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Stephen Andrew statement on trust in science

Under the State’s emergency powers legislation, Queenslanders are being ruled over by a tiny group of unknown and unaccountable ‘experts’, NOT their elected politicians or government. This is not to excuse the Queensland government, or its leaders, who have slavishly done the bidding of these hidden technocrats, with a blind and unquestioning faith.
The experts’ views have been presented, without exception, as all-wise, all-knowing and above reproach – infallible. The public, by contrast, are always either ill-informed, mis-informed or ‘blithering idiots’, incapable of understanding anything more complicated than last week’s footy results.
This deeply patronising attitude has become widespread within government, where decision-making is all based on the need to protect the public from themselves.
“Shut up”, we are told like children, and “trust the experts”.
The fact is, scientists can be just as ideologically motivated and subject to conflicts of interest, as any politician. They might dress their views up as ‘evidence-based expertise’ but it is almost always being driven, underneath, by their own individual belief systems, and a set of unknown loyalties and prejudices.
The title of ‘expert’, therefore, should never be used to invoke godlike or supernatural superpowers, or to shut down public debate or questions, as we see happening today. If we are not free to dissent, to question the experts, or the policies they adopt, then we are no longer free citizens – or a democracy.

Has ‘science’ become your God?

If you believe “the science” is “settled” or that scientific truths are based on majority opinion – also known as “the consensus” – then you are referring to a religion. If you believe scientific theories, or hypotheses presented by scientists are beyond question or doubt, then you are actually talking about a belief system. If you believe in ‘science’ as the answer to ALL things, and that anyone who questions “the science” is guilty of heresy, then you are following dogma. If you tell people they must “trust the science” without question, and not permit them to see the data or evidence for themselves, then you are demanding an act of faith. If you believe that the amount of science you have at your hands right now is the final word on ALL matters, and if you use peer pressure, vilification and laws to silence those who don’t “follow the science”, then you actually live in a theocracy and “science” has become your God.
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