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Stephen Andrew statement on coercive control hypocrisy

In March, the Queensland Government announced it was committing more than half a billion dollars, towards tackling the “insidious crime” of “coercive control”. Taking the moral high road, Palaszczuk tweeted out her outrage at those perpetrators of “coercive control”, calling it a form of “non-physical violence”, that “INCLUDES BEHAVIOURS SUCH AS CONTROLLING WHAT SOMEONE WEARS, LIMITING ACCESS TO MONEY, TRACKING SOMEONE’S LOCATION, CONTROLLING WHO THEY SEE AND PERSISTENT TEXTING, AND IT CAN LEAD TO PHYSICAL VIOLENCE”.
Attorney General Fentiman also voiced her outrage, describing “Coercive Control” as a “pattern of oppression” which includes ‘emotional and financial abuse’, along with other forms of manipulative behaviour aimed at ‘controlling’ and ‘oppressing’ a person. Political lobbyist group, White Ribbon Australia, praised the Queensland Government, saying coercive control is a “A PATTERN OF ASSAULT, THREATS, INTIMIDATION, HUMILIATION, AND OTHER ABUSES THAT ERODE A PERSON’S AUTONOMY AND ABILITY TO FLOURISH”.
Sound familiar?
Unfortunately, Labor is far from alone in the peddling of sham concern and hypocrisy on this issue. In 2020, the Morrison Government held an Inquiry into “Coercive Control”, and, without missing a beat, reported: “The Committee has heard evidence of an insidious form of violence known as coercive control – A PATTERN OF CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATIVE BEHAVIOUR DESIGNED TO INTIMIDATE, ISOLATE AND CONTROL A PERSON”.
How easily our elites find it to take the moral high road on a ‘safe’ issue like this one, or when it is in their interests to do so – all while turning a blind eye to their own appalling record of abuses against millions of vulnerable and powerless victims.
For two years, Australians have watched on in horror, as their state and federal overlords, began laying waste to their lives, businesses and communities – ‘controlling and manipulating them one day’, ‘isolating and controlling them the next’. All to enforce the total and abject OBEDIENCE of those they had sworn to serve and protect.
Utterly gobsmacking.
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  1. Ron Lane
    Ron Lane says:

    We have to do something about communistic rule by decree, this is not Germany 1939 or the USSR, this is the once free Australia

  2. Tim Shannon
    Tim Shannon says:

    Do not the actions of Palazszuck, Andrews & McGowan, in relation to the alienation of unvaccinated persons, amount to Coercive Control? The unvaccinated 20% of the population are to be discriminated against & treated as 3rd class members of Society, for choosing to exercise their rights, for whatever reason, to not get vaccinated. The remaining 80% of voters are also being short changed & hamstrung by democratically elected representatives, who continually change the goalposts regarding vaccination freedoms. They should all be exposed for what they are and hung out to dry…forever!

    • Not just hung out to dry Tim, but hung, literally for their crimes against the Australian People, according to the Nuremberg Code.
      Not just hung out to dry Tim, but hung, literally for their crimes against the Australian People, according to the Nuremberg Code. says:

      I agree with your comments Tim Shannon.

  3. Ellen Langston
    Ellen Langston says:

    Very interesting to see these governments understand what coercive control and objecting to its presence in the community while using the same tactics against the Australian population on the pretence of keeping us safe. Perhaps they will take notice and begin to allow us to be the responsible adults we are and stop thinking we need to be listen to those who don’t know anything about us as a people.

  4. Ros
    Ros says:

    Who do these government fraudsters think they are fooling with their rhetoric. They need to be sacked & jailed for taking away peoples freedoms, mandating a trial drug that has shown to have adverse effects, & stopped overseas until further info is learned. Now they are talking about jabbing our kids, who the supposed virus doesnt effect. HANDS OFF OUR KIDS

  5. Tim Shannon
    Tim Shannon says:

    ……and by the way, being fully vaccinated as I am at the time of writing, what will happen when I do not choose to take up the preferred booster vaccination at 6 months or, more importantly, what will eventuate when I do not get the next scheduled 12 monthly vaccination? Will I fall into the Government’s clutches and be unable to attend cafes, venues, sporting events etc, without a costly negative covid test or, will all those restrictions be dispensed with? When will it end……before, or after, the Federal election?

    • LEONIE
      LEONIE says:

      Tim, yes if you don’t get the booster shots you will fall into the category of the unvaccinated. Not sure who said this – think it was the VIC Premier, but don’t quote me? They are treating this “virus” like it’s the bubonic plague when in fact it is another form of the flu. Notice how over the last 2 years there has been no mention of people getting the flu or how many have died. They have NEVER isolated Covid19 since its so called inception. Not the CDC, the WHO or any other scientist across the world. It was all a farce to get people jabbed by this bioweapon. Fear, intimidation, coercion by the media big time and anything else the governments could think of like masks, losing your job, not being able to travel etc. etc. Massive manipulation day in and day out and that’s the reason people why people made a decision to have the jab. No one questioned things, no one thought hey it’s still experimental until 2023 or what’s the ingredients in the vaccine as they didn’t have the paper ingredients inserted into the packets (which was deliberate) as they didn’t want questions asked. I’m unvaccinated and I won’t be getting it, ever.

  6. Sha
    Sha says:

    Early last year, I left my 26 year marriage that was filled with lies, coercion and the realms of psychological abuse only to find myself in a world of where these insidious forms of abuse are happening on a worldwide scale … there has been no escape and no sense of safety, not from fear of this illness with a high recovery rate but from my sense of autonomy and human rights being irrelevant, not valued and stripped away. With each day only adding additional layers to the complex traumas already suffered.

  7. Philip Wyllie
    Philip Wyllie says:

    I have heard that those persons who do not receive the COVID-19 ‘vaccinations’ employed in government or by employers who decide that all employees must be vaccinated will not be dismissed from their employment but relegated to positions of ‘not required’ but still employed so they will not be paid and not be eligible to apply for unemployment benefits. Is that so? If it is, it is a further step in coercive behaviour.
    I have also heard that people from southern states who are double vaccinated may visit Queensland after 17 December and I should be double vaccinated by that time because they will bring COVID-19 with them. I am confused by that statement. Does it mean that double vaccinated persons will still be infectious and they will put me at risk?
    My barber has told me that she will be required to ask me to show proof that I have been double vaccinated before she may cut my hair cut my hair. She is already struggling financially and this further requirement will put her out of business. It will make her a defacto policewoman if she complies. To not comply will mean that she will be heavily fined. Is this an infringement of her rights to conduct a business?
    Do citizens of Australia have any rights? Would the creation of a bill of rights like those of the USA help balance the control of governments over the citizens of this country?
    I have been told that I may not travel interstate without being double vaccinated, yet the ABC has reported that a double vaccinated person on the Gold Coast has been hospitalized with severe COVID symptoms. The word ‘vaccinated’ implies a certain amount of protection. From whom? For whom?
    Is coercion a moral issue? I thought that threatening a person by denying them access to public places and businesses and travel is morally wrong. Is it reasonable for government to decide what is right and what is wrong for its citizens and make exceptions for themselves? I am confused and am wondering whether moral issues are arbitrary and limited to the convenience of law makers and what is wrong today may be right tomorrow.
    I am told that people who change their gender should be considered of the gender they decide to be so may I consider myself to be a transvaccinated person without being a double vaccinated person ?

    My daughter who has not yet had any children has told me that a female friend now has reproductive problems as a result of being COVID-19 vaccinated. She is a teacher. Does that make coercing her to be vaccinated an assault if she has unwanted side affects?
    I have a lot more to say on this matter but it would take hours to say it, but the bottom line issue is this, ‘is right and wrong’ or moral correctness simply arbitrary and limited to momentary government ‘feelings’ so what is wrong today might be right tomorrow? If this is so how can I know what is right or wrong with any issue?

  8. Paul Hayes
    Paul Hayes says:

    Great factual piece from Stephen Andrew. These proposed restrictions on the unvaccinated by the Queensland Government is “coercive control” which is a form of abuse and is designed as a punishment towards every day law abiding people who are excising their right to freedom of choice as conscientious objectors and who choose not to have an experimental invasive vaccination of which the efficacy and long-term and adverse effects are not known. Shame on the Queensland Premier.

  9. Colin Chadwick
    Colin Chadwick says:

    How do you consider this a safe issue?
    The only country on the planet that has anti-coercion laws is Scotland and you think it’s a safe issue??
    Do you even understand what this shit is?
    You see a politician take a stand on the slavery called coercion that is still rife in most societies and all you think is “I don’t like lock-downs”.
    Do you just hate women or something?



  11. Meagz
    Meagz says:

    Isn’t coercive control telling someone they have to inject a foreign substance into their body or they won’t be able to work, provide for their family or participate in the human race?

  12. Heather Kelly
    Heather Kelly says:

    So what are we going to do about it?. She is doing exactly what she she said she would not tolerate “Insidious crime” Also as an older person I feel that I am a victim of elder abuse, trying to control what I do, where I go, limiting every aspect of my life. I feel there is no hope for a free future.


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