Soaring ‘excess death’ rates is a REAL phenomenon and it’s happening worldwide.

Last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released updated figures showing that between 1 January to 31 July 2022, excess deaths were 17.3 percent above the historic average.

That’s a staggeringly high increase for a country like Australia.

In Spain, excess deaths have surged 37 percent in 2022, while in Cyprus deaths are 32.9 percent above average.  Portugal reported a 28.8 percent rate, Malta 26.4 percent and Italy, 24.9 percent.

In England and Wales, high numbers of excess deaths have been recorded every week for the past 26 weeks, bringing the grand total of excess deaths to nearly 29,491 since the week ending 24 April.

The latest ONS data for the week ending 14 October, shows there were 1,608 excess deaths for that week alone.

Of those 1,608 excess deaths, only 35% were attributable to Covid-19.

That’s a 15.9 percent increase in excess deaths against the five year average (2016-2019 + 2021).

The actual number is probably much higher, given that the five-year average includes 2021: a year when excess deaths were also significantly higher than normal.

Scottish authorities have also reported a huge uptick in unexpected deaths for 2022, with emergency admissions for heart problems increasing by over 25,000.

Yesterday, The Scotland Herald reported that the country’s health chiefs are in talks with funeral directors to ensure cremations and burials can keep pace with demand in the event of “significant excess deaths” this winter.

Board papers from NHS Lanarkshire also note that additional mortuary capacity, created during the height of the pandemic, may be called upon to cope with a potential surge in excess mortality over coming months.

In the US, official data shows a cumulative total of over 17,000 excess deaths amongst young people aged between 0 and 24 years old.

Similarly, 20 to 30 excess deaths of 0 to 24 year olds are being recorded every week in the UK.

The complete lack of interest in these alarming trends by government or the mainstream media is simply astonishing.

We’re talking about many, many more deaths than would normally be expected.

There needs to be a full inquiry into this!

And I’m not talking about some bogus attempt by globalist shills to blame the whole thing on “climate change”, as happened in the UK recently, either!!

I mean a proper, independent investigation into what is causing all these extra deaths.

If that means carrying out large-scale post-mortem studies, then so-be-it.  Those resources should be made available immediately.

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