From 1 July 2022, Workforce Australia and its “Points-Based Activation System” will replace the present Jobseeker “mutual obligation” model of job services.

According to the Government, Workforce Australia will “provide upfront, early investment in an intensive, individually tailored, case management service for job seekers assessed as being at risk of becoming long-term unemployed and having vocational or non-vocational barriers to work.”

Jobseekers will now need to earn “100 points” and do at least five job searches per month in order to receive their unemployment payments.

To earn these ‘points’, there is a list of 30 activities to choose from, all of which have been assigned a points value ranging from 5 to 100.

Tasks include carrying out online learning modules, joining the Army Reserves, carrying out Migrant English Language courses and participating in various skills training programs.

Participants will all receive a Digital Identity and be put on blockchain along with their medical and mental health records.  Their behaviour and activities will then be recorded, ‘measured’ and assigned a ‘value’ according to the program’s pre-determined “success metrics”.

Workforce Australia is just one more example of how Australia is being reshaped into a ‘stakeholder capitalist’ nation under the ‘Great Reset’.

White papers galore are being churned out on how to turn labour markets, inclusion and economic mobility into investment opportunities for the private sector.

Social Impact Investing frames marginal, ‘vulnerable groups’ as inherently “broken”, a burden on the state purse.

The exact cost to the state of each ‘broken’ individual must be monitored, assessed and calculated in real time – another justification for wholesale surveillance and predatory public-private partnerships.

By defining “success” in narrow terms suited to outcomes-based contracting, powerful investors will eventually be given the opportunity to control how public services are delivered in Australia and to whom.

People needing services are the guinea pigs being groomed as data commodities.

Need housing?




A job?


Well you better be willing to follow a prescriptive “continuum of care” pathway and to be tracked 24/7 on a dashboard from ‘cradle to grave’.

The ability to get a job will soon hinge on a worker’s proof of compliance, conformity and obedience.

The elite want cogs that can be ‘re-engineered’ as needed.

No squeaky wheels allowed in the ‘new digital economy’.

Many vulnerable groups are being targeted for these kind of “evidence-based” impact interventions.

Is there informed consent?  No.

It’s taking people who are desperate for services and forcing them into a system where if they want food, clothing, shelter, education and job opportunities then they must demonstrate their ‘compliance’ with the system before being ‘rewarded’ with ‘government assistance’.

Those dependent on welfare are the targets now but the ultimate goal is to ‘up-scale’ the program across all government services, including education and healthcare.

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