The ESG Global Protection Racket


ESGs act in the same way China’s social credit system does – just at the corporate level.

The whole system is little more than a mechanism for injecting a ‘collectivist’ political ideology into every company’s policy and investment decisions.

A weapon that Global Finance is using to enforce total conformity on businesses worldwide, particularly around issues such as climate change, green energy and ‘social justice’.

Any business refusing to ‘go along’, or that globalists have designated as an ‘undesirable’ business, are ‘cancelled’ by removing their ability to open a bank account, obtain loans, lines of credit and insurance.

It is not just banks either.  Giant managed funds like BlackRock, government super funds, insurers and investment trusts, are all using ESG scores to aggressively discriminate against their own customers, based on their political, cultural and religious beliefs.

In October last year, a faith-based non-profit organisation led by a former US Ambassador for Religious Freedom, had its Chase Manhattan account closed abruptly, with little explanation.

Wells Fargo, meanwhile, put a target on conservatives’ backs in 2020, when it shut down the bank accounts of Lauren Witzke, a Republican Senate candidate.

These are just two of many such cases I could cite.

The truly insidious part of ESGs, however, is that it isn’t just ‘undesirable’ companies who are being punished by lenders, insurers and fund managers, but all the smaller businesses operating along that company’s supply-chain as well.

An accountancy business that does the books for an oil company, for example, will also be assigned a low ESG credit score based on their association with that company, and their access to certain financial services/products will be restricted accordingly.

This is NOT something that MAY happen someday, ‘in the future’.

It is happening right now, and at scale.

Just ask a farmer, licensed gun dealer or mining contractor about the last time they tried to obtain a bank loan or some form of insurance, if you don’t believe me.

Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Think of ESGs as a global protection racket.  One that has all the hallmarks of those run by the Mafia in the 1930s.

One that is being sold as a benign way of measuring ‘corporate stewardship’, but which at bottom, it is just plain old criminal racketeering.

A corporate shakedown, where businesses are being forced to operate with a proverbial gun held to their heads.

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