In February this year, Anthony Albanese, pledged $6 million towards a new eSmart Digital License program involving Australian schoolchildren aged 10 to 14.

eSmart was launched in December 2021 by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in partnership with the DQ Institute and Accenture, a Rockefeller-funded company that was recently awarded a $230 million to overhaul Australia’s Director ID program.

Under the benevolent guise of ‘cyber-security’ and “helping children navigate the online world”, the eSmart program seeks to embed ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (SEL) assessments and measurements within the education system.

Using “gamified learning”, “interactive story worlds” and “relatable scenarios”, children must achieve “milestones” and “earn badges” before being rewarded with an eSmart Digital License.

Those overseeing the program will be monitoring its impact and accuracy, tweaking it here and there as they aggregate and analyse the data against a globally standardised set of SEL metrics.

Currently there are over 2,200 eSmart Schools across the country involved in the Foundation’s self-described “behaviour-change initiative”.

It is being trialled here first, but the goal is to expand it worldwide.

Programs like eSmart are being used to train children’s minds by plugging them into an endless array of technology and wearable tech devices.

With webcam, algorithms, AI and eye-tracking data, they are able to capture and analyse children’s human emotions and reactions.

The whole thing is directly linked to Digital ID, QR codes and blockchain.

Developed by the founder of DQ Institute, Dr Yuhyun Park, another of Klaus Schwab’s ubiquitous Young Global Leaders, the program uses “AI-based linking and predictive methodology” to customise its “assessment and scoring” tools.

DQ Institute is also a member of the Global Coalition for Digital Intelligence, which includes WEF, OECD, the World Bank and IEEE World Standards Association.

All are heavily involved in the ed-tech and digital identity agendas.

So are Accenture and Rockefeller Foundation who have partnered with Gavi, Microsoft and IDEO to drive ID2020.

All these groups are determined to socially engineer children into becoming “agents of positive change”, who promote “consensus” views on “sustainability” and other globalist “values”.

The psychological profiling assigned to each child through programs like eSmart will follow them into adulthood and be used by governments and others, to form decisions about them as adults.

Once you understand this, it is easy to see how the ‘Social and Emotional’ obedience agenda is closely tied to the Global Digital Citizen workforce agenda and social credit scores.

‘Cyber-safety’ is just one of many fig-leaves they will use, as they psychologically profile and condition our children into a lifetime of obedience.

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  1. Peg
    Peg says:

    Social and Emotional Learning is also grooming your kids…… by the time they hit there teens you will never know them again. HOMESCHOOL (from a parent who has been affected). *Also keep your kids away from the net, tv, radio.. they want they kids……protect them!


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