Billionaire buddies, Gates and Forrest, are determined to stop cow burps


Solving the problem of cow farts has become a multi-million dollar enterprise for billionaire do-gooders like Bill Gates and Andrew Forrest.

The two have poured $AUD17 million into little-known Australian-based climate-tech start-up, Rumin8, which has developed a new synthetic feed supplement to significantly reduce cows’ methane emissions.

According to Rumin8, early trials on cows fed with the new supplement resulted in a reduction in methane emissions of over 85 percent.

The $AUD17 million is being provided via Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) Fund and Forrest’s genetics technology company, Harvest Road Group.

Forrest also has a stake in the Gates-led BEV, after tipping $AUD66 million into the Capital Venture Fund in 2021.

(Other billionaire investors in BEV include Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Michael Bloomberg).

Rumin8’s new feedstock supplement was created in a laboratory using “synthetically replicated bromoform”, an active ingredient found in red seaweed.

It works by releasing anti-methanogenic compounds into a cow’s gut which target and kill the ‘bacteria’ responsible for producing methane gas.

There is just one problem ….

The ‘bacteria’ Rumin8’s supplement will ‘target and eradicate’, is in fact a diverse microbial community made up of bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

Together these microbes play an essential role in enabling cows to break down grass, converting it into nutrients, protein and energy.

Unfortunately, these microorganisms also create the methane cows later expel into the atmosphere.

This complex relationship between microorganisms and cow is what’s known as ‘symbiotic’ – meaning beneficial to both.

Disrupting that relationship would destroy the most important chamber in a cow’s gut – its rumen.

There is no reference to this problem, let alone solution to it, in the company’s promotional material or website.

Cynics have suggested that a cow’s impaired ability to digest grass might be seen more as a ‘beneficial by-product’ than a problem, for those in the climate cult, like Gates and Forrest.

Let’s face it.  These people have made very clear that they don’t want cows meandering all over the countryside, grazing on whatever they want.

They want them genetically engineered and confined in high density, enclosed warehouses; completely dependent – like addicts – on lab-made feed and supplements.

All fully owned and patented by Big Pharma of course.

As the CEO of BEV said recently:

“Our team will support Rumin8 in working closely with farmers to expand the reach of this solution globally.”

A “global solution” for cows?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound creepy at all.

A Better Kind of ‘Green’

Countless studies show that alternative, ecologically regenerative farming methods like ‘agroecology’ produce better yields, use less energy and chemicals, create more profits for farmers and are healthier all round.

Agroecology applies age old traditional principles to agriculture, including natural pest control, organic fertilisers and locally adapted crops, supported by a more regenerative use of natural resources, plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Instead of investing in this type of farming, however, governments are spending billions in building ‘future food’ systems that rely on large-scale regulatory intervention and massive government investment in “game-changing innovations in precision fermentation and biotech” (lab-engineered food).

The strategy is clearly to run down the ‘old normal’ farming sector, make small-scale, family farms financially unviable, depopulate the countryside and gradually starve regional communities of the services and infrastructure they desperately need.

All the while, they are pushing “biotech” (aka GM food), expensive data-gathering technology initiatives overseen by Microsoft/Amazon and the patenting of more and more plants by global biotech monopolies like Bayer (Monsanto) and Corteva.

For the consumer it will mean lab engineered items, monolithic diets, nutrition-less food and food contaminated by all sorts of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, mRNA therapeutics, chemical additives and manufactured nanoparticles.

All repackaged and rebranded with a veneer of ‘green’ over it.

There are alternative visions to the one they are forcing on us.

Ones that don’t come with ‘food’ produced in giant ‘fermentation’ vats or farms manned by driverless machines, monitored by drones, to produce industrial ‘biomatter’ from GM patented seeds, which is then sent off to fully-automated manufacturing hubs to be engineered, processed and constituted into something edible.


A recent feature in The Guardian savagely attacked organic farms for their “extravagant land use”, saying they were “underperforming in terms of yield”.

They want these healthy and natural organic farms replaced with food manufacturing hubs and our food genetically engineered based on high yield and pest resistance.

The whole global cabal seem hellbent on destroying ALL forms of traditional agriculture.

The recent restrictions imposed on Dutch farmers, aimed at reducing livestock in the Netherlands by a third, is just one of many tools being used to bring this about.

Canada and Ireland have already followed suit with identical restrictions imposed on their own farmers and traditional food production.

The EAT Forum, cofounded by the Wellcome Trust, has developed what they call “The Planetary Health Diet”.

It entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90% and replacing it with foods made in laboratories, along with cereals and oils, all genetically engineered.

Their largest initiative is called FReSH, aimed at transforming the food system by working with biotech and chemical companies to replace whole foods with lab-created alternatives — all in the name of “sustainability.”

Unless we transition to this new ultra-processed and highly unnatural diet, they claim, the Earth is doomed.

If they succeed, Big Pharma will be the sole beneficiary and profiteer of the new system.

Whoever controls the food supply will end up controlling whole countries and entire populations.

At the end of the day, that’s all “sustainable food systems” are about – control.



Under the guise of saving nature, the Albanese government has signed Australia up to one of the biggest land grabs in history.

Dubbed 30 by 30, the goal is to set aside 30 percent of Australia’s land mass within a National Reserve System by 2030.

And thirty percent is just the beginning. 

30 by 30 grew out of a thesis by the eugenicist Dr Edward O Wilson of Harvard University, who maintained that humans should occupy no more than one half of the earth – and not the best half either.

His mantra was “Nature needs half”.

The ultimate goal, therefore, is to lock away 50 percent of the earth by 2050.

For decades, Australian governments have pursued policies harmful to agriculture and a productive economy.

30 by 30 will take this to the next level.

Setting aside that much land and water for conservation will ultimately destroy food production and regional economies.

It will mean a massive expansion of national parks, marine exclusion zones, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, conservation easements, rural road and stock route closures and Indigenous Protected Areas.

Eventually, all human activity will simply be removed from these areas, including stock grazing, mining, timber production and all forms of recreational and Indigenous land use.

That’s something seldom mentioned.  Indigenous land use.

For 30 by 30 to work, the government will need Australia’s Traditional Land-owners to surrender all rights to access and use of the land held in their name.

This dispossession of Indigenous rights has been hidden behind endless platitudes about “treaties”, “conservation management agreements” and letting them “have a say” in what is happening, but the sub-text is clear.

30 by 30’s goal will restrict ALL human access to the land and waterways – and not just ‘whitey’.

That’s why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, more than anyone else, should be raising hell about 30 by 30.

All the platitudes, treaties and ‘compensations’ in the world, will be nothing beside the permanent loss of their sovereign right to roam over and use the land itself.

The roots of 30 by 30 lie in a radical green agenda called the “Wildlands Project”, from the 1990s.

The Project’s goal is to move humans into highly controlled, and restrictive ‘human settlement zones’, leaving most of the continent off limits.

It’s a ‘bait and switch’ aimed at removing people’s private property rights and placing control in the hands of an elite band of unelected technocrats, NGOs and their billionaire sugar daddies.

All done by stealth using the old Fabian tactic of ‘step-change’.

Once 2030 rolls around, much harsher ‘targets’ will be set for 2040 and 2050.

Each benchmark geared towards gently easing the human race into perpetual serfdom.


Farming is one of the State’s oldest and most valuable industries and over the past 7 years we have seen it slowly being strangled by the Palaszczuk Government.

Queensland farmers face some of the tightest restrictions on agricultural land and water use in the world.

Now there are signs that the Government is preparing to go after farmers yet again.

The impact of imposing more restrictions on farmers could prove fatal this time around.

For more than a decade, Queensland farmers have worked hard to successfully address a wide range of environmental issues in the industry.

Across the board, farmers are using improved farm management practices to reduce nutrient and chemical usage as well as farm runoff.

Given that the principal causes of water pollution are industry and cities, particularly their sewage systems, more restrictions on agriculture will have a negligible impact on water quality but a HUGE impact on farm yields and profitability.

Nitrogen is an element essential for life, which Australian soil lacks, along with a number of other important minerals.

No science is provided to explain at what point the quantity of nitrogen becomes poisonous.

The whole thing is ludicrous.

I am yet to see any of these technocrats go after far more obvious and symbolically important targets, such as private jets and mega yachts.

Nor do I hear them criticising massive polluters like Big Pharma, Big Tech or the military-industrial complex, whose emissions utterly dwarf any savings that might come from continuing to slam farmers.

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that there is a dedicated push going on to simply drive Queensland farmers out of business.

Presumably so the government can scoop up their valuable properties and lock them away in its ‘protected area network’ or redevelop the land for industrial wind and solar.

Either way, Labor appears determined to shut down agriculture and hand food production over to urban-based precision farming and high-tech manufacturers of ‘food-like’ substances made from God knows what.

Who will own these facilities?

Big pharma and predatory billionaires like Bill Gates and Andrew Forrest no doubt.

At this rate we will see them depopulate the countryside, destroy our environment and end our way of life, long before 2030 rolls around.

If this was really about the environment, the government would work with farmers to implement measures gradually, over time.

Instead we have this mad rush by fanatical greens to enforce an ideological agenda that has little to do with climate change OR the environment.

An agenda reliant on junk science and a callous indifference to the well-being of Queenslanders.



There is no greater power in the world than the power of the people when they stand together to fight for their rights and freedom.

We saw it in Canada in January and we are seeing it again today in Europe, where Dutch farmers are refusing to back down.

Their brave stand against the forces of globalist tyranny has been taken up by hundreds of thousands of farmers, fishers and truckers across Europe.

The protests have provoked a mass outpouring of sympathy and support from the public, who are cheering the farmers on despite shameful attempts to smear them by the media.

This is the greatest mass movement for freedom the Netherlands has ever seen!

I stand with the Dutch farmers.  Their fight is our fight!

“Boeren Ga Maar Staand” – Gaatze Bosma – Boeren Ga Maar Staan (Officiële videoclip)



I hope all Queensland farmers are taking note of what is going on in The Netherlands right now.

For days there has been a complete mainstream media blackout on the story, but finally news of the extraordinary revolt by Dutch farmers over the country’s new ‘Net Zero’ farming laws emerged yesterday.

The new regulations aims at slashing nitrogen oxide emissions 50 to 95 percent, depending on the province, by 2030.

To comply with the new limits, Dutch farmers will be forced to cull (kill) 30 per cent of their livestock.

An estimated 5,000 farms will be wiped out immediately, especially those near Holland’s ‘protected areas’, where the levels have been reduced a staggering 95 percent.

“The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” the Dutch Government said smugly when announcing the new laws.

This is beyond stupidity.

The idea that Dutch farmers are producing so much nitrogen, a gas that has NO EFFECT on global climate, that a third of the country’s farms must be shut down is absolutely insane.

So insane, in fact, that fifty thousand tractor-driving, furious Dutch farmers have brought the country to its knees over it.

It’s now impossible to cross the border with Germany because farmers, truckers and other allied workers have blocked all the highways with tractors, trucks, mounds of manure and hay bales.

Giant tractor chains, meanwhile, are blocking access to the country’s 20 food distribution centres, while fishermen, sympathetic to the protest, have blocked most of its ports.

The Dutch media are of course trying to paint the farmers as “far right-wing extremists” and “domestic terrorists”, but so far their words are falling on deaf ears.

The Dutch people are backing the farmers and their protest to the hilt!

The farmers say they have blocked highways, ports and supermarket distribution centres, to make the point that without farmers, no one eats.

They aren’t kidding either.

The Netherlands is the world’s second biggest agricultural exporter in the world and the largest meat exporter in Europe.

That means ALL of Europe will suffer.  Food shortages alone will be crippling.

Any Australian who thinks this doesn’t affect them are in for a shock when similar measures are imposed here – and believe me, they will be!

Too many people have allowed their heads to be filled with green fairy tales when it comes to this “transition” to ‘net zero’.

Most have no idea of the enormous costs and pain involved.

At a bare minimum, it is going to mean less farms, less livestock and a lot less food!


A number of countries worldwide, are saying their population could be facing severe food shortages and widespread hunger by the end of 2022.

Others are slapping export bans on fertilisers, fuel and food staples like wheat, potatoes and edible oil – all of which are in critically short supply.

In just the last few hours, there are reports of mass food recalls of peanut butter and hazelnut truffles in the US, along with many other foods containing those products.

Earlier today, the FDA also issued a massive recall of Smithfield’s bacon and around 185,610 pounds of RTE bacon – that’s over 90 tons of bacon products.

These moves follow a mass poultry cull and a rash of fires and explosions that have destroyed food processing plants and storage facilities across the US.

Even mainstream news outlets like Fox have started asking questions about the “odd string of coincidences” that have helped cripple the nation’s food supply.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out, over the past 6 months, there have been 17 incidents of fires and explosions, including two plane crashes – one into a  food processing plant and the other, a food storage facility.

Of course, mainstream news outlets like CNN have trotted out a conga-line of “experts” to explain to the silly ‘deplorables’ how all these were just “random occurrences”.

Whatever.  The fact remains that the world’s food situation is starting to look pretty dire.

I think it’s time the people started creating their own distributed food systems – so that we are not 100% reliant on those holding centralised control over our access to food.

Here in Queensland, we live in one of the most fertile regions in the country.  Absolutely anyone can grow anything.

I’ve already started mine.

Basil, coriander, garlic, parsley, chives, tomato, beans, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, potato, celery, cucumber, melons, lettuce, pumpkin and zucchini.

That’s just for starters.

We also need community gardens, aquaponics, rabbits, goats, chickens, ducks, quail, mushrooms, soil husbandry, dry farming and urban coops.

State and local authorities need to remove any restrictive regulations around home or community grown food production, to allow this to happen.

Churchill called them ‘Victory Gardens’.

I’m just saying, ‘Let’s Trust the Plant!


Iran, notorious for silencing dissidents and persecuting minorities, has rolled out a new rule linking the ability to buy food and fuel, to the possession of a Biometric Digital ID card.

The system uploads iris scans, DNA/genomics, biometrics, and information on a citizen’s vaccine status, medical history and religious practice.

A special App, created by Google and Apple (thanks guys!) is downloaded and connects each user to the centralised government database.

The system is virtually identical to the one being pushed in Australia and which will no doubt be rammed through by whoever wins tomorrow’s election.

In Iran, the Biometric Digital ID has greatly expanded the government’s ability to keep tabs on citizens, target minorities and crush dissent.

This week, things were taken up a notch with the government using the food/fuel crisis to force even more of its citizens onto the Digital ID surveillance grid.

It did so by rolling out all the same ‘coercive control’ nudge tactics which have proved so popular with governments here in Australia.

The “lever” authorities chose to use, were the substantial food and fuel subsidies it provides  Iranians to reduce their ‘cost of living’ expenses.

Iranians are now being told that in order to buy bread/fuel at the reduced prices, they must present a Biometric Digital ID card.

Anyone without such a card can still purchase the items, but only at the sky-high ‘market price’.

The rule is currently only for bread and fuel, but officials say this will shortly be expanded to include foods like chicken and vegetable oil.

With half the Iranian population living below the poverty line, most won’t survive without the subsidies, particularly with Iran’s inflation running at 40-50 percent.

Mass protests have broken out in response which are being inaccurately reported by the world’s press.

The protests are depicted as nothing more than unruly ‘food riots’, with no mention of the new Biometric Digital ID rules.

Iran’s authorities are now shutting down internet service across whole regions to quell the protests.

It is odd how countries like Iran have moved in such perfect ‘lockstep’ with the World Economic Forum’s ‘Reset’ Agenda.

For 2 years, they have obediently rolled out all the same mass testing, QR codes, mandates and lockdowns as other countries.

Now they are trotting out the same WEF-inspired plans for CBDCs and mandatory Digital IDs.

Makes you wonder just how much of a ‘Rogue State’ Iran really is.

RAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid food riots



The Queensland Government’s recent purchase of two existing pastoral leases north of Weipa, amounting to nearly 325,932 hectares of agricultural land, has led to calls for the buying program in Cape York to “stop”.

Many graziers say they are becoming fearful for the future of the cattle industry up North, as more and more large pastoral properties are being bought up by the Government.

Since 2007, the Queensland Government has bought more than a dozen pastoral properties in Cape York, including Kalinga, Crosbie, Strathmay, Killarney, Dixie and Wulpan Stations.

Bertiehaugh Station was bought by the Federal Government and renamed the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

All these stations have been permanently removed from Australia’s agricultural lands network and converted into national parks or wildlife reserves.

Now Bramwell and Richardson Stations have joined the list – the northern-most cattle enterprise in Queensland.

The buy-ups are impacting neighbouring stations and communities, as more money is ripped from town economies, along with countless jobs.

Many are suspicious that the government may be buying up land to gain carbon credits.  Bramwell Station, for example, came with a “carbon farming deal” in place.

Grazier Emma Jackson, who runs nearby Wolverton Station in Cape York, said the sale of Bramwell Station was very troubling.

“If the cattle stations continue to close down in Cape York, it will be … another nail in the coffin for the grazing industry” she told the Brisbane Times recently.

“The state government might buy the land, but they don’t invest money into it.  It’s not feasible or possible for them to manage it”.

“When you’re producing on the land, you know where every weed is, you do your fire management, you make a dollar and it goes straight back into the land”.

“There’s this perception that when you’re working the land in cattle or horticulture, you’re not working with the land, that you’re not doing the right thing and that’s simply not correct.”

Local graziers and communities are not being consulted or given a say over the government ‘buy-ups’.

While questions around the vital issue of our ‘food security’ or the impact on Queensland’s agricultural sector overall, go unanswered.

Bear in mind that this is productive farmland we are talking about – land that food producers could make good use of.

Land that is now lost to Queensland agriculture forever.