To date, there have been 119,771 vaccine related injuries and 801 deaths reported to the Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN), the TGA’s tracking system.

The actual numbers are probably a lot higher than that.

Many experts have argued for decades that these adverse event reporting systems are severely undercounting deaths and injuries.

One report submitted to the US Department of Health in 2010, concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported to the VAERS system”.

So how many Australians have been killed or injured by these vaccines?

Nobody seems to know, although Senators Malcolm Roberts and Gerard Rennick did their best to find out at this week’s Estimates Hearings.

Instead of answering their questions transparently, however, TGA Chief, John Skerrit, gave a masterful impersonation of Sir Humphrey Appleby as he ‘ducked and weaved’ like a pro.

According to Skerrit, only 11 of the 801 deaths reported have been ‘confirmed’ as ‘vaccine-related’ – a number which has remained unchanged for 6 months.

When Malcolm Roberts asked how many of the remaining 790 cases has been reviewed and closed, and how many are still under review?”, Skerrit promptly said he would have to ‘take the question on notice’.

This was the final straw for the One Nation Senator who pointed out that he had asked the same question at two earlier hearings and each time the TGA chief had failed to give him a response.

In fact, 61 of 136 ‘questions on notice’ from the February hearings, he said, remained outstanding.

Gerard Rennick immediately chimed in to say that he is also waiting on responses to numerous questions he asked TGA in February.

The whole thing is very strange.

There have been more injuries and deaths recorded against Covid vaccines in Australia, than for all other vaccines combined since 1971.

And yet Australians have received no formal warnings, such as labelling or letters sent to warn doctors, pharmacists or the public.

Why hasn’t the TGA recommended follow-up symptom tracking to avoid further cardiovascular, neurologic or thrombotic events?

Why hasn’t an independent Data Safety Monitoring Board been set up to monitor post-marketing effects?

More importantly, why is the TGA refusing to answer questions on exactly how many of the reported deaths have been fully investigated and what the investigation procedure involves?

If Australians are being forced to take endless rounds of these shots, then they have an absolute right to know what the possible effects might be.

No amount of mutterings about ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘social harms’ from the TGA Chief, can alter that fact.

Professor Skerrit needs to be pulled into line and made to answer questions without all this ridiculous ‘stonewalling’.

It is time all these arrogantly secretive health bureaucrats were held to account.

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