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Stephen Andrew statement on making Aussie vaccine available

Vaxine Pty Ltd, the Australian company behind COVAX-19, have announced outstanding results on completion of its Phase 3 clinical trials in Iran. The vaccine has shown highly successful levels of protection against both the Covid-19 virus and its Delta variant, easily surpassing the WHO and FDA criteria for Covid-19 vaccine approval.
There were also NO deaths or adverse reactions such as thrombosis or myocarditis observed amongst trial participants. So successful were the trials, in fact, that the vaccine has been awarded “market authorisation” by Iran’s FDA, making it the first synthetic spike protein vaccine, anywhere in the world, to achieve market approval – even beating its much larger competitors Sanofi and Novavax. This means the people of Iran can now freely access COVAX-19 under its trade name, Spikogen.
The developers of COVAX-19 want Australians to also be given the option of using their vaccine, but the cost of submitting an application for regulatory approval with Australia’s TGA, could end up totalling $500,000. Without Australian government support or any pre-purchase orders in place, the company simply can’t afford this. It has therefore taken the unusual step of setting up a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise the funds it needs to obtain TGA approval, directly from the Australian public.
Freedom of choice is imperative and right now, Australians are NOT being given any choice when it comes to what type of vaccine they want injected into their bodies.
There are significant differences between the COVAX-19 vaccine and those of Big Pharma:
1. It is the only vaccine completely developed in Australia;
2. It is a protein vaccine, that uses medical technology that is well-established;
3. Contains no graphene nanoparticles or foetal cells; and
4. Is NOT a ‘gene-based’ vaccine like the ones on offer from Pfizer and AstraZeneca.
Anyone out there who believes in “choice” and wants to support a trusted Australian vaccine company, can do so, by donating via the GoFundMe link.
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  1. Ven G
    Ven G says:

    Just wondering if you have any plans to seek FDA approval.
    Lot of people here in USA will prefer this vaccine over current gene therapy injections with terrible safety records including lot of deaths.


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