Why is humanity working so hard at making human beings obsolete?

Recent reports are that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be used to read MRIs and other medical imaging tests, making Radiologists obsolete.

Think what this means.

Reading a MRI or CT scan will now become a lost art for humans.

There will be no way for a human being to check on the accuracy of an AI reading, or read and interpret it for themselves.

Radiology is just one of many skills that will soon be taken away from humans by machine learning and AI.

Last month, there were reports that AI is now being used to write news articles by mainstream outlets.  The online financial news channels in particular, are increasingly putting out material that has been written by a machine, not a human.

Then there are all the companies who are using AI to write their posts on social media, although many would be reluctant to admit it.

These are not just hard, manual jobs we are talking about, but highly paid, professional jobs that many young people have borrowed a lot of money going to University for.

At the rate AI is progressing, 90 percent of humanity will be functionally useless by 2050.

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