Michael Gunner

Stephen Andrew statement on Michael Gunner

The Lajamanu community, south-west of Katherine, has been put under immediate lockdown until 11 December 2021, by the NT Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, after wastewater testing supposedly “returned positive results” for “fragments” of the virus.
The town is a strongly traditional community governed by the Central Land Council as well as the Kuridji law and justice group.
Residents of the community and surrounding homelands have been put under house arrest basically, and “a Rapid Assessment Team has been dispatched to manage the response, undertake Covid-19 testing and PROVIDE COVID-19 VACCINATIONS”.
What are the chances that “providing” vaccinations means having the option of saying ‘no’ for the townspeople of Lajamanu?
Little to none I’d say. Especially with Gunner in charge.
What a piece of work he is turning out to be. He even featuring prominently – and not in a good way – in a major international news outlet recently.
From what I hear, Gunner is hopping mad because only around 25% of the Lajamanu townspeople have followed his advice and “got the jab”.
Both the government and the media like to paint it that First Nations people are all queuing up in their eagerness to be jabbed, but from I hear, nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact, whole communities throughout the inland and north, are refusing point-blank to go anywhere near a mRNA shot.
Some are even taking to the bush to escape them.
Of course, all this is like a red rag to a bull to ‘our Dan Andrews wannabe’, of the North.
Luckily, a bunch of “health workers” were on the job: sneaking into Lajamanu in the dead of night, ‘testing’ the town’s wastewater, and ‘Hey Presto’, immediate lockdown, and “a team” sent in to “PROVIDE Covid-19 vaccinations”.
Frankly, the way these Aboriginal communities and peoples are being treated is absolutely disgusting and inhumane.
Has anybody even bothered to go in there to check that they are okay and hear their side of things?
Where are all those big tough investigative journalists we used to hear so much about – shouldn’t they be smuggling themselves in there right about now, to get a ‘scoop’ from the local elders?
They’re nowhere of course – just like all the human rights activists and social justice warriors who once pretended so hard to care about Aboriginal peoples.
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