In September 2021, the Rockefeller Foundation, New York Stock Exchange, Aberdare Ventures and Inter-American Development Bank, announced a new publicly tradable security called a ‘Natural Asset Company’ (NAC).

A NAC basically involves governments putting up their country’s natural assets for sale.

A piece of nature, like a protected area, forest or lake, is ‘valued’, assigned a price tag and then converted into financial capital and launched as an IPO (initial public offering) on the stock exchange.

The NAC (a state or federal government) no longer ‘owns’ the asset – institutional investors and hedge funds do!

That means global asset managers like BlackRock, who already own almost everything, could end up owning every piece of nature as well – basically what used to be regarded as the ‘commons’ – ie belonging to all.

Everything has its price when it comes to the Eco-Industrial Complex.

Proceeds from the NAC initial public offering (IPO) will be used by governments to manage the natural asset, with anything left over put towards buying more ‘protected’ natural assets to sell off.

NACs, we are told, will unlock $4 quadrillion in natural assets.

Can you imagine the feeding frenzy this will unleash?

Billionaires everywhere will be rushing to buy up the rights to clean water, clean air and fish-laden rivers, lakes and streams.

How about a snow-capped mountain or maybe an entire forest?

Hell they could end up buying the Great Barrier Reef with Uluru tossed in as a bonus!

The possibilities are endless.

Something as despicable as a NAC shouldn’t be allowed in a democracy.

Which is no help of course, since there isn’t a single democracy left on the planet.

Just a few dictators and a bunch of fascist corporatocracies.

Remember how we all tutt-tutted over African dictators looting their nations to the tune of billions in the 80s?

Well now we’ll get to witness it first-hand from the comfort of our own country.

So, let’s cut the crap.

Slapping a price tag on Nature is NOT ‘sustainable’ OR eco-friendly.

It’s straight up theft of the ‘commons’.

Do “green” ideologues seriously believe that global capital, rebranded as “stakeholder capitalists”, are actually going to ‘save’ Nature?

Can they actually be THAT stupid?

Call me crazy but I don’t trust governments and I sure as hell don’t trust transnational bankers or investment trusts.

I also don’t believe that any corporation, billionaire or globalist NGO should have the right or ability to “own” something as permanent as a mountain.

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