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Stephen Andrew statement on “the compassionate Left”

To be fair, the ‘caring’ side of politics DOES have a long history of committing ‘crimes against humanity’, in order to SAVE it, so it should hardly come as a surprise, but still …
Noam Chomsky, voted the world’s “top intellectual” more times than anyone can count, shocked even leftists recently, when he mounted an argument for ‘isolating’ dissenters and pretty much leaving them to starve. In an interview which went viral this month, the 92-year-old philosopher, doyen of the world’s left, compared ‘no jab, no job’ mandates with the need to obey ‘traffic light’ rules.
Saying those who refused to comply with unjust laws (something he championed when it was the left doing it) deserved to be shunned and isolated away from everyone else (concentration camps?) as “a danger to the community”. Once “made to isolate”, Chomsky said the new ‘untouchables’ could then be left to starve to death for all he cared:
“Then comes the practical question that you ask: How can we get food to them? Well, that’s actually THEIR PROBLEM”!!
From the world’s “top intellectual”, to the deranged venom of NZ’s ‘giggling gertie’ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, the Left’s green and caring mask is beginning to slip badly.
In response to a question on whether she wanted to create two classes of people in New Zealand, Ardern chortled with glee and said: “That’s it, yes, yes”.
Her new “Covid-19 response framework” released on Friday, sets the stage for NZ’s ‘new lepers’ lives, to become even more unliveable under the new policy. A prospect that clearly fills the caring left-wing PM, with raptures of sadistic joy.
“It will become very clear to people that if you are not vaccinated there will be things that you miss out on, everyday things that you will miss out on,” Ardern said, with a laugh and a wink. “It’s about both rewarding people who have gone out and done the right thing but also KEEPING THEM AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS SAFE.”
It is clearly becoming harder and harder for our authoritarian elite to hide the intense hatred they feel for those who do not accept their narrative and refuse to go along with the frightening ‘solutions’ being put forward to cure them.
That the fascist Left are no longer even bothering to hide their contempt for democratic rights and freedoms is alarming. It indicates a ‘paradigm shift’ away from the right of individual citizens’ to make decisions in their own best interests, and towards the right of a morally insane class of elites to make such decisions FOR them
What comes next, as history has shown again and again, won’t be pleasant for anyone – least of all those now deemed to be “a danger to the community”.
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