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Stephen Andrew statement on Freedom Rallies

Libertarians, democrats and, yes, ‘anti-vaxxers’, were joined yesterday by hundreds of nurses, ambos, construction workers and police, all facing job losses as a result of the draconian government health mandates. The rallies followed last week’s protest in Melbourne’s CBD by construction workers over the restrictions and mandates their industry is being hit with.
Meanwhile, the language coming out of the mouths of Australia’s mainstream media and political leaders has become increasingly ‘ugly’ and ‘menacing’. Jacquie Lambi, announced on Sky News recently, that she was coming for “you anti-vaxxers” “lock, stock and barrel”. This new sport of spewing state-sanctioned ‘hate speech’ at ordinary citizens and workers, has left many Australians horrified. She is far from alone in this, unfortunately.
The levels of vitriol we are seeing directed at Australians by their elected representatives and media, has been unedifying, to say the least. What Lambi and other elites like her, fail to realise, is that all this vilification is doing, is entrenching people’s resistance even further, and drawing increasing numbers of supporters to their side in sympathy.
In other words, it is completely counterproductive to the governments’ goal. Many who were not opposed to the ‘jab’ at first, and others who were merely cautious or hesitant, have told me they are now firmly and passionately opposed to it. For them, the vax-mandate issue has become a matter of political and moral principle, or what one old gentleman yesterday called, “common human decency”. Another said even if the ‘jab’ had nothing but saline in it, they wouldn’t take it now.
Let’s face it – Australians have never liked bullies. Imagine their shock on discovering Australia’s governing classes are infested with them.
What many elites seem to forget is that even where people have received their jabs, a lot of their friends, co-workers and family members may not have. Attempts to create a leper or pariah class out of their loved ones, therefore, is not going to sit well with them – not by a long shot.
The government and elites are trying to position the “unvaccinated” as ‘less than human’, and therefore not worthy of compassion or human rights. We all know where that sort of thing leads – widespread persecution, human rights abuses and a rapid descent into tyranny.
It’s sad to see that some of these people that were hailed as hero’s 18 months ago, are now facing job loss at the hands of “no-jab, no-job” mandates, along with many others who cannot finish their occupational study due to the same issue.
This can’t be allowed to happen in Australia.
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