Here’s a video that shows the sort of blasting that will happen on Eungella Range if the Government’s new Hydropower Plant goes ahead.

And that’s just the pipelines!

It doesn’t show the blasting that will happen when they remove the top of Mt Dalrymple to build the two huge upper storage dams, vast underground tunnels and other site infrastructure!

The wholesale destruction of this majestic, ancient mountain alone, will be devastating.

Just imagine how many wildlife habitats will be decimated by all this blasting, dust, noise, vibration and deforestation.

Not to mention the air quality and noise impacts on the people, businesses and communities who live nearby.

This is the WRONG location for such a massive, industrial-grade project.

It is also completely uneconomic.

Take a look at the Snowy Hydro 2.0 where for every 100 units of electricity purchased to pump the water uphill, only 75 are returned when the water flows back down through the turbine generators.

As the Sydney Morning Herald pointed out earlier this year:

“Not only is the electricity generated not renewable, Snowy 2.0 will be the most inefficient battery on the NEM, losing 25 per cent of energy cycled”.

PLEASE – Sign our e-Petition calling on Parliament to stop this ill-advised and immensely destructive project!

Click link to open the E-Petition:

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