segregation by stealth

Stephen Andrew statement on segregation by stealth

In true Doublespeak fashion, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, and her government, prefer to call 17 December 2021, ‘Freedom Day’, but for many it will be ‘Segregation Day’ as the government takes a more sneaky approach when it comes to imposing tyrannical laws on its people.
Management at all Queensland’s clubs, pubs and hotels have been verbally advised by government officials – who simply refuse to commit anything to writing – that they must make a “choice” ahead of the December deadline:
1. If they ban “the UNVACCINATED” from their premises, they will be permitted to operate at 100% capacity; but
2. If they choose not to do so, they will be forced to only operate at 50% capacity.
So basically, it’s another ‘Hobson’s choice’ where business owners who make “THE WRONG CHOICE”, as Premier Andrews famously put it, will lose 50% of their takings each night and potentially go broke.
That’s some choice the Premier’s expensive team of ‘game theory’ strategists have dreamed up for our struggling hospitality industry. Once again, it will be WIN-WIN for government and LOSE-LOSE for Queensland Clubs/Pubs/Hotels and their patrons. All without our cowardly government having to lift a tyrannical finger to either legislate or enforce the new laws themselves.
A key flaw in the Machiavellian plan, however, is that whatever choice they opt for, ALL venues will need to hire extra Security Guards, at considerable cost to business owners, in order to police the policy. Good luck with that! Qualified security staff are as scarce as hen’s teeth in Queensland, and getting scarcer by the day.
Already burdened with a mountain of red tape and regulations that have virtually crushed the industry in recent years, those still operating say this latest blow will be the last straw for many. They are furious at being forced into becoming a de facto and UNPAID public health inspectorate for the government. Something many of them feel they are NOT qualified to perform, and have no wish to become so. Particularly as it will put them smack bang in the middle when it comes to having to deal with public outrage and anger, when the exclusionary policies take effect on 17 December.
So once again, it will be the private sector and small business who pay the price, while our political and public health leaders skulk in the shadows, emerging only now and then to repeat smugly:
“It’s all voluntary! We gave you a choice!”
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  1. Brad
    Brad says:

    So, this doesn’t matter
    Australia is founded on the rule of law and has a strong tradition of respect for the rights and freedoms of every individual. Human rights are recognised and protected across Australia through a range of laws at the federal and state and territory levels, the Australian Constitution, and the common law.

    The Australian Government is committed to protecting and promoting traditional rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech, opinion, religion, association and movement. These rights and freedoms are protected by the common law principle that legislation should not infringe fundamental rights and freedoms unless the legislation expresses a clear intention to do so and the infringement is reasonable.

    or perhaps that only applys to Australians

  2. Brad
    Brad says:

    Further to the previous post,
    a link to the following International Human Rights Commission which I believe Australia is more than likely a signatory (assumption on my part of course as if not correct me if I’m wrong)

    I can see several problems with the avenue the QLD govt is going down here, their promotion of this even in this manner still points the finger at the one responsible that is the QLD Govt of course this is only my view whether others would agree or not who knows.

    The Articles listed are from 1 to 30

    How many of these is the Palaszczuk Govt in breach of,

    Anyone like to give their thought on this?


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