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Stephen Andrew statement on Digital Identity Bill

The Federal Government’s “Trusted Digital Identity” Bill is not only one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever put before an Australian Parliament, it is also the most sneaky and dishonest. Under the guise of “efficiency”, it creates the platform for a Global Digital Identity system that will link all our data onto a centralised platform, and made accessible to governments and “accredited partners” in the Private and Public Sector, both here and across the world.
It is a globalised digital identity control grid that links to everything, including Births, Deaths and Marriages, driver’s licences, car rego, parking fines and other infringements, bank details, utility accounts, health data, vaccination, Data – the lot! It creates a digital infrastructure framework from which a Social Credit System will be rolled out in Australia, every bit as freedom destroying and draconian as the one operating in China today.
This is no conspiracy theory or speculation, but simply the cold, hard facts of the matter. All semblance of individual autonomy or freedoms will be gone for good.
Simple things like where you can live, what school or university you go to, whether you get a job or a loan, will all be determined by things like whether you have a disease, or a family history of one, whether you’re overweight, gamble, smoke, drink, eat fast food – whether you were late on your loan repayments, had a drug problem in your past, took anti-depressants or used too much water or electricity last month – even what your online search history is or how much you drive your car.
Everything you do will be used to either award ‘value’ or exact a ‘cost’. “Value” will no longer have any monetary connotation, but simply become a ‘credit’ or ‘measurement unit’ based on your behaviour – whether you are a good citizen, and comply with set social and environmental goals. It mirrors the corporations’ ESG Credit Scores that now govern all their policies and decision-making, only this time it will be used to rate the ‘value’ of individuals and small business.
The Government’s Regulation Impact Statement cites the WEF ‘New Value Creation’ model again and again and even provides links to its policy guideline: Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and New Value Creation.
Read this document thoroughly – it is all laid out for you in black and white. If you NEVER write another letter, email or submission again in your life – this is the time to write one!!!
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Submissions close at 5:00 pm on Wednesday 27 October 2021.
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