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Stephen Andrew statement on Victorian MP taking a stand

Victoria became the first Australian state to ban unvaccinated MPs from entering Parliament last week. The government’s motion ordered all members and staff to prove they have received at least one dose of a vaccine by 15 October, or have an appointment booked before October 22. Any member who failed to comply would be prevented from entering parliament, and their security access revoked.
The motion passed the lower house on Thursday morning, after all Labor and Green members voted in support of the government, as did all but one Liberal Party member – the lone dissenter being the courageous Member for Forest Hill, Neil Angus.
Mr Angus, delivered a moving and emotional speech to Parliament on the Motion (link below), saying Victoria was racing “towards a totalitarian regime”:
“The result of the Premier’s announcement on 1 October this year is that medical apartheid will be commencing in Victoria in a few days time”, Mr Angus said. “Victoria will be a two-class society”.
Great leaders, the MP said, bring “people together and unites them. They don’t divide people … they do not shame people, blame people and pit one person against another. Here in Victoria, we have never seen a more divided and broken society”.
Mr Angus said people in Victoria were now living “in fear of the police and authorities, in fear of having or sharing a point of view different to the government’s, in fear of segregation and in fear of others, even friends and neighbours”.
The motion also passed the upper house, after a spirited debate in which the Liberal Democrat MPs, David Limbrick and Tim Quilty, staunchly opposed the motion.
Mr Limbrick called it a “disgrace”.
Both he and Mr Quilty have refused to hand over their medical details, despite being fully vaccinated.
“We think it is a terrible precedent that bureaucrats can decide what medical procedures you need to be a Democratic representative.”
Quilty said the motion violated hundreds of years of parliamentary law.
“The government has exceeded its reach and the whole use of emergency powers has gone too far” Quilty said.
“They have gained massive trust with these forces, but they have broken that trust.”
The pair will be expelled from Parliament, along with Mr Angus, this Friday.
Link to Neil Angus’ historic speech is here:
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