A Better Kind of ‘Green’

Countless studies show that alternative, ecologically regenerative farming methods like ‘agroecology’ produce better yields, use less energy and chemicals, create more profits for farmers and are healthier all round.

Agroecology applies age old traditional principles to agriculture, including natural pest control, organic fertilisers and locally adapted crops, supported by a more regenerative use of natural resources, plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Instead of investing in this type of farming, however, governments are spending billions in building ‘future food’ systems that rely on large-scale regulatory intervention and massive government investment in “game-changing innovations in precision fermentation and biotech” (lab-engineered food).

The strategy is clearly to run down the ‘old normal’ farming sector, make small-scale, family farms financially unviable, depopulate the countryside and gradually starve regional communities of the services and infrastructure they desperately need.

All the while, they are pushing “biotech” (aka GM food), expensive data-gathering technology initiatives overseen by Microsoft/Amazon and the patenting of more and more plants by global biotech monopolies like Bayer (Monsanto) and Corteva.

For the consumer it will mean lab engineered items, monolithic diets, nutrition-less food and food contaminated by all sorts of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, mRNA therapeutics, chemical additives and manufactured nanoparticles.

All repackaged and rebranded with a veneer of ‘green’ over it.

There are alternative visions to the one they are forcing on us.

Ones that don’t come with ‘food’ produced in giant ‘fermentation’ vats or farms manned by driverless machines, monitored by drones, to produce industrial ‘biomatter’ from GM patented seeds, which is then sent off to fully-automated manufacturing hubs to be engineered, processed and constituted into something edible.

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  1. Phillip Chippendale
    Phillip Chippendale says:

    Hi Jannean and Stephen.
    Dig, sow, plant, grow. Screw the NWO.
    Keep up the great fight for truth.
    When enough know the truth, this all ends.


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