Rural Fire

Stephen Andrew statement on community funding for rural fire

Community funds state of the art No8 Rural Fire Appliance for our Kunwarara (Aboriginal for “water under the ground”) thanks to all the RFBAQ Officers and to Mayor Andy Ireland and to Swadling Families who will be looking after us with the aid of the great fire fighting and emergency response vehicle.
There were 8 of these appliances delivered through Community funding, to the tune of $1 Million. Running just that little bit short Livingstone Shire Council chipped in to finish the Project, so a big thank you to all our Councillors, Mayor and Staff.
My pledge is to kit this Unit out like I did our Ogmore Unit, with a new Chainsaw with spare everything, so the Teams can swap parts and chains so they can keep running when the chips are down.
Our units will cover a major part of our highway from South of St Lawrence to just below the Caves, let me tell you we are in great hands, with some of the most practical and decent people I know.
These people volunteer their time and to me that commitment is priceless and no hourly rate would suffice and cater for the service and dedication of our volunteers. Thanks to you all for keeping us safe and reassured that we know your there.
Oh and I should mention the solar powered transportable transmission tower. VHF and UHF capabilities that will hold 10 Days no problems. Imagine that on the Range during our bushfires at places like Eungella, Blue Mountains, Carmilla Alton Downs to help frontline and support people.
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