Queensland teachers have been dealt another blow by the Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace.

At 5pm, teachers suspended without pay since January, received emails from the Education Department advising them that their suspensions had been extended to 4 September 2022.

This was crushing news after months of isolation and financial hardship, with many forced to run through their life savings just to survive.

There have been widespread reports of teachers forced to sell their homes when funds finally ran out.

Just last week, a teacher friend in Brisbane was given his marching orders for refusing to get the Booster shot – so expect the numbers of suspensions to grow over the next few months!

Ironically, this latest missive was sent the same week that Brisbane’s Supreme Court received a submission from the Queensland’s Human Rights Commission, stating that the Qld Government’s mandates are unlawful.

The submission was made in relation to the case currently before the Court, involving suspended Police officers.

The QHRC said that the mandate had been made outside the Chief Health Officer’s powers under the Queensland Public Health Act.

The mandate also failed to comply with Section 58(1) of the Queensland Human Rights Act 1999, the Commission said, which makes it unlawful for a public entity to act or make a decision that is incompatible with a human right.

At the very least, it had limited freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief, as well as the right to property and privacy.

There are nine other groups of workers who have cases challenging the mandates in the Supreme Court this year.

I wish them all the best.

At this point it is getting harder and harder to understand why the Government is continuing to impose these mandates on teachers and other workers in Queensland.

Where exactly is the Government getting its advice from?  Or does the ongoing punishment of non-complying workers have more to do with spite than science?

I certainly hope not.

Many innocent and good-hearted people have had their lives ripped to pieces by all this.

Not to mention the thousands of children and young people whose education has suffered.

The Minister should release the health advice justifying this latest decision, along with the Cost-Benefit Analysis it carried out as required under the Government’s own Best Practice guidelines.

If she is unable to provide the public with either, then she needs to END THESE CRUEL MANDATES immediately.

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