News that the Australian Government has entered into a ‘strategic partnership’ with the US biotech, Moderna, is alarming on a number of levels.

Firstly, the 10-year agreement allows Moderna to build a new fully-automated vaccine manufacturing facility in Melbourne, capable of producing up to 100 million mRNA vaccine doses annually.

100 million vaccine doses – every year!  Just let that sink in a moment.

Moderna is a WEF ‘Global Growth Company’, funded by a consortium of investors, including Bill Gates, the Singaporean Government, the US military’s DARPA and the US Government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

Its CEO, Stephane Bancel, another of WEF’s Young Global Leaders, said the company already has 28 vaccine candidates in its mRNA pipeline, including vaccines for 15 pathogens, as well as cancer, shingles and herpes.

The University of Queensland also announced a ‘partnership’ with Moderna last month, which will allow it to create its own new mRNA vaccines here in Queensland.

Moderna’s ‘mRNA Access’ is a fully automated system which was modelled on the software used by Tesla, for managing its orders.

Scientists simply enter the protein they want, and vials containing testable mRNA are sent to them within weeks.

So, far from coming to an end, it seems ongoing mRNA shots are shaping up to become a fixture of our lives for many years to come.

According to Bancel, mRNA technology “hacks the operating system of life, turning human bodies into drug factories by directing cells to produce therapeutic proteins” (Forbes 2017).


Treatments involve repeat doses of the mRNA vaccines and boosters over many years, so a patient’s body can keep producing the proteins needed to keep disease at bay.

As one scientist said: “You have to wonder what the interaction between two or three different types of these mRNA vaccines will be within the complex environment of the human body.”

Health officials are now openly talking about the need to ‘transform’ healthcare from its current ‘pay for service’ model into one focussed on ‘predictive’ and ‘preventative’ medicine.

By ‘predictive’ medicine, what they actually mean is a mass data-gathering, ‘real-time’ surveillance system driven by AI, data-sharing and ‘wearable tech’.

The aim is to create a giant database containing everyone’s detailed genetic and behavioural ‘profiles’.

‘Preventative’ medicine then uses these ‘profiles’ to create an increasingly dehumanised healthcare service built around ‘behaviour change’ nudges (to become ‘shoves’ over time) and mandated medical treatments aimed at preventing the onset of certain conditions/diseases people may have a genetic or behavioural pre-disposition towards, BEFORE they actually manifest.

The dystopian implications of such a system, particularly when tied with the government’s new CB digital currency and ID system, are virtually limitless.

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