tyranny in Queensland

Stephen Andrew statement on tyranny in Queensland

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk let slip a key plank in the Government’s so-called Roadmap to Freedom, during her appearance on Sunrise this morning. When asked whether Queensland still needed the multi-million dollar secure quarantine facilities being built in Wellcamp and Pinkenba, the Premier let the cat out of the bag in a big way.
After running through various reasons why the new maximum security facilities were still necessary, she dropped a bombshell when she ended her comments with:
“We’ll also need them for unvaccinated people”.
“Unvaccinated people” – period!
Not “unvaccinated people” who test positive, or who cause problems, or who spit at someone even – just a blanket, cover-all statement that encompassed anyone in the State who was “unvaccinated”.
So please don’t come at me with how this is ‘a conspiracy theory’, or ‘fake news’.
She just said it live on TV!
For those who are currently vaccinated, don’t think this doesn’t also affect you.
Anyone who saw the shocking exposure by Canadian hackers last week, that the Alberta Vaccination Pass contains slots for at least 8 more booster shot in its hidden source code, knows that these first two shots are just the beginning.
There are also countless articles in medical research peer reviewed journals, going back several years, that repeatedly discuss rolling out gene-based vaccines for everything from cancer to arthritis and alzheimers.
So just how many shots are you going to be willing to take?
If the principle being established here by our increasingly authoritarian political elite is allowed to stand, the chances of you or your family have the option of refusing ANY jabs down the track, will be ZERO.
Think about it.
Is this the country you want for your children and grandchildren?
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