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Stephen Andrew statement on legality of health orders challenged

A NSW supreme Court case will challenge vaccine mandates and the limits of “executive power” in Australia. Last Thursday, law firm Ashley Francina Leonard & Associates filed a Supreme Court action against the Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, CHO Dr Kerry Chant, and the NSW Government. The law firm is challenging the legality and constitutionality of the NSW Government’s Public Health Orders, which have seen NSW condemned worldwide as little more than a Police State.
The scenes coming out of NSW over the past month have been truly extraordinary. Nothing remotely like it has been seen in any advanced anglosphere Western democracy before – not for centuries. From soldiers patrolling the streets of Sydney, to church leaders fined $35,000 for rule-breaking, to arrests by police of people for the most minor transgressions, the level of coercion seems to escalate daily.
Meanwhile, Australia’s establishment media, continue their march ‘in lockstep’ with government, urging ever more authoritarian measures, all the while continuing to sow seeds of ‘hatred and division’ within the community against the ‘unvaccinated’ and anyone else who refuses to go along with the power elite.
The case will also challenge the ‘validity’ and ‘constitutionality’ of NSW’s orders mandating vaccination across a broad range of workers in NSW. The law firm said they had received thousands of letters from “police, paramedics, nurses, aged care workers, doctors, firefighters, construction workers, teachers, airline staff, miners, truck drivers, university students, mums and dads and, importantly, employers”.
“Minister Hazzard and Dr Chant have exceeded their delegated powers by civilly conscripting workers to take a medical treatment which only has ‘provisional approval’ from the TGA and where the clinical evidence from Phase III trials is incomplete” they said.
Ashley Francina Leonard & Associates are asking the court for an injunction preventing Hazzard and Chant from making any further Orders under section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW).
The Morrison Government has waded in on behalf of Hazzard and Chant, requesting the court that the two be removed from the action.
Some believe government’s request was motivated, at least in part, by the desire to avoid another unedifying spectacle like the one put on by Hazzard during a recent NSW Committee Inquiry, where the Health Minister appeared at times, almost unhinged.
Court Hearing link (starts at 9min12 secs):
Link to appearance by Hazzard & Chant at recent Committee hearing:
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