocence that flew thick and fast, from all those claiming they ‘knew nothing’ whatsoever about it.

Something I find very difficult to believe.

Even harder to believe is the idea that Morrison came up with the plan himself and then plotted on his own to bring it all about!

And yet that is what we are led to believe.

Of course they admit the Governor General knew, but there’s a huge push on to quarantine Hurley from any suggestion of culpability or blame.

However, serious questions do need to be asked about the role the Governor General played in all these secret ministerial appointments.

Such as why he didn’t consult the Solicitor General or even Buckingham Palace about what Morrison was asking him to do.

He claims it was “not an unusual process” and every ‘constitutional expert’ in the country has been rounded up to back up that claim.

If it everything was as ‘ho-hum’, however, why all the SECRECY?

Even Malcolm Turnbull has said the whole episode is “sinister”, and that Hurley needs to explain to the Australian people exactly what his thinking was at the time.

“The governor-general is not just a rubber stamp. He has a constitution to uphold”.

Turnbull also pointed out that if he had tried to secretly appoint himself to a ministry, “neither the former governor-general Peter Cosgrove, nor his own senior staff would have allowed it”.

There’s no doubt Morrison’s behaviour deserves a Royal Commission, but one that thoroughly investigates all those around him, particularly those in the Executive.

The chances of that happening, though, are pretty slim.

Albanese has ring-fenced his outrage over the incident to Morrison and Morrison alone.

But for many Australians, including myself, Morrison is just the ‘head of the fish’ as far as the whole rotten system is concerned.

There are just too many unanswered – and unasked – questions about the whole story for my liking.

Like why the story was ‘leaked’ in the first place?  We all know the power governments have for keeping things secret nowadays, so why not this?

Here’s another for you.

Has Morrison been cast to the wolves, not for any ‘secret ministries’ he held, but because he recently did the unthinkable and warned Australians that their government and THE UN were NOT TO BE TRUSTED?

Just a thought …


In May, Queensland Parliament passed the state’s new “shield laws”, which the Government said would project journalists from being forced to divulge their sources.

Contained in the Evidence and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, however, are a number of ‘get out’ clauses, which render its so-called “protections” as tokenistic at best.

One of the biggest loopholes is that it is left to the courts to decide whether a journalist’s ‘right to privilege’, is outweighed by a ‘public interest’ right for an informant’s identity to be made known.

If it is, then the judge can overrule the “shield laws”.

No criteria or rules are given to explain how the “public interest” is determined.

It is just left up to the discretion of the judge to decide.

Another problem is that the “shield laws” don’t apply to the secretive ‘star chamber’ powers of Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

Given the CCC star chamber has been the main instigator of attacks and threats against journalists in Queensland over the past decade, its exemption from the laws is a massive oversight.

All of which makes it surprising that no journalist or media organisation raised any objection to the “shield laws” at the time – or has criticised them since.

Surely they realise that any journalist or whistle-blower relying on these laws when exposing the wrong doings of power, would be taking an enormous risk.

The fact is, without strong and effective shield laws, informants and whistle-blowers simply won’t be prepared to divulge vital information that the public needs to know.

Even if they did, what journalist or editor in Queensland would be game enough to publish the details?

Just how secretive Queensland has become was exposed by an ABC report in February, which began:

“There is a politician we can’t name, using a non-publication order we can’t get, in a case to suppress a report by a corruption watchdog which won’t talk about it, in a court hearing that was held with no names.”

“Welcome to Queensland.”

Says it all really.

As Julian Assange once said:

“The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect POLITICAL security, NOT national security”.



The WHO is making a power grab over Australian sovereignty this weekend in Geneva.

Australians were NEVER told that this was happening, until TODAY!

Both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader were caught RED-HANDED today when  confronted by the media for the first time at separate press conferences.

Albanese looked like a deer in the headlights, mumbled something about being a big WHO supporter, then scuttled away.

Morrison, meanwhile, is made of sterner stuff, decided to bluff his way through, waxing lyrical on how the whole thing was just the most brilliant idea.

If it was so brilliant, PM, why did neither you or your Ministers think, even once, to alert the Australian people on what you were planning to do behind closed doors?


Click here to watch Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese SIGN AWAY YOUR SOVEREIGNTY



All over the world, governments are fast-tracking the imposition of tyrannical Digital ID laws on their citizens.

Digital ID laws have already been rammed through some of the smaller countries.  Governments in those countries are now bent on coercively forcing their citizens to accept them.

73 million Nigerians, for example, had access to their mobile phones cut off recently, when they refused to comply with the new laws.

Countries like New Zealand, Canada, UK and Singapore, all have Digital ID bills before parliament or will have soon.

The EU’s Digital ID was modelled on WEF’s Digital ID 2020, and has been ‘sold’ to Europeans as ‘reducing red tape, safeguarding privacy and making life ‘easier’.

‘It will make citizens completely powerless against governments and big corporations’ one horrified MEP said yesterday.

“We think it’s incredibly creepy.”

In France, Macron announced Digital ID the minute he was safely elected.

The ‘pre-text’ he chose to ‘sell’ it on was ‘stopping illegal immigration’.

According to the French President, forcing workers to apply for government ‘authorisation’ in order to get a job in France, will stop illegal migrants from “flooding our borders” and “taking our jobs”.

But it won’t JUST be ‘illegal migrants’ who are forced to be ‘biometrically authenticated’ in order to hold a job – It will be EVERY worker in France.

Darpa and Microsoft have put together something called the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authentication”, to be incorporated into Digital ID.

It prevents anyone from buying a home, renting anything, buying a car, travelling etc, without ‘authorisation’ by the government.

Posting online or accessing your financial/medical/welfare accounts will only be possible with a Digital ID and a biometric ‘authentication’ scan.

The ‘synchronicity’ and speed with which all this is being done is astonishing.  Virtually every country in the world is singing from the same song-sheet on Digital ID.

Australians should be disgusted at their major parties’ bipartisan support for such an unconstitutional, internationally co-ordinated, ‘top down’ global power grab.

If it wasn’t for One Nation and other unaligned Senators, Digital ID would ALREADY be a reality in Australia.

That’s why the ONLY hope we have to defeat these unAustralian laws, is for everyone to FLOOD THE FLOORS OF FEDERAL PARLIAMENT with as many honest, ordinary Australians as possible – especially the Senate.

This means putting ideology to one side and doing something completely unprecedented on election day – you need to vote ALL the major party candidates last.

If we don’t, there will be NO STOPPING Digital ID laws in Australia.

Let’s save what little freedom and sovereignty this country has left, and break this corrupt and traitorous two-party paradigm once and for all.

#DigitalID #Election2022 #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol #AusVotes2022

The recent report from Australia’s Electoral Commission report has revealed that our two major parties received a combined total of $177 million dollars in political donations last year.
Vast as this sum is, it is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, when it comes to the total amount LNP and Labor received, since many donations remain ‘exempt’ from Australia’s disclosure obligations and therefore hidden.
Anthony Whealy QC, Chair of the Centre for Public Integrity said this week:
“The federal disclosure scheme is misnamed — it is a non-disclosure scheme with MORE THAN A THIRD OF POLITICAL FUNDING SHROUDED IN SECRECY”.
In 2019 the Centre for Public Integrity (CPI) reported that since 1999, the major parties have received MORE THAN $1 BILLION IN UNDISCLOSED INCOME.
The same report found that in 2018-19, the Liberals declared income was $165 million and Labor’s was $126 million.
Over the two financial years between 2015 and 2017, both parties received more than $100 million in donations from undisclosed sources.
That’s about 40% of the Coalition’s income over two decades and about 28% of Labor’s income over the same period, or 36% of total party financing.
IT’S ALSO $100 MILLION IN DONATIONS THAT NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT – either where it came from, who it came from or what strings were attached to it when it was given.
As the Human Rights Law Council reported on Tuesday:
“As well as favourable treatment, these monies buy access to politicians that ordinary people would never get. And by hiring ex-politicians and advisors, they’re able to build strong connections to power”.
According to preliminary research by the ANU, 56% of registered lobbyists in Australia are former politicians or government officials.
In Queensland there are around 170 registered lobbying firms, with the top 10 firms winning over 70 per cent of all lobbying contacts.
Eight of those top 10 firms employ former politicians, advisers, or ex-government officials.
Lobbying, it seems, has become an extremely lucrative, multi-billion-dollar business in Australia.
This revolving door between politics, public administration and private entities is rife with ‘conflict-of-interest’ problems that are not subject to any kind of official scrutiny, restriction or oversight.
The extent to which this is exerting ‘undue influence’ over governments and their decision-making, can only be imagined.
The irreparable harm it has done to public trust in the integrity of Australian governance, however, is beyond question.
Though hardly a beacon of democracy, Canada has laws banning politicians and high-level public servants from working as a lobbyist for five years after leaving office.
Compliance is rigorously overseen by an independent Integrity Commission with power to impose huge fines, damages, termination or reduction in a government pension, for any breaches.
Australia should do the same.

Stephen Andrew speaks with Paul Culliver from ABC Capricornia regarding the Queensland government integrity crisis.


1 February 2022

Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani, said today that Queensland had become far too complacent about managing conflicts of interest, the revolving door between public life and industry, and many other forms of “undue influence” in government decision-making.




The extent to which government decision-making has been captured by third party interests in Queensland needs to be urgently addressed.

Too often, we are seeing public policy moulded to suit the agenda of ‘third party’ interests – the identity and details of which are completely hidden from the people of Queensland.

Over the past week we have had three high level public servants resign, citing “undue interference” from the Government in attempting to carry out their duties.

This is scandalous and needs a thorough investigation and public debate.

In particular, the Integrity Commissioner, whose office was raided by government goons, deserves an apology and explanation from the Premier, and so do the people of Queensland.

The Commissioner’s office is responsible for regulating ‘lobbying’ activities and investigating conflicts of interest within government.

There are reports that the Commissioner was investigating allegations of unlawful political lobbying activity at the time her laptop was seized.

This wouldn’t surprise me since tales of ‘cronyism’ and political favouritism have become rife under Labor.

This time the government must not be allowed to brush everything under the carpet yet again.

Once upon a time, a scandal like this would have involved immediate sackings and/or the resignations of those senior public servants involved.

Instead, we have seen nothing more than a barrage of propaganda and spin from the Palaszczuk government.

The ‘coup de grace’ was today’s announcement of an inquiry into the CCC headed by Tony Fitzgerald.

An inquiry into the CCC is definitely needed but today’s stunt was solely aimed at distracting the public from the real issue –Labor’s refusal to manage risk factors for corruption, and the erosion of public confidence in the integrity of our political system.

It is time Queenslanders took matters into their own hands, starting with a real campaign aimed at restoring the State’s Upper House.

Until Queensland has its ‘House of Review’ reinstated, Parliament’s powers to scrutinise the activities of the sitting government will continue to be virtually non-existent.

One hundred years without a functioning democracy is one hundred years too long!!



31 January 2022

Mr Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani, said today that the resignation of the Queensland Integrity Commissioner, the Queensland Crime and Corruption Chair, and the State Archive Office Chief, was deeply troubling.